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Assad, wife vote in Syria referendum
Roi Kais, AFP
Published: 26.02.12, 19:50
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1. A travesty and an Insult to mankind
Mark ,   U.S.   (02.26.12)
This is like a father, the head of a household, that is sick, has become sick, goes crazy and murders everyone in the house but a few and then holds a family meeting of the wounded and abused to vote(democratic process), elect to keep him as head of a traumatized, bloody household,, this sh-t made me sick, so sick I know I am not the only one and this is one time I hope others are affected.
2. Assad, Wife Vote In Syria Referendum
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (02.27.12)
How incredibly democratic of Syria's first couple! Was this before or after Assad's thugs checked the readiness of her private plane to fly her back to Britain when Assad's regime is eventually toppled. I would not wish to be her walking around London - or her kids going to school - when they figure out how many thousands of innocents her husband slaughtered.
3. Thats funny
zionist forever   (02.27.12)
Yes I can just imagine Assad's with going and voting in favor of a constitution that will force her and her good for nothing husband into exile in some third world country which wont extradite him to Syria or to some country that will put on trial in an international criminal court which will leave her a widow. The Syrian opposition though seem to have made it quite clear peace with Israel is not on the agenda as the video criticizes Hamfez Assad for selling the Golan.
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