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Russia warns Israel not to attack Iran
Published: 22.02.12, 16:53
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1. .
Proud American ,   U.S.A   (02.22.12)
Russia is the last country that should be preaching about concerns of the world! Yes Russia you are part of the problem, as you continue to arm assad in the butcher of innocence!
2. Russia warns Israel not to attack Iran
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (02.22.12)
What would be the reaction of Russia if Iran threated them with a nuke bomb? I'm sure they wouldn't care about the gas prices, or the rest of the world.
3. Warns? Or Advices?
Israeli 2   (02.22.12)
4. Russia
Ehoop ,   UK   (02.22.12)
...trying to cement alliances around its southern borders. I note they haven't warned Iran about the repeated threats that they are actually making to Israel.
5. well then
SA ,   USA   (02.22.12)
Since Russia is so concerned about consequences, I hope it is aware of the consequences of its actions of supporting Iran's nuclear program and supporting Assad while he kills his own people.
Rafi ,   US   (02.22.12)
... in 1967 both Moscow & Paris repeatedly warned Israel not to attack the Arab states threatening it with extermination. Thank goodness Israel did not adopt those suggestions. In fact, with that record of useful advice from the Kremlin, Israel should probably plan to do exactly the opposite...
7. It will be a catastrrophe for IRAN! #
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (02.22.12)
8. Yeah....
Anshel ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.22.12)
Russia has zero credibility. They haven't learned from another disastrous talk between Molotov and Ribbentrop in 1939. By 1941 it was far too late. This is time to tell Iran, shut up or else! so the history doesn't repeat itself.
9. Russia, we owe you for the pogroms
USA   (02.22.12)
And the thousand of our people you killed and will pay you back.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.22.12)
To more than understand the consequence of the intended attack.Surprisingly the price of oil is reflected in the article as being main cause of concern.I feel the need to ponder into the Iranian retaliation is more important than even the price of oil.How would the readers like to imagine the Iranian retaliation?Are we imagining that Strait of Hormuz is important?It is important only if the oil is LOADED from Saudi,Qatar and Kuwait's oil terminals.I doubt if these terminals will be intact should the war breakout.What will then be the importance of keeping the Straits open for?
11. What is Russia prepared to do ?
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.22.12)
To cut it's oil and gas exports ?...LOLLL
12. The deal is done
Joyce ,   Jerusalem   (02.22.12)
What Isreal can do now is patiently want for the nuke to be completed, we can then see the real MAN in the ME, but pls keep the infighting within the corners of the ME, whislt the outside world will not disappoint with the result of the fight. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOU.
13. Russia Warns Israel
Sam ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.22.12)
You can't fight an unconventional enemy with conventional ways. Do it now Israel...take out Iran's nuclear capacity. If you don't do it now, nuclear Iran will blackmail the world and not be afraid to use Nuclear weapons. They want to be martyred.
14. Tell
michaelpielet ,   israel   (02.22.12)
Tell the Russians to blow me.
15. Pathetic
Aharon   (02.22.12)
Iran, a country who brazenly announces the destruction of Israel, is on the brink of obtaining nuclear weapons, yet the rest of the world only seems to care about the price of gas. Outrageous!
16. Realistic Solution
Aharon   (02.22.12)
Military action IS the realistic solution, not diplomacy based on ideals from Fairy Tale Land. Iran is clearly committed to obtaining nuclear weapons and will strive to get them, no matter the cost. The ONLY way to solve this is for a military strike.
17. Yeah Yeah Yeah......Putin has another thorn up
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.22.12)
his lower bodily functions and thinks he is a super power again. Russia armed Iran with nuclear weapons. They built the reactors that the fuel is being taken from. Russia created this mess....and now Israel has the responsibility to clean it up just to survive and keep its population from being annihilated. Russia is responsible for this Mid East War. Don't hide behind your pity potty PUTIN! Russia is responsible for this Mess!!!!
18. Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact 2
Mladen Andrijasevic ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (02.22.12)
It seem the Russian never learn from their own mistakes. In 1939 they signed the non-aggression pact with Hitler and today they are buddies with Iran, Hizballah, Hamas and Syria. But I guess you can expect that from the leaders whose roots are in the regime that death with the Kronstadt rebellion,the collectivization, the Ukrainian famine, the Kirov murder, the great Purge of the thirties,the Show Trials, the Gulags, the Katyn massacre and the Doctors’ Plot. They have no clue whom they are dealing with just as they did not know then until June 22,1941. See MAD is Dead
19. russia warns :)
les ,   canada   (02.22.12)
yes mr gatilov. your "warning" is taken to heart. and we don't think for a second that it may have something to do with the many billions of dollars you make on this great 'FRIENDSHIP", and we still remember the gentle ways you handled your enemies threatening the existence of your contry in WW2.
