The fight for Israel
Yotam Berger
Published: 21.02.12, 21:12
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1. Yotam Berger
A ,   Belgium   (02.21.12)
I hope you find answers that are acceptable, reasonable and above all sincere. We all know politicians can't be trusted, they prove that time and again. So you and your classmates and friends have a right to know where your country is heading and maybe in the near future, you will be able to provide the answers yourselves, as leaders. Mazal tov!
2. Nice opinion piece
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.21.12)
It is quite gratifying to learn that Israel continues to produce fine young citizens that will do us proud.
3. Thank you, Yotam, for speaking up
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (02.21.12)
on behalf of yourself, your classmates, the youth of our country and, actually, for all of us. In Israel, I reside in Gush Etzion. My grandchildren have all been taught to be proud of our country, to join the IDF, to defend it just as you plan to do. Some day they, and you, will be in a position to establish the direction which we should take. Questioning those in power and advocating for your beliefs, including the detrimental Tal Law which forces some to sacrifice (you, your friends, my grandchildren) for others (the Charedim and also, by the way, Arab Israelis) is utterly unjust. Eventually, if things are not rectified, our little country will capsize. So, from an old man to you, Thank You.
4. magash hakesef - anew silver platter
avramele   (02.21.12)
These young Israelis will be the strong, free and empowered silver platter upon which a new Israel and a renewed zionism will be served.
5. To Yotam
Yosef Y ,   Coral Springs, USA   (02.21.12)
Right on, Yotam - Yishar Koach! I have a 23 year old Orthodox son, who would not even consider living in Israel, after his experience of a year IN JERUSALEM ! He addressed exactly the same question, This includes the cowardly, spineless government - Israel's own worst enemy.
6. The last time I visited Israel I noticed that....
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (02.21.12)
...Israel is on the path to nowhere as her model and mentor: the United States of America.
7. Citizens have the leaders they...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.22.12)
deserve.They need to know what they stand for.The orthodox society knows.We are all guided by the Tora. What guides you my very dear non orthodox brothers?Do you have a common goal?For example:One for all and all for one.In that case do you have a goal that satisfies all Israelis equally? Be united in your demands to your leader,and be reasonable. Bibi is doing the best a human being can do.If all would believe in G-D,Bibi would be more confident in doing what is good for Israel,without taking notice of world opinion. By trying our best we can move towards the right direction and become Am Ehad.
8. Secular MENA,BIG ISRAEL,pronounceable "abjads",CO-OPERATION.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (02.22.12)
9. #7 ora
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.22.12)
And do you also have a common goal, "One for all and all for one?" In that case do you have a goal that satisfies all Israelis equally? Or is it 'your way or the highway'? Or are you willing to compromise?
10. Judaism
Zivron   (02.22.12)
Judaism varies from the humanitarian ethical to the literal haredi so zionism vaies also from the spiritual of ahad haam to the maximanilist of Jabotinsky without the two borders .What future the atheist and the believer . With Chaos theory no one can predict all that can be done is prepare worst case scenario or close to near worse as capacity allows if you are a pessimist ,Optimists its another mind frame.
11. Wrong question Yotam, you may as well ask:"where is humanity
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.22.12)
going?" Would you really expect a serious answer? It is a constant zig-zag now more than ever, since the world is becoming smaller and smaller place. In hindsight someone may be able to answer your question, but I am afraid that today we're trying to do our damnest (and we are succeeding) to survive & have some pleasure at the same time. You're right to have opinions and voice them! The "Quo Vadis, Domine"? shall remain unanswered, me think.
12. 9 solomon,my suggestion is..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.22.12)
that we ,the extreme secular and the extreme Haredi ,move towards the Golden Middleway.I do not see any other possibility than compromising. The idea of two rest days ,Shabat and sunday might ,in my opinion,satisfy everybody.With positive thinking and good will from BOTH sides we could come to an agreement.With G-Ds help.
13. Well Written and Exceptionally On Target
Ezra ,   US-Israel   (02.22.12)
Wonderful to see an eloquent 12 grader nailing the Israeli govt to the wall with the REAL, CONCEPTUAL questions that have NEEDED to be answered for years yet instead were ignored as one Israeli govt after another fixed the states position to be in a constant state of flux and stagnation. Sooner or later, the leaders will have to answer these questions or face the wrath of millions of Israelis.....NOT a direction ANYONE in their right mind would want to go. Kol Hakavod to the writer: may you succeed.
14. to 11
honestly i know where iam going .it is not about the country or the humanity it is about my selfe ..iam yasmin from jerusalem ... i think it is the first thing that evry one must know
15. Our 'kids'...
tz   (02.22.12)
Yotam, you give me/us hope for the future. Your piece is beautifully written, beautifully expressed. Thank you for all you shared, all you're doing. You're headed in the right direction. I hope you don't mind my saying, I'm proud of you. :-)
16. I must add: you won't find "kids" like this
Ezra ,   USA   (02.22.12)
One (Yonaton) expressing themselves so intelligently in most other nations. The majority of kids today are engulfed in nonsense, individualism and purile pursuits. Yet this young man speaks like a responsible adult: querying questions that most adults don't bother to think about. It's wonderful to see Israeli kids so enlightened and with great confidence about what is nit progressive and what we must be considering. Oddly, I have not seen an op-Ed on YNET or JPost that was as intelligent and void of bitterness and jaded, arrogant opinions as this boy has expressed. Kol Hakavod to Yonaton AND HIS PARENTS for holding steady on the intelligent path humans are born and primed to flow. Shalom.
17. #12 ora
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.22.12)
Good to hear that you are not as uncompromising as I might have supposed. Thank you. Shalom. Peace.
18. #13 and 16
Yosef Y ,   Coral Springs, USA   (02.22.12)
God bless and protect you Ezra. We are few, but it was always so in the "asafsuf rav" , even Jewish. The entire nation was and is punished for "sin'at chinam" - hatred in vain and everything that is attached to it. Shalom al Israel.
19. On questions
gavriel ,   N.Y.   (02.23.12)
When I was a kid I also asked the same questions...just I asked G-d)))))))) Sorry, pal, but man doesn't know the answers...G-d knows but he will not tell you))))))) Why? Since you don't want to know the answers too)))))))))) We always move to nowhere that is the real answer even if we know whereto we go. Good luck.
20. 19 gabriel,It is only when we...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.23.12)
don t know where we go,that we move to nowhere.Those who are guided by the Tora know where they go.
21. Kol Hakavod Yotam Berger
Nurit Greenger ,   Los Angeles USA   (02.23.12)
Yotam Berger the future generation of Israeli leaders
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