Israeli Arabs back Assad
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 26.02.12, 00:58
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1. They only show their true colours !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.26.12)
2. conspiracy theories of israeli arabs supporting assad
fatima   (02.26.12)
the israeli arabs who believe these theories of iraeli support fo rbloodshed in israel are full of dung. Pure and simple, they are full of it. Not just them, right across the middle east the arabs in general for whatever reason are led hooked by the nose by their mosques and will do anything that their mullah or sheik commands regardless of its logic. god help the arabs because the russians will eventually destroy them when they rise up.Putin will have no hesitation in destroying the arabs city by city.
3. Hard to Believe
The Bald Scotsman ,   Medford   (02.26.12)
All I can say to Israeli Arabs is that there are faries at the bottom of my garden. Yes folks, Zonist fairies who support the Zionist farie god instead of Allah who is of course the real Akbar. Akmar in Scottish Gaelic means Away and bile yer heid.
4. Who slaughtered 5000 plus in Syria?
Lenya ,   Australia   (02.26.12)
According to these "Israeli" Arabs the Syrian regime can't be killing its own people!! So who killed more than 5000 Syrians mostly citizens in the last few months? To slaughter so many people in less than a year, you need heavy artillery and large military personel. Are there any other large military presence in Syria? Why are imbeciles allowed to have idiotic conferences in Israel?
5. onward, brave souls!
David   (02.26.12)
These people must now go to Syria and fight on Assad's behalf to redeem their honor. Otherwise they are betrayers to their cause, and we all know how the Arab world regards betrayers. As a parting favor they should all be given an honorary escort up to the Syrian border, and a military salute.
6. lets hope
avi ,   nyc   (02.26.12)
they all go there to volunteer
7. mk-arabes
leo carvajal ,   hamilton, canada   (02.26.12)
send those as.......h were they belong siria.
8. israeli arabs
daniela ,   panama   (02.26.12)
backing Assad... I would invite them to move to Syria join Assad ¨democracy and human rights treatment¨ of his own civilian population.. For those israeli arabs in Haifa, for sure being Assad rule must be a million times better than living under the ¨zionists regime¨¨ you are welcome to go.
9. They can move to Syria
AK   (02.26.12)
Israeli Arabs obviously support a regime at war with their country -- Israel, and have absolutely no loyalty towards Israel, the country of their residence and citizenship. Perhaps they should move to Syria where they can ask for Syrian citizenship and happily fight for Asad. Israel is tolerating a 5 column within its borders. That is unacceptable.
10. Typical of Dictator lovers in all 57 Islamic states [end]
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (02.26.12)
11. Bunch of delusional idiots
Zvi   (02.26.12)
Just shows that Issam Makhoul is not pro-Arab at all. He'll support the most murderous psychopath as long as hat murderous psychopath is ready to back the murder of Jews. He's simply a hater. I'm glad that Mr. Shaalan brought this one to the world's attention. The Syrian people need support from all quarters, and these delusional idiots should be named and shamed. Where's the western media on this on?
12. Stupid people, even ham-ass is disgusted by the slaughter.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.26.12)
13. There Really Is No Hope For Them!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (02.26.12)
Comments like these from Israeli Arabs simply reinforce to the international community the challenges that Israel continually faces in trying to deal with the dysfunctional unfathomable Arab mentality.
14. Assad
Naftali   (02.26.12)
Oh, the Syrian people will love this. How many of them died fighting for their Palestinian "brothers"
15. Fantasy
Sagi   (02.26.12)
is a product of a feeble mind, it eventually leads to disorientation and disconnection from reality.
16. Put this in Al Jazeera
bobblehead dentan ,   lalaland   (02.26.12)
The viper has bit its handler now. About time. Make sure the Arab world sees this.
17. I'm disgusted, worried and furious
Avi   (02.26.12)
I'm disgusted this happened in Haifa, worried these people are in my country and furious one of them is in the parliament.
18. Maybe Israel could/should give them the Assad treatment
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.26.12)
Even I who am not overly sympathetic to Arab causes, support the rebels on this one. But they'd probably just usher in the Muslim Brotherhood if Assad fell, so I'm caught in a Catch-22.
19. proof of wolves amongst us
wiz of iz ,   montreal canada   (02.26.12)
When an evening event is organized and the statement is "Israel is happy watching the killings in Syria" we can plainly see to what twisted and disturbing depths of falsehoods this group is capable of. And to be in Haifa, in Israel, can only mean that this group are the fifth column now and the future killing squads in a possible war . If this was openly stated in Russia or China, these dogs would disappear so fast that they would not see the light of day. This event is not a protest, it is libel against the state and should be addressed through legal channels.
20. Hamas & Al Qaeda also support the Syrian Rebel Opposition
Charles   (02.26.12)
I'm not saying they should or shouldn't side with the Opposition or not, but don't be too quick and easy to take sides.
21. yes
huaasin ,   KSA   (02.26.12)
shameful-to support a brutal man-such as alssad-this is shame..
22. primitive people will always resort to fantacies!
yaffit ,   israel   (02.26.12)
23. the syrian regeme is killing its own people! get used to it!
rotem ,   israel   (02.26.12)
24. Never miss an opportunity to disgrace Israels name
David ,   Israel   (02.26.12)
Typical Arabs that seize any chance they can to tarnish Israels name. I'm sure the world press will jump at the opportunity to link Israel to the massacre, and share the same title as this article, minus the word "Arabs". If only we could deport them, then we'd see how much they like Assad when they are left hung or tortured
25. welcome to stinky haifa
stephane ,   yaffo   (02.26.12)
26. Pals living in their virtual world
David ,   Modiin, Israel   (02.26.12)
Those Israeli Arabs, who by the way consider themselves "Palestinians" live in their own fantasy-world where Israel is responsible for all evil and enemies of Israel must be always right. They see the dissintegrations of the staunchest Israeli enemy with utter disbelief and hystery. After all, those people also supported Saddam Hussein, Kaddafi, Iranian regime and many of them also Al Qaida. So what's so surprising here?
27. 100 people is not all the Arabs...
Yossef   (02.26.12)
28. funny, no one wore the Baath Party flag?
Golan ,   modiin   (02.26.12)
you know the Baath party flag... its the 1958 Iraqi flag... its the 1920 Saudi flag... its the PLO flag.
29.  "which takes pleasure in seeing the slaughter"
Raphael ,   Netanya   (02.26.12)
Where did he see distribution of sweets and cakes to the populace, like everytime Israel is hit by a misfortune?
30. Psycopathy
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.26.12)
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