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Assad's wife to Jordanian queen: Our situation excellent
Roi Kais
Published: 28.02.12, 10:42
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1. Have to admit..
PersianJew ,   Holon,TA,Israel   (02.28.12)
they are both very beautiful, Rania looks exactly like my sister, like they were twins broken apart at birth, Assads wife knows what is going on in Syria better than we do.
2. A rope will fit her neck as well as his, come hangman.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.28.12)
3. Is the word pity..
daniela ,   panama   (02.28.12)
or compassion exist in the moslem dictionary? I cannot believe that Assad wife could be so untouched by what is happening in Syria.and I do not say her country, because with that lack of sensibility I wouldn´t consider her a syrian, just a monster as her husband
4. Shes on a cruise on that great Egyptian river
Haim ,   TA   (02.28.12)
5. Assad`s wife is alreaeady half-dead.
Nora Tel Aviv   (02.28.12)
She knows that her end wlll come together with his husband`s.
6. #1: Yes, but she is a Palestinian from Schem (Nablus)!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.28.12)
Indeed he is extremely pretty outwardly but her "beauty" is marred by her hatred of Israel and Jews! As for Mrs. Assad, someone should send her a picture of the end of Mussolini!
7. Disgusting and repulsive
Yossi   (02.28.12)
" We have no concerns, situation excellent ( only over 6000 butchered,plus 20.000 or more wounded) "; men ,women, children, no problem -- are your children tucked in Asma Assad?.That stupid broad only shows how islamic sect and mind work and settles scores. She is o good match to her vile and criminal husband; they make a good pair.Now we can see how the brits educate their honored guests, they excell in it. A civilised govt would boot out this malignant tumor in it's misdt; not the brits.
8. #6 In reply to David Karmiel
Jordanian ,   USA   (02.28.12)
David, Just because she is of Palestinian Origin, does not mean that she is filled with hatred to the Jews. By your argument all Palestinians are terrorists? I know many Palestinians who work day and night trying to bring Arabs and Jews together to help bridge the political gap that formed between the 2 people over the last 60-70 years. Yes there were many wars between the 2 people, and its been a sad century. That does not not mean that we haven't seen both Jews and Palestinians do acts of kindness to each other. Too bad these stories don't make it to the news. We have to learn to turn the page. We have to learn to heal the rifts, and over the next century help build more bridges and encourage peace seeking individuals or people with peace seeking gestures. We shouldn't rule them out as enemies immediately. Because we are all children of the same God. Peace my friend. Shalom.
9. It is what Putin from Moscow was saying.
cj ,   paris france   (02.28.12)
Putin has said that supporting the rebellion against Assad is supporting Al Qaeda.I don´t like the man very much, but, he is right. Shame it has takien so long for Clinton and her cronies to realise that. Time also for the EU to say it, Al Qesda and Hamas are supporting the islamists in Syria.
10. To "Jordanian USA"
Nora Tel Aviv   (02.28.12)
You are a dear human being advising respect in interhuman and international relations. I am with you. But the equation "It`s not yours, it`s mine" applies freely since the Creation and national interests reingn supreme. Sad isn`t it ?
11. Hope she is better informed than Marie Attoinette"let them
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.28.12)
eat cake"?
12. #8 Jordanian
Yossef   (02.28.12)
I'm please to read your post. I support what you wish. Our two people, together, can be vey successful in the ME. Have a nice day.
13. Asma Assad can return to England
Steve from Raleigh   (02.28.12)
..where she was born. Cameron would probably declare her a British subject, send the SAS to rescue her.
14. Peace # 8
Ahmed Shurawa ,   Amman   (02.28.12)
Just to join to your peace-attitude. I am 100% Jordanian, but have many Palestinian friends that have good business here and dont want to go back to Palestine. We Jordanians would like to live in peace with Israelis, go to Tel Aviv, make business and see our region prosper, but Israelis refuse that. One day you will see that peace is better than hate. If we had problem with Israel in the past, today we see that you come to stay. We accept you. But you have to accept a Palestine state. Just to that and let's live in peace. Shalom. Salam.
