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Bin Laden's Bible code?
Published: 29.02.12, 16:37
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1. OBL was going to convert to Christianity or Judaism
SG ,   Teaneck   (02.29.12)
2. Sometimes evil has few bounds, his intelligence could have
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.29.12)
built grand buildings and instead tore apart thousands of lives. Hashem has given him the worst of all punishments, we can do no more.
3. bringing the biggest manhunt in history?
boardrider ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.01.12)
How do you figure "bringing the biggest manhunt in history to its conclusion?" What about the Romans manhunt for Hannibal, after the 3rd Punic war? Or the Mosad's hunt for Adolf Eichmann?
4. #1 OBL's Bibles
Jim044 ,   USA   (03.01.12)
Mooslims are taught to pretend to be our friends then kill us by surprise..How far does that go...
5. Biblical end.time prophecies... web reader ,   Niles.IL.USA   (03.01.12)
...very possible talkback #1, he may wanted to learn or was just curious enough to learn what the Old + New Testament said about the last days,,,speedily in our days King Machiach!
6. Bible 'terror codes'!
Corin Keiler-Lloyd ,   Wolverhampton UK   (03.03.12)
Bibles hidden so well that they could not be easily found , highlighted texts, pages folded over. Sorry, there are no hidden codes. Someone in Bin Laden's household was a secret Christian. I have Bibles with highlighted texts, I don't fold pages but I do use page markers. Lots of believing Christians do this sort of thing. An awful lot of effort is going to be wasted looking for something that isn't there.
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