'I felt they wanted to murder me'
Lior El-Chai
Published: 26.02.12, 13:33
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1. looks like hollywood
zooz ,   jerusalem   (02.26.12)
i dont know but it seems they are not saying the truth . they were assaulted because they were jews?? come on , all Haifa is filled with jews and Arabs and they live without any problem . i think its more of a gangs war or narcotic fight the made the case , its nothing to do with arabs and jews , they should interrogate them more
2. This is truly disgusting.
Michael ,   West Jerusalem/NY   (02.26.12)
I hope they arrest these ass-holes, and put them in solitary confinement. Do these people understand, that Jews are the majority. I'm with the Arab minority getting 100% equal rights, but these type of acts is just like I said before going to contribute to the discrimination felt by Israeli Arabs. But Y-net, the tone of this article sounds racist as as well.
3. Jewish Country?
Jester ,   Vancouver, Canada   (02.26.12)
Israel can only call itself a Jewish Country when attacks on Jews from within its own population will end. All the assailants on antisemitic reasons should be stripped from Israeli citizenship and thrown out of the country. Imagine what would happen in America, France or Germany just for example if the same arab mod would attack American, French or German just for the reason of a person being being its country national.
4. Thanks for the opportunity to talk back
Israeli 2   (02.26.12)
When the nation is being divided by our own, the Arabs will teach us to re-unite. The soldiers should have been taught to keep the Sabbath...there would have been a better weekend.
5. most appro response: put tephillin on that head.
uri ,   il   (02.26.12)
6. "peace partners" ?
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (02.26.12)
I cried as I read this. These are Israeli Arabs, these are the people who are not supposed to be a 5th column. I will not hold my breath waiting for a condemnation of these horrific attack to be issued by Arab organizations or Arab MKs. If these are Israeli, one only imagines the thinking of the Palys. It is time for Israel to not care what the world says and earn the respect of its' Arab citizens and occupiers and start cracking down and cracking down hard. We are so into not being a frier that we can't stand on a line or treat our fellow Jews with any modicum of respect. BUT we can be frier's to the Arabs. That seems to be acceptable. We have developed warped values.
7. nothing is shocking
Oleg   (02.26.12)
the whole Western World conducts itself with the Muslims like a guilty party..Israel is not exception..Arabs feel they can attack Jews even in Israel..Its disgusting.
8. we need more Peace Now activists
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (02.26.12)
So what have we gotten with all of our peace gestures to the Arabs? Have we made any friends, somewhere? Between Peace Now and Oslo, we have lost the ability to be forceful for peace. Instead of demanding better behaviour and less violence from the Arabs in exchange for peace we stop building in our territories. We are nuts, we see opportunities for peace where only hatred exists. We should use the American method in dealing with Japan in the '40s. There has been peace now for 70 years.
9. "I felt they wanted to murder me"
Avi ,   Israel   (02.26.12)
What a wimp...Is he a man or what? If this idiot can't defend himself, I suggest the next time he goes out that he should be holding the hand of him precious mommy...
10. Something missing
David ,   San Francisco   (02.26.12)
15 people just attacked them out of the blue? In Haifa? A city known for great Arab-Jewish co-existence? This probably had to do with gangs or drugs. 20 people don't just decide to jump you for no reason. More information will come out. Dier Yassin was worse. If Jews can bring up the holocaust to commit crimes, others can go back to 1948.
11. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.26.12)
The Arabs have already been arrested. Now we await to know what kind of punishment they will get for attacking 2 innocent soldiers who were in civilian clothes.
12. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.26.12)
Soldiers in the IDF dont have time to be in narcotic gangs. Because you dont think there are problems between Jews & Arabs in Haifa does'nt mean to say that all is peaceful in Haifa!
13. Yeah, we already heard you in #1 and #2
Hard to accept for an Islamo-Leftist that his brothers are noting more than coward brutes? Welcome to reality. I see that stupidity and malice doesn't change with the alias. Better stick with one of them.
14. #9 let's see how "brave" YOU are when overwhelmed by 20
bloodthirsty brutes with clubs and rocks. You're just amen arrogant pig who would run as soon as somebody would call your name. I'd like to see you lynched and seeing how you call your mommy. Moron.