15. #6 She was born in Kuwait
Steve from Raleigh   (02.28.12)
Educated in Egypt, and had never been to Jordan in her life before 1996
16. #8: In reply to Jordanian USA
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.28.12)
Unfortunately the actions of some Palestinians like the murderers of the the Vogel family and the attitude of the Palestinians in making these butchers into national heroes negates everything you say. That fact is that the Palestinians and the Arab world chose the way of violence long before the "Occupation" and, as the world has seen, but seems to have forgotten, committed some of the worst atrocities we have ever seen like blowing up buses, supermarkets and hotels during the Passover service. Dancing in the streets when 9/11 occurred certainly illustrates what they believe in! No one says that Israel does not have a very heavy hand but when you consider the persecution the Jewish people have endured over the ages while the world stood by and even participated, can you really blame us? When the Palestinians wake up and realize that Israel is here to stay and that violence is not an option, only will peace be a possibility. Instead of trying to demonize Israel they should rather condemn those who want to "wipe Israel off the map" and work with Israel in building a safe, secure and prosperous Middle East! As you say, the bad is always reported on but the good, particularly by Israelis, is not "newsworthy" in the eyes of the foreign media. Peace be with you. Salam Aleichem!
17. rania and asma
marcel   (02.28.12)
Both rania and asma are good looking women trying to modernize their so called countries.and assad is not leaving anytime soon contrary to the statements of clinton and barak, which tells you something of their rash judgement. Is eygpt better off today than with mubarak where freedom seeking egyptians turn into a fanatical mob storming embassies and screaming death to israel while they arrest americans whose country gives them 3 billion a year in aid. be careful what you wish for.
18. rearm the rebels????
aline silverman ,   israel   (02.28.12)
Both sides should be DISARMED,,,the best solution...The problem is how does one go about it? Dry them up financially...if it is possible...Not allow weapons to penetrate that God forsaken country!
19. OMG they are both so amazingly beautiful
b ,   haifa   (02.28.12)
I never would have expected arab women to be so pretty. Are they both arab? Assads wife looks european and the jordanian spanish. Their both smoking hot. They do lose a bit of luster when they talk about the figment that is "allah"
20. @8 and 6
Israeli ,   Israel   (02.28.12)
Dear Jordanian, peace upon you my cousin. Thank you for not doing what David (@6) my brother did. That is thank you for NOT bunching all Israelis together into the same pile. Further, I agree with you, and will say the same thing you have said to David. David @6 there are many of us Jews, Moslems, Israeli, Palestinians and other Arabs who are working together for peace. Please do not allow your perspective & narrative to block you and lock you out from seeing the possibility of peace. We are all the children of the same Merciful and Mighty G-d and so to you Shalom.
21. Asma knows what's going on that's y her children r in London
she's just putting on a brave face for hubby.
22. to #8 tell that to Abu Mazen who
ghostq   (02.28.12)
keep making excusses no to negociate with Israel, he keeps give pree condition, palis voted for him you know.
23. to #14 the problem is palis do not accept
ghostq   (02.28.12)
Israel as state to the jews. they can't have it all you know.
24. Despots always seem to have beautiful wives
William ,   Israel   (02.28.12)
while women leaders in democratic nations are.....
25. she will end up divorced or a widow
zionist forever   (02.28.12)
If Assad stays in Syria he will be given a show trial and executed then she will return to the UK a widow. If Assad can manage to go into exile then if he finds some third world country who will give him asylum and she isn't happy there or if Assad can't get asylum and he is put on trial in the international courts she will probably take the kids, divorce him and go back to the UK. Either way she is going to be alone.
26. All this talk about "beauty"
sk ,   USA   (02.28.12)
Beautiful women ... skin deep only. They are no different than the average person. There is a reality TV show in the US that documents beautiful women that have killed.
27. Then why did she attempt to flee?
mea   (02.28.12)
Last month Assad's wife attempted to make a break for the airport with her children and the caravan was turned back by rebels. The whole household was fleeing. So maybe things aren't really so "excellent" after all. Someday her children will watch their father be hanged.
28. Asma Assad called Israel BARBARIC during Gaza war.
Sami ,   New York, USA   (02.28.12)
Asma Assad called Israel BARBARIC during Gaza war. She's a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. Part of the Syrian Mafia. An Evil, greedy power hungry woman.
29. #25. More than likely the Syrians will also punish her
Arlette ,   Paris, France   (02.28.12)
#25 More than likely the Syrians will also punish her. They can be pretty visious. She aint going back to England. She is also a criminal with no soul.
30. #19. Arab women are beautiful. Ignorant to show "surprise"
EgyptianJewishRefuge ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (02.28.12)
#19. Arab women are beautiful. Ignorant to show "surprise." Just come to Geneva and you see them; Saudis, Lebanese, Gulf etc. In Egypt too. It is "ignorance" to show "surprise."
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