Paris University cancels radical anti-Israel conference
Published: 27.02.12, 00:24
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1. Hitler called for Boycot of Jewish Busineses too!
chris ,   wales   (02.27.12)
Before Hitler unleashed his Murdering of 6 Million Jews,he also called for Boycotting of Jewish the same all over again..are these Bigots really so stupid that we don't know what they represent? they are scums because they are full of hatred and Vileness, hatred of the 30's are still with us,only this time,it mostly Muslims and the radical far left who are involved.their evil propaganda will fail!
2. freedom of speech
allan ,   canada   (02.27.12)
In Canada, several pro-Israeli speakers were shut down due to violent protests and threats by anti-Israel factions. I guess this problem goes both ways.
3. Rejects violence, thats a nice campus policy.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.27.12)
4. Freedom for Palestinian People ?
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (02.27.12)
Last time checked, Palestinian people do enjoy freedom of everything...Even the freedom of choice to refuse to negotiate with Israel about the borders of the 2 state solution...But in the mean time, their economy in Gaza is thriving: beautiful shopping malls, luxury apartment buildings,private entrprises, etc...That is the good part...Terror groups, intimidation of Israel (to put it mildly) is another...
5. A voice of sanity in Academia
Israeli grandma   (02.27.12)
At last someone stands up against the misuse of university facilities for promoting hatred and the delegitimisation of Israel under the guise of free speech. France should be proud of M.Pascal Binczak!
6. apartheid???
daniela ,   panama   (02.27.12)
I dont know a society more geared to apartheid than moslems. If you are not a moslem you are an infidel, and as an infidel you should be subservient to moslems, or to convert if you do not want to die.. the joke is that they are the ones that cry APARTHEID.. as if who screams first is right... if arabs where not apartheid states, how come no jews live there, when before 1956 there were a million jews living in arab countries? (myself included) How come christians and jews cannot buidl synagogues and churches in arab countries. And when they are already there, they are bombed, vandalized, etc..? And they speak of apartheid...
7. Israel cannot be an Apartheid state..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (02.27.12)
Because firstly apartheid was a black and white issue....and secondly remember Operation Moses between 1984-1985 when Israel brought home thousands of black Ethiopians to Israel...this alone is proof that Israel is no Apartheid those idiots that still use this South african word are brain dead....
8. @3
it is not violence they are rejecting, but, mainly hate, lies and antisemitism.
9. Anti Israel Conference cancelled
Spencer ,   Israel   (02.27.12)
Congratulations to The University of Paris 8 for standing up for what's right and not bowing the the demands of terrorist supporters. The Government of France should take note.
10. # 8 re: # 3 Your both right
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (02.28.12)
hate, violence, lies, antisemitism all travel together on a road to nowhere.
11. # 2 freedom of speech
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (02.28.12)
you've got it backwards, the same violent anti israeli protesters are the pals.. Famous for making terror when Jews are present making any point.
12. #2 - the only commonality in those incidents are
William ,   Israel   (02.28.12)
the violent protests by anti-Israel factions.
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