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IAEA: Nuclear talks with Iran failed
Published: 22.02.12, 06:52
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1. Okay, then we know where we are heading.
Israeli 2   (02.22.12)
Towards Iran!
2. Surprise!
David ,   USA/Israel   (02.22.12)
So, what did you expect? Iran bought more time at the expense of Israel as a result of the idiocy of the so called UN. They keep doing it to you! Meanwhile, Israel continues to sit on her thumbs and do nothing waiting for the miracle that will not come.
3. the sign we were waiting for
mambo ,   lusaka, zambia   (02.22.12)
4. They are Spies not IAEA
john ,   sudan   (02.22.12)
These IAEA are Spies and Iran is right. THey are collecting info for the naive attack of isreal and america.
5. Make a decision already.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.22.12)
Quit mucking about on another holocaust from a bunch of religious nuts in the Middle East. Put it this way.......Israel takes out all the Nuclear Sites and starts a conventional war. Or Israel waits for the nuke to drop on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem......and blows the entire Middle East up in a Thermo Nuclear War as a Payback. The Conventional War looks like the right answer at the present moment. Even if Barack Obama can't fathom the reason why Israel would find it necessary to fix the problem and nip it in the bud.
6. EU&USA Living in denial.Can't talk rationally to a martyr
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.22.12)
nation . M.A.D mutually assured destruction is an in incentive!
7. The Way Foward
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (02.22.12)
This result was not unexpected. You will not get co-operation in a vacuum of vision. The optimal solution and the one that will permanently cut the Gordian Knot is for Iran and Israel, with all other nations, to attend a reconvened NPT Conference to be held in Jerusalem in 2012. If agreement is reached to attend such a meeting from all the parties then the war/enrichment momentum may be stopped in its tracks. I repeat...Vision, courage and trust building are required. Time really is of an essence. It's not that difficult to look back from 2050 and see what the correct way forward is from now.
8. Israel is being played from every angle.
Devorah   (02.22.12)
Every angle.
9. 5 Steve - How Much & Exit Strategy
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston, USA   (02.22.12)
This may bring the US into the war that has already started. So what is your exit strategy. "Victory" is a nice slogan, not a way to bring troops home. And how/how much and who should pay for this war? Nobody has yet paid a dime for the US wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. Going Shopping didn't pay for anything. Iraq didn't pay for itself. Have you told your Congressman and Senators how much to tax you? Have you told them what criteria for bringing our people home? Or do you plan on a permanent occupation? Do you support reviving the Draft? or where do you plan to get the troops when Congress has ordered downsizing of the US military? If you can't answer these questions, you have no business advocating that somebody else do the fighting.
10. Anyone SURPRISED?
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.22.12)
For those countries now wringing their hands abhorring the possibilities of war yet with NO IDEAS whatsoever about what to do.....they will be the very ones crawling to the USA for protection when the regime turns on them too I say, to these countries - IF YOU WANT TO AVOID A NUCLEAR ARMED IRAN and another WAR then make sure the sanctions WORK Because if the sanctions DONT will only because YOU have been actively helping Iran to circumvent sanctions for short term gain not only to bear a very heavy moral responsibility but to bear the hatred of the world community for not helping to impose full sanctions and avoid war
11. #9 Mark of Lewiston
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (02.22.12)
And what would you suggest - wait until Iran has ICBMs with nuclear warhead? A good idea, but you should always remember that Israel is only the "Little Satan" and the USA are the "Great Satan". If Israel is destroyed, you are the next on Iran's list. Duck and cover.
12. 11 Albrecht - Responsible Government
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston, USA   (02.22.12)
If the US is going to enter the war, it should be done responsibly. That includes paying for it and having appropriate troop levels to survive. Will Germany send troops and draft a few hundred thousand? If the US is going to be involved, it should not be a Vietnam or Iraq fiasco. Those advocating for war should have no free ride when those fighting the war need tools and manpower. Tools and manpower are not free. It will only cost a few Trillion. And nobody has yet paid a dime for Iraq or Afghanistan, not even a penny.
13. No 11 Mark
Dan, Uk - Israel   (02.22.12)
Ground troops wont be needed. Just some good pilots : - ) Like it or not America can do the job the best...... Iran cant be allowed Nukes..... They MUST be stopped at all cost.
14. #12 Mark of Lewiston
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (02.22.12)
An interesting answer, but for a different question. So once again: what would you personally suggest in the case of Iran?
15. No Doubt Now : Definitely Building Nukes
Scott ,   QLD Australia   (02.22.12)
Obviously they dont care that not allowing inspection only leads to the conclusion they are building nukes.
