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'Iran will act against enemies if endangered'
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Published: 21.02.12, 14:15
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1. so much wasting testostorone posturing!
2. Iran is not a paper tiger like Iraq (smirk)))
HaifaGuy   (02.21.12)
3. It should be the other way around
Arthur ,   Amsterdam   (02.21.12)
'Israel will act against enemies if endangered'
4. The doctrin of preemption
Tomek ,   Poland   (02.21.12)
is used by Americans to justify most of their aggressions towards other countries regardless of underlying facts as exemplified by a satirical PowerPoint presentation by Colin Powell at the UN before the Iraq invasion. Iranian posturing, however, is perfectly logical and justifiable, given sable rattling by Israel. Unlike most countries in the Gulf, Iran will not cave in to American pressure. And the Americans cannot afford another protracted war because China is just waiting for them to trip up. So, Israel, do not start something you cannot finish on your own.
5. the iranian leadership looks..
Arctodus Simus ,   Fort Yukon-Alaska   (02.21.12)
like a mad dog who is biting its own tail. Every terror act the iranians pasdarans are doing in the world, all their threats , all their barkings, will only hasten their demise because its disclose publicly their weakness. A strong nation doesn't threat, it act. The opposite of Tehran shiite regime.
6. the struggle for oil
cristian ,   argentina   (02.21.12)
some data on the oil industry and their prices to try to understand why the corporate usa wants to make war at this time,55% of the world of oil reserves is located in five coutries of the middle east that currently 28% of the global supply of oil they produce but used a negligible amount of it for themselves,the middle east has the largest and most productive oil fields,these giants were easy to find and they require relatively little investment for its exploitation therefore the cost of production of oil from the middle east is the lowest in the world,it was discovering more oil in the wold from which it was consumed each year until aproximately 1980 but that since then we have been consuming our accumulated reserves of oil faster than the oil industry has been able to replenish them,current consumption is around of 22 giga barrels per year while the recent discoveries are not more than 6 giga barrels per year,a total change in trend is unlikely because be discovered first the largest and most productive new oil sources that are found are more and more small as the industry develops,as a result these new sources are becoming increasingly more expensive to find and produce,for more than one decade it has been cheaper to buy already discovered reserves that are still on the ground of acquire them through mergers that discover new sites doing exploration directly,all the oil companies they know but they do not public because this can scare shareholders and cause damage to the value of their shares,"oil is not a renewable resource" it is obvious that the trend of extracting more than our reservation that replace them will cause finally global production reaches its roof and then fall,the initiatives of usa to control the oil of the middle east created many enemies,when usa influence travelled to the english,the resentment against british colonialism moved to usa whose lack of sensitivity to islamic values and culture made them even more repugnant to muslims in the region and as if that was not enough,the continuous support of usa to the increasingly more violent israel aggression against arabs,identified as the target enemy of all arabs and muslims and justified the title of the great satan,finally speak without stopping of democracy and human rights was okay for internal consumption by the naive usa citizens with the brainwashed into the belief of his own righteousness but it produced an intense hatred in the hearts of the victims of the totalitarian regimes the united states supports not only in the middle east but also in many other parts of the world
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.21.12)
Countries who have for reasons well known,are becoming tools for certain powers.So far,Iran has extended the courtesy of preserving peace without recourse to any threats.But unreasonable attitude similiar to the one like Saudi Arabia is where the message is focussed.And the message is clear and precise.
8. #4 corrections
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.21.12)
US doesn't have a doctrine of pre-emption, but national interest. Everyone knows Iraq was destroyed for threatening Saudi Arabia and not for any other reason. If the US destroys Iran, it is for the same reason. Israel is not saber rattling, just responding to Iranian calls for genocide. Iran will not cave-in to American pressure because they are fighting a war of survival against the Sunni-supremacists in Saudi Arabia. They were backed into a corner and have no choice. Thank Obama for that. China does not want a war or to trip up the US. China wants peace, world trade and energy security.
9. the doctrine of preemption
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.21.12)
to fulfill the prophesy of the return of the mahdi, iran wants to start an apocalyptic war with "the great satan", but without being the aggressor. this pronouncement may be the result of their frustration that the war hasn't yet begun, meanwhile ahmadinejad's predictions of the return of the mahdi "in a year or two" is running out. or it may be the beginning of a rationalization, allowing them to strike first anyway. after all, it can be frustrating when the "great satan" (or the "little satan") refuse to play their (satanic) roles in the mullahs' fantasy.