20. #11 correcto amigo
John ,   Boise, Idaho USA   (02.22.12)
You are correct ...Russia has to give us their "warnings" and "sensible assessments" conducive to the "international relations" to keep the oil lines open going north and have no choice but to buy Iranian oil & gas.If they are "so concerned" why did the sell their equipment to the "banana king" in the first place? But just for laughs, we all could imagine what an accidental "stray missle" would look like after it hit pipelines going's that for "boosting dialogue" and "continuing diplomatic efforts" ?
21. Rusting military + supporting Assad bloodbath = credibility?
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (02.22.12)
Few opinions matter less in the world than those of Russia. With their military rusting away, having just had their butts kicked by tiny Georgia and having enraged he world by supporting Assad's genocide of his own people, Russia simply has no credibility to threaten Israel - not moral and not military. Israel should respond by pursuing the booting of Russia out of the "quartet" by announcing that it will rescind all cooperation with that group, retroactively, unless Russia is ousted. The resurgent international arrogance of Moscow is one more result of Obama's idiotic policy of "leading from the rear".
22. the old well known KGB Russia style. Russia smells
23. The Next Fifty Days
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (02.22.12)
Russia has a role to play in the bigger picture. The success of its role will depend on how well they heed a higher authority. There are many calenders in the world...Jewish 5772;Christian/Gregorian 2012; Muslim 1432; Nuclear Enrichment Red Line ??? The divine timetable will trump them all. The next fifty days really are crucial. G-d does not want a war to break out in the Middle East. The good people of Persia and the Holy Land should be able to live in peace in the coming years. Will the Israeli and Iranian Taekwondo teams meet in a spirit of good competition at the London Olympics in early August this year ? I can imagine driving on a road from Jerusalem to Tehran by 2019. Israeli and Iranian tourist could visit each other's land in friendship by 2013. It would be wonderful if Iran; Saudi Arabia; Israel and the USA all played off in Group D of the 2022 Qatar World Cup ?
24. GOOD for Russia: Cynical games NO! More democratization YES!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (02.22.12)
25. #7 mahmood
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.22.12)
When someone is threatened with annihilation, all your "arguments" and "reasons" are not in the equation. They are, in fact, meaningless.
26. Hypocritical contradiction !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (02.22.12)
I Quote - Last week, Russia said global powers must be serious about proposing solutions Iran might accept, warning that Tehran's desire for compromise was waning as it moved closer to being technically capable of building atomic weapons. Comment - Proposing acceptible solution, Has Only One Compromise Option, stop this Program for Wepons grade uranium-enrichment. Arn.Sweden.
27. #10 Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait's oil
Yaniv ,   Israel   (02.22.12)
Then not only will America, Britian, Israel, China, and every Western and Eastern country attack Iran, but also the other Arab countries! that is what will happen and in that case Iran will get destroyed
28. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.22.12)
Do you mean to suggest that Iran is prepared to declare war on Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait? Do you really think that the United States will sit on the sidelines and watch?
29. What is catastrophic: Russia, China in bed with Iran, Syria
Joe ,   Canada   (02.22.12)
Were it not for the military & diplomatic support of Russia, China, Iran, the Assads could already be in exile & Syria free of its murderous dictator. The shameful support to rogue states given by a Russia pretending to be a democracy & by China put them all on the same criminal level. They do not even have the excuse of being geopolitically smart given that on the long term the majority Sunni countries will not forget on which side Russia & China were when they favored the minority Shia. Perhaps their main concern is preventing the precedent of an international intervention which could one day become a topic for Russia & China themselves for various violations of human rights.
30. TRUE.................................................#27
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.22.12)
But you seem to ignore the destruction that Israel will have to face.Are you trying to suggest that once the raid on Nuclear facilities are carried out,you will have comfortable nights in Israel?Well,you decided realistically.Arab countries will hardly have the abilty to confront the Iranian might in the Persian Gulf.
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