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Qatar urges UN to probe 'Judaization' of east Jerusalem
Published: 27.02.12, 23:54
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1. You can take your "probe" and stick it in my tuchus
Jordan Ispalestine ,   Los Angeles, CA   (02.28.12)
You cannot Judaize what is inherently Jewish
2. judaization ??!!!
fad egypt   (02.28.12)
there is nothing called judaization , jerusalem the united capital of israel has been already jewish for 3500 years , it is jerusalem DC ( David Capital ) it will be the center of the future kingdom when the messiah comes it is the daughter of zion , the most beloved place for God , God bless jerusalem and Israel shalom !!!!
3. Israel vs World
Jean-Pierre ,   Austria   (02.28.12)
Babylonians and futher Empires have Destroyed Jerusalem and exterimating many jews believing that they would go extinct, but it did not stop the Jews from comming back home to Rebuild Jerusalem and Israel. But since the world empires have learned they can't stop the jews they are now using the New Methode of Owning Jerusalem to prevent the Jews from gaining it's rightful kingdom back. Jerusalem was a Kingdom many years ago of Jewish Kings, and it should be again the capital of Jewish homes. But the world and world religions will do whatever it takes to prevent the People of Israel having it's heritage back. A twisted world we live in. There is no nations like Israel that is being targeted by the world Itself, me think something unique about Jews and their Homeland that the world is trying to take away from them.
4. "UN must probe Judaization of Jerusalem"
William ,   Israel   (02.28.12)
You mean the UN must probe Jews returning to parts of their holy city (and capital city) which was illegally annexed and ethnically cleansed by Arabs, then Arabized for 18 years with regular war crimes and cultural genocide?? The only rights "Palestinians" have are as citizens of Jordan, and that is the right to ask for a visa to visit Israel's capital city but not a right to receive one. Anything more is too much for a population of disparate illegal economic migrants caught up in a war launched by racist Arabs.
5. The only crime here....
William ,   Israel   (02.28.12)
is the snail's pass Israel is taking to unify the city that was illegally split. This should have been done in less than 4 years, in the early 1970s. Not in bits and pieces for the past 45 years, only to be stopped by Israeli Leftists and Arab riots.
6. So Typical...
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (02.28.12)
Judaize what's already Jewish? They should write comedy about these hypocritical lying Islamist Revisionists. They are too absurd to be believed.
7. What about the Palestinization of Israel?
froike ,   NY NY   (02.28.12)
Instead of talking about Judaization of the holiest Jewish Site...let's talk about the de-Judaization of Gaza and the West Bank, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan..... Hate to break it to my Islamist Bretheren but the Kingdom of Melech David included many parts of these countries....Leave it to the hateful Islamists to make these areas "Judenrein". The world must remember one glaring fact: If Jerusalem was ruled by Muslims, no other religions would be able to worship there! As long as it remains in the hands of Jews, worship will be allowed to all religions and creeds that consider Jerusalem a holy site. Judaism is a religion of tolerance and acceptance; whereas Islam is not... Look at the body counts from the religion of "Peace".
8. @#1 You really want the probe up YOUR tuchus?!
Mikey ,   SomeWhere OverHere   (02.28.12)
Be careful what you wish for!
9. This news is 2 days old..
Jake ,   USA   (02.28.12)
Does it take that long to translate Arabic?
10. You see folks, their history is so distorted
Israeli 2   (02.28.12)
that they truly believe in what they say. They believe that Jews do not have a homeland. Remember that lebanese reporter to the White House (what's her name) Helen T.? "Let them get back to where they came from. Europe, Russia wherever." All they understand will be a dynamite up theirs.
11. LOL! That's as dumb as saying Disneyfication of Donald Duck.
Yaniv ,   Israel   (02.28.12)
12. Since when does E Jerusalem belong to Arabs? They rejected
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.28.12)
"corpus seperatum" and prevented Jews woershipping at their Holy sites,despite understaking to allow Jews after the invading Arab armies ethnic cleansing.The Jews came back The Arabs insisted on no recognised borders. Despite rejecting UN parttition when the chickens come home to roost they cry UN.
13. Arab hypocrisy,they sidelined the UN on day one but now they
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.28.12)
have the "automatic majority" they run to the UN knowing they can pass a flat earth motion if they choose."Palestine" got into UNESCO illegally. They neither had the number of votes required nor the requisite state. The UN is a" theater of the absurd"
14. Wait for it ...
J Galt ,   Hidden Valley, USA   (02.28.12)
soon a Leader will arise on the international scene that will produce a peace agreement lasting for seven years between the Jews and the muslims.
