High Court rules against extending Tal Law
Aviad Glickman
Published: 22.02.12, 00:53
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stude ham   (02.21.12)
2. israel supreme court is a joke
david ,   new york   (02.21.12)
and i quote: the law is "in violation of the right to equality as part of the right to dignity" is this a court of law or a place where a bunch of fat leftist get to say what they think ought to be done. give me a break - "right of dignity" - what b.s.!!!
3. When OLDRECKS sons will serve then
aL   (02.21.12)
you can tell me about the others. My sons serve and I dont have an axe to grind against those that dont. We need willing soldiers, not drag alongs who will only endanger the others. If you dont want to serve then by all means stay at home..You will only get in the way. We must move to a professional army. I will keep on saying it..Its the only way Israel will have the power to protect itself. Conscript armies dont work in a democracy.
4. To be SURE
zivron   (02.21.12)
The fifty plus need serve too after a fitness training in axillary units like cyberwarfare and defense of religious institutions plus adjusted tanks larger perhaps with larger turrets to enter and magnification of sites with nonlethal but tranquilizing shells.
5. IDF makes a mockery of wanting them by forcing them to
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.21.12)
listen to women singing for NO good reason other than to humiliate their beliefs. When the IDF steps up to the plate and honors the religious with reasonable accommodations,and that is not likely to happen, then the religious should be required to do some public service either in the IDF or otherwise.
6. @2 a little respect we waited 2000 years for our Supreme...
Israeli ,   Israel   (02.21.12)
Court! So if the Supreme Court of the State of Israel makes decisions that you don't like in NY ok fine...but at least have the sense to understand that there are those of us who are happy to have an Israeli Supreme Court to disagree with because we waited 2000 years to have one. Or to put it succinctly: It may be that I don't always agree with the Israeli Supreme Court, but I am thankful to G-d to be able to say "Israeli Supreme Court"!
7. unconstitutional? what constitution?
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (02.21.12)
Didn't Ben Gurion way back when put the kibosh on an IL constitution as demanded by Hillel Kook? Dorit is as capricious and hysterical (la femme tyrannis) as ever!
8. Its about time these yeshiva students
Dyslexic... ,   Israel....   (02.21.12)
learnt the reality of life in Israel,instead of this never never land that they live in.Let them see what a beautiful country we have.They sit in these dark roomed yeshivas and wait for there next cheque .Let them run and sweat like the rest of as that served in the IDF. Let them serve there country they do live in Israel.
9. This isn't a joke
Shut up   (02.21.12)
These are constitutional rights in Israel. Right to dignity, right to equality, right to a good name and other rights that do not exist in American system are actual, legal rights in Israel stemming from basic laws and precedent. Moreover, this has nothing to do with leftism. Demanding that people don't get special treatment based on their religion or lack thereof has nothing to do with leftwing values. I am a pro-settlement, pro-extrajudicial assassination zionist rightwinger, and I support it. So shut your trap, you don't know shit.
10. @3 right! lets draft the Illegal immigrants into the army!
Rest it Al, you are out of line
11. Make Them Citizens, Then Draft Them
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (02.22.12)
re:illegal immigrants: in the USA, there are political leaders who advocate legal status for 11m illegals, if they join the army, pay taxes due, learn English, etc. Some say, this is still a farce..they are illegal and wil lalways be illegal, deserving no rights. (children are considered residents at State schools). There are multiple problems drafting illegals. The ans is to deport them, or allow them citizenship..THEN DRAFT THEM. Cannot have it both ways guys.
12. Trusting Israel's safety to Haredim or Dating an Ugly Heredi
meir elazar   (02.22.12)
girl are two of the stupidest ideas ever. Which is worse a girl in a Burqa or Sheitel
13. Hachlatah tovah. Am echad, besimchah SHALOM al KOL Yisrael.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (02.22.12)
14. bravo
mike ,   alton usa   (02.22.12)
good deal now these cowards have a shot of becoming normal citizens,long over due as well this will hopefully end the ultra zealot bigotry inthe future,now to cut off allotments,.
15. Constitution?????
Avi ,   Nyc   (02.22.12)
There is no constitution!!!!