10. Eight Rules for Governing a Country
Oudi ,   kiryat bialik   (02.21.12)
According to the ancient teaching of Lao Tzu-""When a country is in harmony with the Tao, the factories make trucks and tractors. When a country goes counter to the Tao, warheads are stockpiled outside the cities." It seems as if the energies of Arab nations are directed against the Dao (God, the universe). Energy that could be spent on education, greenhouses, farming, and goodness is spent on WARHHEADS. The funny part is that the leaders of these nations claim that they are religious and G_d's people. Is that religious pride? Folly? or just a matter of dishonesty?
11. More waepons-less safe
Oudi ,   kiryat bialik   (02.21.12)
Another thing.... 2000 years ago Lao Tzu said that the more a state will build weapons the less secure the people will feel. Well, isn't that the truth....
12. Obama has lost !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (02.21.12)
13. perhaps you dont read the news very often
jj   (02.21.12)
but that has pretty much been the line for the past few decades.
14. Christmas in February??
Jake ,   USA   (02.21.12)
Israel would be lucky to face even one missile attack launched from Iran. It would spell the end of the Iranian regime. Maybe Israel can beat her own record this time and win the war in 5 days.
15. Mohammad Hejazi
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (02.21.12)
It seems as if his beard is also growing inside his head. If Iran tries a preemptive strike against Israel, Iran will be toasted.
16. Iran already attacking back - b4 hand
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (02.21.12)
Oudi ,   Kiryat Bialik   (02.21.12)
The tendency of Iranian leadership in the past decades is to establish dominion, not only over their own people but over the whole world. They do it by methods of intimidation and fear. Does this sound familiar from History? Somebody wanted to rule the world by annihilating the Jews. The plan failed, led to that leaders demise and to the strong establishment of ISRAEL as a country. If that plan failed, the Egyptian regime-failed, the babylonian empire -failed, the Assyrian empire-failed ( Downfall, 627), the Greek-failed, and the Romans-failed..... what make the Iranians believe that they will succeed? Is that arrogance? false pride perhaps? grandiosity? Not sure, but studying history I realize are better off by accepting Israel and it's people. peace, Oudi
18. If Iran Feels Endangered
ltrail ,   United States   (02.21.12)
Iran's FM said, "Iran would take preemptive action against its enemies if it felt its national interests were endangered" What he really is saying is that as long as Israel is not driven into the sea, they feel endangered. Iran and the other arab countries have tried that before a bunch of times and....? God, please bless Israel exceedingly, and put down her enemies, one after another.
19. Playing With Fire
Noah Lev ,   LosangelesUSA   (02.21.12)
Iran is building for a surprise attack with 100s of Shahab Missiles, against Israel, coordinated with Hamaa and Hezbollah. This is allobvious to anyone with a 2nd grade education, (Obama never got passed the 1st it appears). But, Israel has 500 nuke warheads on several platforms: Fplane serious, Phantom 2,000, artillery, Dolphin cruise missiles, Jerichos ( 10,000 km), suitcase bombs. Several are coatged with lithium/cobalt for maximum personnel kills. Israel is believed preparing 100 planes for a 30day long series of sorties..flying through Iraq. I think it will use its Jerichos first with 1megaton nukes, for softening. and send in commandos to link up with the insurgents. At any rate, Iran will not attack Israel prior to obtaining nukes. 30 dead Iranian are not worth a few thousand Israelis and some physical damage..oh BTW Israel's Iron Dome and Patriots can shoot down most any Shahabs in flight. Ahad is mad, and will bring down his own with fire buy and you will get burned.
20. iran
joel ,   usa   (02.21.12)
don't worry about Iran, its defense weapons are as obsolete as its grand ayatullahs, ha, ha, ha!
21. appearances
cristian ,   argentina   (02.21.12)
the one who had the opportunity to travel to different countries and different continents of the world realizes that northamericans are silent invaders of our times,imposing their factories and goods,militarized areas of the middle east and all these earnings assumptions turn back to the last ruler while many people are oppressed and repressed by the great lie of democracy for which however leaves many people in misery and poverty and over northamericans live luxurious lives,and israel as a nation and israelites as a people are judged by being on the side of the mighty liar,thief and murderer living contrary to the torah
22. #21 appearnces/a response
Oudi ,   Kiryat Bialik   (02.21.12)
Just to correct some errors of previous authors. First , north americans has nothing to do with the Iranian- Israeli tensions. Second , "israelites as a people are judged" statement, evidently judged by the author nothing else. I do not judge the world, I esteem the world. "Once you label me you negate me" (Soren Kierkegaard). We can label Israel all we want, the fact is that, Israel is the only democracy in the area. Also per capita it has more educational facilities and colleges than any of it's neigboring states. It has more hospitals and clinics than per capita than any of it's neighboring states, why? Because jewish values are built -in into the daily life in Israel....the value of life rather than the value of power, aggression, and warmongering as evident by the the Iranian focus on WARHEAD
23. #22 am i blind or you are blind?