16. 11/12/13 The Essence of the Disagreement
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston, USA   (02.22.12)
The US does not just do air strikes. Even with Serbia, there were troops, Bosnians and Croats on the ground. We tried just airstrikes with Shock and Awe in Iraq. The US could not make it work. The US was told that Iraq would be a cakewalk and pay for itself, too. Those turned out to be inaccurate, too. If the US fights in this war, the US will do so the US way. We tried somebody else's way in Somalia and it did not work for the US. That involves planning for the worst case and planning how to end the conflict and (hopefully) paying for the war's expenses. A 30% surtax on earned income and investments should eventually pay the costs - with exemption for military salaries for those who serve. The US should also be rationing fuel during the combat phase.
17. Iran is BEGGING to be attacked !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.22.12)
18. #14, Albrecht Klein, you are wasting your
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.22.12)
words on a nut case...
19. #16 Mark of Lewiston
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (02.22.12)
I agree with (almost) everything you write. War is expensive. OK. So Iran should have the bomb and we hope that he won't drop it on our heads but only on those of our neighbours(?).
20. 19 Albrecht Klein
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston, USA   (02.22.12)
I don't think Iran should have a bomb. I don't believe in proliferation to anybody for any reason. But I also don't think the US should go off half cocked. The US has a Constitution and laws that should be followed. In 1941, it took an hour to pass the appropriate resolutions and a few more to start covering the costs. Congress should act responsibly. Something they rarely ever do. It would also help if NATO countries were lining up to share the burden with a few hundred thousand or half a million troops for contingencies. So far it seems only the USN is steaming in the Gulf along with a small RV auxiliary. None of the other allies seem to want to sign up. Nobody who is urging the US on seems inclined to put ships or troops at the front with the US except the UK. Your fellow countryman from Bayerisch wants an attack but doesn't seem to want to do it himself or have your ships and troops do it. Everybody who thinks war is the right way to go should be putting themselves and their country and their children in the line. Otherwise, they are just looking for an expensive (in American blood and money) peep show.
21. Still Think It's a Peacful Purpose?
emanon ,   USA   (02.22.12)
22. #20 Mark of Lewiston
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (02.22.12)
A very considered and balanced answer. But I don't think that BHO would a strike against Iran under any circumstances - even after Israel or an other state has been annihilated.
23. There goes last feeble excuse not to destroy Iran's nukes.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.22.12)
We always knew the nuclear talks with Iran were an absolute farce. Iran seeks only to use them to buy time to build nukes. With the IAEA even admitting the talks failed: there goes the last feeble excuse not to destroy Iran's nukes. LET'S DO IT NOW!
24. #23 LET"S DO IT NOW
Robert ,   Australia   (02.22.12)
Do it now and it will be Israel's end. You warmongers need to be taught a lesson. You people are worse than those you want to attack.
25. Open up your Nukes first!
Edithann ,   USA   (02.22.12)
Who the hell is Israel to threaten anyone? If Israel is frightened, they should go along with a 'Nuke Free' Middle East...or shut up! TATA
26. nuclear weapons + refusal by Iran to inspect theirs
Frances Greenfield ,   Gananoque, Canada   (02.22.12)
Tell many times has Israel opened their nuclear sites to the Western inspectors????
27. nuclear weaponry
Frances Greenfield ,   Gananoque, Ontario   (02.22.12)
Tell many Western countries have been 'invited' to inspect Israels nuclear arsenal along with their 'Samson Option".
28. Iran + nuclear weaponry
Frances Greenfield ,   Gananoque, Canada   (02.22.12)
So "you don't think Iran should have nuclear weapon for any reason'. ARE YOU WILLING TO ALSO TAKE ISRAELS nuclear weapons away also. Not to mention their SAMSON OPTION with which they can destroy everything around them...and more. If you don't want nuclear weapons then start at home and go outwards to EVERYONE that has these horrendous weapons. Why pick on just one country when a number of countries around Iran has them. AMERICA has been 'at war' with Iran ever since they deprived Mossedegh of his rightful election to power and put the SHAH back on the throne...from which he slaughtered thousands of his own people....BUT you did get their oil which Mossedegh wanted to make private for his own country. America. You are much too 'two-faced' where Iran is concerned. Deprive Israel and then perhaps more intelligent people can talk rather than the warmongers.
29. Iran and Nuclear power
Frances Greenfield ,   Gananoque, Ont.   (02.22.12)
Congratulations, the first intelligent response here. Let's get rid of Israel's nuclear store and all the rest that are carrying nuclear weapons....then the people of the world can live in a society that will be free of terror.
30. Frances Greenfield
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (02.22.12)
Have you already converted to the "true religion"?
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