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Let them baptize Anne Frank
Rabbi Levi Brackman
Published: 25.02.12, 21:24
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31. #8
zvi ,   baltimore, usa   (02.26.12)
2000 years later, and you still haven't convinced me. you tried all sorts of pressures, including crusades, pogroms, speeches, and other frustrated methods. like i told the idiot who came to my door to convince me that his was the "right" way, go preach to the pagans, who don't "love" man or god. the torah and the rabbis have kept my family alive and well for all these centuries. why, for gods sake, should i deviate from a good life.
32. #1 Baptism
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.27.12)
The Mormon Church had promised to discontinue this practice, yet they still insist on doing it One question now comes to mind, Mitt Romney is a Mormon,l are we not do doubt his promises also?
33. What bother Auschwitz survivor is Mr. Wiesel PC
Tomas ,   USA   (02.27.12)
I asked my mother who survived almost 3 years in Auschwitz if it bother her. She said no, but what she is upset with Mr.Wiesel and his politiclly correct speech he gave in Montreal. There were more then dosen survivors who walk out because of Mr.Wiesel PC and sell out to the left. In Montreal jewish survivors community. he become a joke.
34. Statement from the LDS Church
Mary ,   Sandy, USA   (02.27.12)
Church Statement on Violations of Proxy Baptism Policy Salt Lake City — In response to questions about violations of the Church's proxy baptism policy, the Church issued the following statement: The Church keeps its word and is absolutely firm in its commitment to not accept the names of Holocaust victims for proxy baptism. It takes a good deal of deception and manipulation to get an improper submission through the safeguards we have put in place. While no system is foolproof in preventing the handful of individuals who are determined to falsify submissions, we are committed to taking action against individual abusers by suspending the submitter’s access privileges. We will also consider whether other Church disciplinary action should be taken. It is distressing when an individual willfully violates the Church’s policy and something that should be understood to be an offering based on love and respect becomes a source of contention.
35. Jews and Mormons
Chris ,   Durham, England   (02.27.12)
The Mormons, more than other Christians, feel closely linked to the Jewish peoples. Orson Hyde, a Mormon leader, went to Palestine around 1840 and knelt on the Mount of Olives. There he asked the Almighty to prepare a way for the Jews to return from their scattered nations. So be thankful.
36. Baptism of Anne Frank
Dino ,   Roanoke, Texas   (02.28.12)
What if Mormons Church is true and they are authorized by God to Baptize the dead, just like the practice they do in the New Testament (1 corinthians 15:29) " Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? Why are they then baptized for the dead?" To me Anne Frank will be in a better position than us.
37. Good for you Rabbi!
Killerbug ,   USA   (03.01.12)
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