Caught on tape: Palestinian hurls brick at car
Yair Altman
Published: 23.02.12, 00:04
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1. the kids are savages the journalists are evil
ronen   (02.23.12)
2. Arab throws brick.
E ,   Los Angeles   (02.23.12)
now that this piece of crap is caught on camera, prosecute him to the full extent of the law. deport him on his second offence. if i were driving this car the article would have been titled "driver runs down arab rock throwers".
3. shoot the stone throwers
marv   (02.23.12)
shoot every stone thrower. That is what arabs respect., Anything else willl encourage more rock throwing. If there 100 rock throwers, shoot eveyrone.
4. Attacking civilians as usual. Wait for the media to whine
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.23.12)
Only when he is arrested He will start crying for the press and the mother puts on a 5 star Pallywood performance
5. Benefits of PA education paid for by the USA EU&UN while
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.23.12)
millions starve.
6. No.2 - You re completely WRONG
Bergkamp   (02.23.12)
The article would ve been titled: " Jewish settler charges against a "palestinian" boy while strolling with his younger sister aged 2"
7. Assad must go!
Miron ,   USA   (02.23.12)
8. if a regular occurence then those
Barney ,   USA   (02.23.12)
traveling in the area should be armed and prepared to shoot to kill. self defense. this is how you stop the regular occurence.
9. arrest and charge and place in jail. let them waste their li
ralph   (02.23.12)
life. but get them off the street and charge trhem in court for damages make parents pay for damages.
10. Go to the main site, look at the article above this one
Vlad   (02.23.12)
The US State Department is whining about 500 new homes in Shilo. Nothing on this.
11. Why no fence between savages and humans?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.23.12)
12. @5: Occupiers Won't Pay For Their Own Education
emanon ,   USA   (02.23.12)
These groups may be misguided by paying for the education of arabs, but the arabs will never pay for their own education. To them 1) it is money that could be spent on guns and bombs to kill Jews and 2) why pay for it when the West will pay for it? They were born beggars, they will raise more beggars and die beggars.
13. penalty.
David ,   USA/Israel   (02.23.12)
The penalty for throwing stones at others should be: Stoning!
14. Armed & Dangerous
Avigdor Rudofsky ,   Upstate , NY   (02.23.12)
These cars should have weapons to fight back. Anyone that throws lethal rocks etc at me, I would want to end them as a threat and protect me & mine
15. Up-the-ante!
Jack B. ,   USA   (02.23.12)
Along their highways (problematic spots), Israel should use Snipers'. To hell with world opinion! Israel is at war, and until they realize it and use all-out measures to defeat the enemy, then this limited measure can be/should be employed to its maximum affect. If they escalate. God bless, Israel!
16. (Non) ethics of the AFP photographer
Photo-journalist ,   Israel   (02.23.12)
This sounds staged. The government press office should investigate with an eye for removing this man's credentials.
17. its just zionist propoganda everybody knows that
zionist forever   (02.23.12)
Everybody knows palestinians are pacifists who don't believe in any form of violence. This picture is obviously a settler throwing a rock at an innocent palastinian taking his pregnant wife who is in the back to hospital. He can't call an ambulance because the Israeli soldiers use ambulances as target practice and that car is the only possession he has left in the world after the soldiers tore down his house which was given to his ancestors by Mohammed himself so they could create a public toilet. Even Sarah.B cannot deny that's the truth of what happened can she?
18. As usual Israel does nothing, IDF does nothing..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.23.12)
...and Netanyahu does nothing - and this is supposed to be a "conservative" and "nationalist" government. If IDF, Israel and Netanyahu really HAD done something, the Fakestinians would have been deported from Judea, Samaria and Gaza a long time ago and the areas would have been annexed, peaceful, safe and secure and part of Israel. No Jewish man, woman or child would have to fear for their lives in a society that resembles anarchy, the Wild West - or should I say the Wild East?
19. You pack a pistol, madam?
Cameron ,   USA   (02.23.12)
20. Maybe the best thing would be ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.23.12)
... to raze a few homes in Beit Ummar to the ground. The homes of the families of the brick-hurlers would be a fine place to start. The brick-hurlers should be arrested and charged with attempted murder. No home; kid in prison -- see if that doesn't have an impact on the parents. And if it doesn't -- that's okay, too. Plenty of room in Israel's prisons for attempted murderers, and I don't care whether or not the ersatz "Palestinians" who spawned the criminals have a roof over their heads. I really don't. I think it is high time that the Jewish people started to assert themselves in the Jewish homeland. If the ersatz "Palestinians" don't like it, they are free to leave at any time. Perhaps they will find Lebanon or Syria or Jordan or Egypt more to their liking. Violence seems to be part and parcel of the ersatz "Palestinian" character -- let them go live in violent places; never to return to Israel. Attempted murder is no joke. In most American states, it can send you away from thirty or forty years. In some states, it can send you away for life. It's time to treat ersatz "Palestinian" criminals like the criminals they are.
21. This is part of the "non-violent" popular resistance called
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.23.12)
for by the "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas. And some, cynically, are fooled by this "moderate" leader and his gang!!
22. "No choice?!"
bk ,   Jerusalem   (02.23.12)
You have a great deal of choice. You could MOVE and not live in "occupied territory."
23. Worldwide coverage
Steve ,   Raaanana   (02.23.12)
Let's see how many media outlets worldwide use this picture.
24. hurl bricks
Nick ,   Malaysia   (02.23.12)
provide grenade for every civilian... they throw bricks, reply them with grenade
25. Bump In The Road!
Dvir Yaakov ,   LA & Jerusalem   (02.23.12)
"I don't know what happened. One moment stones and bricks are being thrown at my car, the next minute my car spins out of control and I feel the car raise up for two speed bumps... that I later realized were the stone throwers!" END OF STORY!
26. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.23.12)
Oh, yes, because it is so EASY to stage a violent attack and a huge brick cinderblock to shatter the windshield of a car. Was that terrified teacher also a part, or just an unwilling dupe. You are not a "photo-journalist." You're just an idiot.
27. #20
Solomon ,   Tel Aviv   (02.23.12)
Here you go again with your hate and your destruction. Just because the Arabs act uncivilized, it does not mean we have to behave the same way..... " raze a few homes"... she says... You are a despicable creature. Your posts portray the Israelis as barbaric as the Arabs. You should be ashamed of yourself...
28. who is settler?
observer ,   Egypt   (02.23.12)
The settler is the person who is ready to do anything, including lies, to redeem/set foot on biblical Jewish land.
29. Save Your Money and Your Life and Get Out
Ibro ,   Jerusalem   (02.23.12)
You want to live in a settlement, you want to steal Palestinian lands to live on them? Will you have to prepare your pocket for windshield change every now and then, and make sure your insurance is working in case you get hurt. OR get out of the settlements go back to1967 borders and save your money and your life. They should choose which sounds better for them! Ynet and international community consider these settlements and settlements (are illegal), therefore why are they still there, costing the government tons of money that could be used in uplifting the economy and creating better living for us in Israel.
30. #27 I got news for you
Isac   (02.23.12)
I would even go a little further. I would flatten the entire village with prior notification to the Arab residents to leave to their country of origins, i.e. Jordan Syria, Egypt, etc. Eat your heart out, jerk!
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