WikiLeaks: Russia gave Israel Iranian system's codes
Published: 28.02.12, 23:56
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1. I think this gossiping starts being annoying.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.29.12)
First of all,you can not call these "documents"nor "sources".People can say whatever they want and that does not mean it is true. Assange is puting people in trouble for nothing,nothing more than stupid gossips.(He is not going to be in prison instead of that soldier who was condemned for his idiocies,is he?). He is not an oficial and should mind his own business in other realms ,or apply to an official post somewhere, where he can practice his manias in a more legal, or at least engaged ,manner ,on behalf of some country he likes or identifies,but this general bs must end. Once I might have thought Assange worthed a thing ,but now I start thinking he is an idiot and a clown and should quit this imbecility.
2. ??? Why ? Russia did NOT sell any to Iran!
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.29.12)
3. "mexican" source?
Proud American ,   U.S.A   (02.29.12)
What in the hell would a mexican know about Israeli-russian business???? This is getting beyond ridiculous!!!
4. Russians and Israel
Mike from Tampa ,   Tampa   (02.29.12)
Both screwing their customers ! Looks like an opportunity for US arms dealers !
Zimbi ,   NJUSA   (02.29.12)
6. WikiLeaks
DFF Leonardo ,   worcester, MA, USA   (02.29.12)
Seems like Assange does not know when to shut-up.
7. believe O' administration ALLOWS this to happen,
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (02.29.12)
the Honorable Chief somehow is allowing all these leakings to appease the arabs, the O' administration's "unintentionally" Leakings is really like Urinary incontinence (bladder lost control), so embarrassing to Americans. Gone are the days where the World can trust he Americans Intelligent to be the most guarded secretive agents in world. Assange will not success if Odumba did not 'quietly" allow his men to "look the other direction".... and 2012 comes, everyone will still quote in O'..... hahaha... irony right?!
8. Yep, Iranians are scared now
jb ,   Encino, CA   (02.29.12)
That's all they had their hopes built on. The codes. Have you thought about a war of attrition where Iran only deals with israel and not attacking anyone else? Say a 2-5 year slow war? How about 8 or more? Sounds like fun? Then do it at yor own risk.
9. Who asked WikiLeaks to be the world watchdog?
nibor ,   israel   (02.29.12)
10. Future NATO: Islamist Turkey OUT, DEMOCRATIZED Russia in?
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (02.29.12)
11. So both Russia & Israel played rat with their clients?
Cameron ,   USA   (02.29.12)
A self-serving, Byzantine-style move by both if true.
12. "Mexican friend/source"
PersianJew ,   Holon,TA,Israel   (02.29.12)
LOL, this entire thing is a joke, all of the reports are based on one person telling another person something, it amounts to nothing but gossip.
13. Mexican burritos in Iran?
Anonymous ,   Los Angeles, USA   (02.29.12)
Wikileaks now reporting Mexican burritos sold in Iran by CIA front operation based in Denmark likely contain Israel "Osem" brand hot sauce. Oy vey!
14. To: Anonymous at No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.29.12)
Wait until the Iranians find out that meat in the burritos is pork! Oh well. It's not as if the Iranians haven't burned American flags, invaded the U.S. Embassy and shouted "Death to the Great Satan!" before ....
15. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.29.12)
Quite reminiscent of the IRA provos learning all about terrorism in camps in Lebanon, Libya and Syria, isn't it? Do you suppose those "Byzantine" moves prompted William Butler Yeats to write "Sailing to Byzantium?"
16. Assange & his ego can get people killed
zionist forever   (02.29.12)
Julian Assange thinks he is some kind of hero stealing all these military & political secrets and posting them on the internet as if he is on twitter telling everybody what he has had for dinner. He tells the world all kinds of military secrets about ongoing wars which can get soldiers killed all so he can be a hero amongst the armchair generals and conspiracy theorists. If Russia & Israel did trade codes then its not something that should be highlighted because its not good for either country. People looking into buying the S-300 say well if Russia is willing to sell the codes to bypass my system then maybe I should buy an alternative system. If potential buyers of Israeli UAVS know that Israel will sell the codes to others then they may decide to buy elsewhere. I wonder how Assange would feel about telling everybody all these little secrets if he was forced to put on a uniform and go fight for his country. The man is disgusting.
17. Sarah of #15
Cameron ,   USA   (02.29.12)
Ah, the immortal Yeats! Come, baby, let us cast aside the years, and journey over the wine-dark seas to the holy city of Byzantium!
Tols me about this israeli /iranian business . I take my sombrero off to him. VIVA LAS VEGAS.
19. assange made more enemies than fans, his end will be swift
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (02.29.12)
I believe in a just G-D, who will punish bad guys, esp people like Assange. guess don't have to wait long, before some vengeful spirit hurt very badly by his "bladder lost control" leakings went to "finish" him off.
20. Yo, PANCHO
Cameron ,   USA   (02.29.12)
You & Speedy got any advice for the Israelis on how to put together a desperate, ultra-fast raid on the Persians?
21. tip: Russia can be bought out
su ,   Jerusalem   (02.29.12)
idealogy and ideals dead in USSR, money money money in in in
22. 4 & 11
zionist forever   (02.29.12)
You don't think the US and every other country with an arms trade would never do anything like this if it was mutually beneficial to do so? The only only reason we never hear about countries doing this sort of thing is because is because the politicians for obvious reasons want to cover it up. Israel & Russia did a deal at the expense of their clients, so what probably isn't the first time and won't be the last. I also imagine the US has probably done its share of dirty deals before that Julian Assange didn't find out about.
23. Stalin's Russia didn't like Jews. Nor does Putin's Russia!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.29.12)
If they did give us some it was probably misinformation. The Russians are allied to Iran and Syria and anyone who believes the new up and coming Tzar of Russia, His Imperial Majesty Vladimir Putin, is just plain stupid!
24. LOL
Bobbie ,   Ural, Russia   (02.29.12)
Julian Assange and so called WikiLeaks is a project of CIA for the misinformation.
25. Who in his right mind,trusts the russians,
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.29.12)
given their treacherous history,of betrayel and cheating, they betrayed the poles at the end of ww 2,urging the poles to rise up against the Germans,and Russia will join them,russia didn't lift a finger to help the poles,but it did send bullets that didn't fit the polish rifles,as a result of the fiasco,a million poles were killed by the Germans,viping out the polish leadership,enabling,Russia to install their puppet government.
ZIMBI ,   NJUSA   (02.29.12)
27. 25 - russia didn't lift a finger to help the poles ,...
split ,   US   (02.29.12)
Where the heck did you take your history lessons?
28. Actually, #22, it's quite refreshing
Cameron ,   USA   (02.29.12)
One comes across enough of that "Light unto the Nations" nonsense on this site as is. Turns out Israel is just as slippery "knife in the back" as any other state on the planet.
29. 2 - ??? "Why ? Russia did NOT sell any to Iran!"
split ,   US   (02.29.12)
But they sold it to Venezuela ;) A couple of months ago Chavez was shaking hands with Ahmadinejad, laughing loud in public ,...
30. To No.27
Gabe ,   Canada   (05.25.12)
On the other hand, Russia made Poland bigger than ever after the war.
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