15. bibi and barak are sometimes stupid
alexi   (02.28.12)
arabs are engraving jewish foreheads and rioting and barak decides its t he time to demolish jewish homes!!?? How dumb can you be! Concessions don't impress arabs short of jews and barak disappearing from israel period. and bibi marches along with barak maybe because bibi was not a good soldier so that he defers reflexively to barak. Bibi has the right ideas but for a soldier, he is amazingly weak. Why did you want to be PM if you have no confidence in your own skin. Go to the bloody gym and box and work with weights., You will then become more comfortable in your own skin.
16. Arabs want a "just peace"
Sam ,   Canada   (02.28.12)
What on earth peace is Israel expected to accept when Palestinians reject living next to a Jewish majority Israel? The Arabs are incapable of bringing down Israel by themselves so they try and con the West into doing it for them.
17. Qatar - if it didn't have oil who would listen to you?
Mick ,   Australia   (02.28.12)
18. It's a distraction
Dave ,   Melbourne Australia   (02.28.12)
Qatar in the last decade is one of the few countries that has stepped up with some contacts with israel. But it is an Arab Muslim country in a group that is experiencing violent turmoil. All these countries need a massive distraction and what better way than to get the UN security council to do yet another investigation of israel. This one is not about east Jerusalem. It is about the Arab world which is killing its own people with little end in sight. Qatar, as an extremely wealthy and "advanced" Arab state needs to do the grown up thing and not incite with obvious distorted distractions.
19. as always
daniela ,   panama   (02.28.12)
The moslems find easier to divert the attention than to deal with their real problems. To speak today of ¨judaization¨ of whatever, when in Syria hundreds are being killed, or in Iraq, Afganistan and Paquistan, by their own countrymen.. that is sad.. because they will never have the courage to look what their real problems are, and they will never fix them. Instead they will always look for Israel, the ¨scapegoat¨. Thats is way they better tell Iran not to annihilate Israel, because in this case there will be no one else to blame..
20. @ 8 mikey who does not no where he is
Tanya ,   New Zealand   (02.28.12)
be careful what you wish for???? the whole arab nations couldnt organise a good rocket up the touchus if they tried would go every where other than where it's meant to go!
21. history
Tanya ,   New Zealand   (02.28.12)
excuse my ignorance but do Muslims not know the history of the the place they claim to be theirs? How can you Judiaze a place that couldn't be more Jewish. Where is the common sense of these people and the rest of the west who cow tow to them? Is History only relevant when you are anything but Jewish? I find myself getting more and more frustrated with the planet as days go by.
22. News Flash
Dov Baer ,   Canton, USA   (02.28.12)
UN to probe the Americanization of Washington and the Russification of Moscow.
23. Arabs destroy Jewish artefacts,deny Jewish history & compain
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.28.12)
about Judaization, while reinventing their own history to suit any occasion. "Palestinians" ?? They are Arabs,part of the Arab race,it says so in their own covenant.!!
24. anything to avoid dealing with syria, egypt etc etc. usual
ralph   (02.28.12)
denial bull shit. proves again and again uselessness and anti-semitism of un. disregard them.
25. I am more worried about Islamization of Mecca
Gaby Pollak ,   Boston, MA   (02.28.12)
26. Probes
Samson ,   Philly USA   (02.28.12)
While they`re at it, have them also probe the Islamicization of Mecca and Medina and the Christianization of Vatican City...I can`t wait for the results!
27. palestenian??
dan keele ,   billings, US   (02.28.12)
im sorry but the palestenians need to leave the promised land owned by the Jews, given to the jews by the almighty God long before some pagans tried to sell it off to those arabs. I find it insulting calling the country Palestine. That's a name given it by Isreals enemies during a time the jews were being put through trials. Now the jews have their country back and it's time for the aliens to leave and if you don't like it, talk to God cuz he is the one that put Isreal back on the map. Obumba and the UK can all burn for all their drivel and false support. g'day. :)
28. IF you tell enough lies enough times someone somewhere will
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.28.12)
believe some of them. The law of averages is on the side of arab liars.
29. I have an idea
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.28.12)
Why doesn't the UN Security Council probe the Islamization of the Arab countries and their genocide of the native peoples
30. Al Aqsa:Built on Jewish Temple!
David ,   Beverly Hills, USA   (02.28.12)
Al-Thani better read the historical facts before he & his phoney Islamists are over-thrown!. Islam never had a presence in the Jewish Holy Land. The Quran never mentions Jerusalem. Even you prophet calls the Jewish Holy Land correctly as "the land of Bani-Israel" (the children of Israel, in case you forgot your Arabic)Are you going vs your own prophet now!
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