15. #4 Asshole - they were rushing to the hospital
thats permitted! I can see you're not Jewish, or you don't know how to read, or both!
16. #1 & #10 whitewashing this crime won't work!
17. To # 1 >>>> Zooz
Armand ,   Los Angeles, USA   (02.26.12)
Zooz; You are delusional. Gangs and the likes use guns,..... -------------------------------------------- Wake up Israeiis, the muslims within Israel ARE A FIFTH COLUMN! Nip the problem in the but! When will the JEWS get rid of their enemies. God Bless Israel and the Jews. NEVER AGAIN!
18. Live fire is the only solution.
Jules   (02.26.12)
19. #10 - Something is missing from your head...
Scott ,   USA   (02.26.12)
Your brain. Dier Yassin was a minor breakout battle during the Siege of Jerusalem in which FOUR THOUSAND Jews were killed. But then, idiots like you never heard of the siege. They get their information from movies like "Miral" in which the siege never happened.
20. the world has learned nothing from history
naftules ,   jerusaelm   (02.26.12)
same same same same same .... ha and even in Israel a Jew can by lynched for being a jew ....
21. I see that race-baiting gets the headlines
Sarah ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.26.12)
It's a sorry state of affairs when this kind of opinion piece full of one-sided quotes passes for news.
22. #4 it is Jews like you that destroy the fabric of Israel
steve ,   Israel   (02.26.12)
23. Of course they did ! 10:1 is their kind of heroics. Killing
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.26.12)
helpless women for honor is another
24. Where is Tibi? Princess Zoabi? ShalomAchshav? NIF?
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.26.12)
25. #23: Tradition
Raphael ,   Netanya   (02.26.12)
Lefties will issue the socio cultural excuse: lynching Jews belong to their culture, as well as cattle theft or honor killing. So they should not be accountable for their deeds.
26. its about time
yossi ,   Gedera Israel   (02.26.12)
i am all for democracy, but when democracy starts hurting its time to rethink. its time for us to get rid of the Tibi's and Zoabi's and anyone else that has forgotten that Israel is a Jewish state. if you wish to live in this country knowing and accepting that, then you are more than welcome, if not - get out !!!!!! its about time we started caring for ourselves, noone else does.
27. The security guards should be fired and
jason white ,   afula, israel   (02.26.12)
never allowed to work in security again. The law says that they could have opened fire to stop this. Too often Jews are afraid of going to prison if they stop an attack by arabs. The law should be changed and those that stop arab attacks should be rewarded. Will we see the day when there is a pogrom by the arabs and dozens of Jews are killed and injured? The government does all it can to prevent Jews from receiving handgun licenses and to be issued with M-16s from the I.D.F. or allow us to purchase these weapons and ammo. The house that the arabs said was stoned should be destroyed and the occupants not allowed to remove anything from it beforehand.
28. Ad a fgather of two Canadian born Israeli soldiers
Al   (02.26.12)
I was struck yesterday by the fact that some Jews in Israel for some stupid reason I dont understand refuse to participate in their own defence. I am not talking about the ultra orthoquack ones of course but also the uber liberal uber stupid TA youth who believe they live in some utopia. Here you have Arab Israelis attack Jewish soldiers simply because they are Jewish. It is shocking and a wake up call to all Jews in Israel. Stop pissing on eachother and unite against the common enemy. The Arab be he inside or outside of Israel will kill you in a heartbeat. Its time to wake up, stop the useless pissfest of whining and work to secure the country from within and without. If you dont do that all Jews in Israel be they the holly rolly ones or the uber liberal ones, will end up dead.
29. Don't worry dear Arab friends I'll release you soon
Ehud Barak ,   Western Al-Quds   (02.26.12)
I love you so much, uncle Ehud PS Shimon sends kisses too
30. #9
miri ,   israel   (02.26.12)
Your attitude is quite ridiculous. These 19 year olds were attacked by a hoard of angry arabs wielding clubs and steel rods. Even older men would have cause for concern and would be fearful.
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