cristian ,   argentina   (02.21.12)
first northamericans are providing arms and money to israel and invade the middle east under the guise of protecting israel but the real cause is to get oil to increase their income and power,so does imposing their factories in latin america or somewhere around the world,second i agree not to judge lest you be judge but when someone plays dirty one should not remain silent because silence gives consent,third democracy? in israel there are more military,fences and walls that free people,the fourth being the best with money from the wages of latin workers or anywhere else in the world working for u.s companies,paid little,just to survive and make millions go to northamerica or israel,you are better than me because you repress and oppress and say me to keep quiet and fifth the torah taugh to do justice to the poor,to pay a salary to live the worker and the commandments not to kill,not to lie and not to steal precisely what does not look or live
24. #23 cristian, re: #22 oudi
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.22.12)
Answer: you, cristian, are blind. You have blinded yourself and insist staying that way as the facts are not what you want them to be. You ignore the cause of military fences; to keep those threatening your life, out of the country. You ignore those that oppress their own people; the arab countries. You ignore those who have a choice: arabs who live in Israel, as they do not want to leave. And you think you know everything...and you do know long as you avoid the facts.
25. #7 mahmood
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.22.12)
“So far,Iran [is] preserving peace without recourse to any threats.” No threats from Iran? No support of terrorism and terrorist regimes throughout the world? Which planet are you on?
26. #24
cristian ,   argentina   (02.22.12)
obviously you are going to be subjetive and you will defend your government and what your government says and does because you live in northamerica,i for my part i try to be objective,a long time ago i do not believe in the rulers,and known as united states and israel and egypt ,i live in argentina
27. feedback #23/#25
Oudi ,   Kiryat Bialik   (02.22.12)
As for Mahmood's comment on Iran contribution to peace. This statement lacks tenacity, and accuracy. In 2008, A woman is beaten until she is hospitalized, yet she is not able to get a divorce, a woman can get a divorce but her children will be taken away from her, a woman’s job prospects are severely limited so she is forced into prostitution to keep herself alive. Does this sounds like peace to you? peace starts at home, your home, or homeland. Iran is far for being a representative of peace, and yes I am for planet reality, I state facts, dates, events, I back up my statements with research. The fact is that in Iran women are still oppressed. As for my Cristian, I appreciate your assertiveness. You do live in Argentina, so you are also familiar with the history of oppression in your country. So I guess with that say none are free oppression, especially in the case of IRAN.....
28. #26 cristian
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.22.12)
Obviously you are not going to address my objections, but will try to avoid them by finding an excuse. Objective and subjective has nothing to do with it, as you could also be subjective. And you are, as you offer no counter arguments worth mentioning.
29. the argumentation
cristian ,   argentina   (02.22.12)
israel what seeks? that all arabs look like israeli have a good quality of life with money from usa and above imposed by the power of arms? what is usa intended to do? that all latin americans look like northamericans have a good quality of life plundering latin america or the arab countries with cheap labor and huge profits back to northamerica then israel? major usa companies by sales in billion of dollars:exxonmobil 455,1,wal mart stores 403,9,chevron 271,4,toyota 264,1,coconophillips 233,at & t 123.3,hewlett packard 118.4,berkshire hathaway 112,honda motor 106.1,mac kesson 106,microsoft 61,7,pepsico 42.9,fedex 38.7,apple 32,5, coke 32.1,mc donalds 23.7,google 20.9,nike 19,4,amazon 18.1,all these northamericans companies were imposed and invaded on the arab countries and latin american in addition to other earnings and re-use billions and israel through weapons while arabs and latin american are poor exploited workers,must all arabs and latin americans go to live in the u.s and israel territories for good quality of life? the argumentation is the lie then protect,steal then protect and even worse created arms to kill and defend wealth,it sucks!
30. Iran first strike
SBALL ,   GRAPEVINE TX   (02.23.12)
Are they going to send in the women and children first?
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