16. Cut their benefits and draft the lot of them
Haim ,   TA   (02.22.12)
They seem to have plenty of time and energy on their hands, if they can riot, attack women on buses then they c an be drafted to the Army. They contribute nothing to this country yet milk the system dry. Cut their benefits they will soon go get a job.
17. The Funny Farm
Bernard ,   Reseda   (02.22.12)
" In support of what is fair, Fom now on we insist that the foxes guard the chicken house at least one day a week"
18. To # 15
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.22.12)
While there is no formal document called a "Constitution" in Israel, there is a list of Basic Laws which acts as a constitution. In some ways, this group of Basic Laws is more encompassing and inclusive than the US Constitution.
19. To # 7 with Frostbitten Balls...
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.22.12)
Oops, from Frostbite Falls... Ben-Gurion created the status quo wherein the religious parties could prevent a constitution from being written because of his pathological refusal to include Menahem Begin in his government. Learn a little bit about the early history of the state and the political machinations that went on at the time. This was far from the worst of them... the electoral system that now guarantees paralysis of any government that has to be formed through a coalition with more than 3 partners was created by these same founding fathers.
20. What about the Arabs in national service?
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh   (02.22.12)
21. Supreme Court and...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.22.12)
It is worrisome that Beinisch is leaving the Supreme Court and the majority is becoming more right leaning... I don't really know if having Haredim forced into the IDF will be a positive factor for the nation. They do have to serve equally in some form or other, but do we really want our survival dependent on those that don't believe in the State?
22. Since when did the courts make the laws?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (02.22.12)
I thought we had an elected government for that. The courts are supposed to uphold the laws of the government, not enforce their own, undemocratic laws on this land. The courts are out of order, constitution or none.
23. Unconstitutional?
Ariel Silverman ,   Karmi'el   (02.22.12)
Do we have in Israel a Constitution? Since when? As long as we do not adopt the Torah as the Constitution of all Jews, we will live in the chaos we have been living since 1948.
24. Good Decision! Too late but still good!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (02.22.12)
Democracy means equal rights! Here one was serving army (no one asked seculars whether you want to serve or not but was forced to join army and was put in jail for refusing) and one was getting more income than a soldier to sit at home (as no one checked whether he is really going to yeshiva or not). One is claiming superior to seculars as all of seculars are going to perish when mashiah comes, the other side got educated, got jobs and lifted this country to top. The one who thinks that their way is the way of god, sucked blood and money out of other group(stole is the right word) and emptied the country budget on their name when the same money can be used for public benfits (to built hospitals, batter woman houses, roads, traffic lights etc). When the whole country came on road to protest-there was order and no riots. Haredim calls seculars spoiled and corrupted people but when they come to protest it creates riots. Seculars try to bring justice on the matter of pedophiles and battered woman's cases. Haredim try to cover it up and say we are holy. All the systems in haredi hands are in mess like rabbanuth and hevrat kaddisha. I hope this is just a starting point to the justice which is every citizens right. I hope very soon we will, together, will stop all the unjustified allowances given to these paracites.
25. FACT: The HIGH COURT is the Bet Din,
Allan ,   PT   (02.22.12)
Rabbis who KNOW THE LAW. Beinish and her self-appointed cronies are not 1/2 as knowledgeable as the Rabbis in Bet Din. These self-elected judges should stick with judging murderers and the like and leave religious boys and girls out of their agenda. Who are these self-elected people calling themselves “judges” to tell others what to do and to take religious boys away from Yeshiva? How dare they. What chutzpa of Beinish and her cronies. Israel does not belong to them. Let her start first with secular Tel Avivians who are avoiding the army. There's enough work for her there. At least 60% don't go to the army!!!!!
26. #9 this is a joke
Avi ,   Nyc   (02.22.12)
There are no constitutional rights because there is no constitution. Basic laws are not a constitution. If you want one have the Knesset produce one. Becoming a "normal" nation does not mean copying another nations constitutional judicial review. You have to have a constitution first.
27. Meir , a girl has no sheitel
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.22.12)
And , i'm sorry , but there are very nice charidi girls , Sad to say , their beauty is lost later on .....
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