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Israeli officials: Starve Iranians to stop nukes
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 29.02.12, 20:18
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2. Iran
Ben Wilson ,   Houston, Texas   (02.29.12)
I support giving Israel the machine tools and the cobalt to fashion casings for their a-bombs. The cobalt will contaminate the area for over 100 K years and perhaps the Persians will take note?
3. Why?
John Smith ,   Earth   (02.29.12)
Ben Wilson, why do you want to contaminate the area? Have all 450 million people personally harmed you?
4. sanctions
Jim Mooney ,   Apache Junction, US   (02.29.12)
"Hidden capabilities" sounds like the BS Saddam gave us. However, we saw how well sanctions worked there, or in Syria. Sanctions are totally useless handwringing to make people think something is being done. They NEVER work. The leaders don't suffer from them. As for a revolution, the Iranians already tried that - it was crushed, just as Syria is crushing its own people and Laughing at sanctions. Sanctions are total BS. Only a fool would believe they would work. The only thing that will work in Syria is to flatten their complexes and get rid of the hateful Assads.
5. #1 SJEORD
Dallas ,   Canada   (02.29.12)
Problem is Iran has advertised for years that they intend to USE whatever they can get their hands on to destroy Israel. And that IS a problem. Why do so many people think that Iran is benign? Don't they have eyes and ears?
6. to Sjoerd
Todd ,   Baltimore   (02.29.12)
It's not quite their business when they give Hezbollah Katyusha rockets that hot Israeli civilians. They're not responsible enough to have weapons that can destroy entire cities. As for sanctions like North Korea, against Iran this will never work. They will always have customers for their oil and gas. NK makes nothing that anybody would want, apart from missiles and nukes.
7. to SJEORD
Simba ,   UT, USA   (02.29.12)
Problem is we're running out of adversaries to fight on big-item tickets (WMD's). Not only does Iran get the blame for making them, but they're also within the top number of nations that export oil. The US consumes 25% of the entire planet's oil supply and DOES have a vested interest in securing access to oil one way or another. Iraq fell for it, Libya fell for it, and Iran is up next. Yes, Iran has "advertised" for years about stuff like this. Ever happen? The US has already legislated the right to use Nuclear force in PRE-empitve strikes if it feels it's protecting it's interests, even if the nation is not a nuclear one on the receiving end. Iran may talk alot, but it is the US that is taking hostile action around the world to secure it's dominance.
8. big difference
John ,   Boulder   (02.29.12)
There is 2 big differences between Iran and north korea. Iran is almost self sufficient when it comes to food. Second Iran has oil and the world needs oil. So they won't starve. Another Idea is to have Israel give up its nukes and we'll have a nuclear free middle east
9. The only way
John Smith ,   Earth   (02.29.12)
The only solution in the middle east regardless of what anyone says, is to have the entire region a nuclear free zone. Doesn't matter what people say about Iran shouldn't have them because they threatened to wipe Israel of the map, Israel has never said they would not be the first to use nuclear weapons, both countries are equally unstable just in different ways. There cannot be a double standard.
10. Profoundly stupid and egoistic remark
Commentator ,   Earth   (02.29.12)
Innocent citizens shouldn't be forced to pay the price for the bad decisions their politicians make. Besides, does anyone really think Iranian leaders give a damn about their citizens? You can starve them all you want, it won't matter as long as their leaders are well fed.
11. Lets Play Chicken
Noah Lev ,   LosAngellesUSA   (02.29.12)
No connection whatsoever between the two countries. No.Korea is basically bankrupt, has no natural enemies, and has substantial support from China. It doesnt need MORE already has enough to destroy the South and the missiles. It wont attack the USA knowing the consequences. There is no point. Iran sees itself threatened (real or imaginery) by nuke countries (India, Russia, the USA, Britain, France, and Israel). It is a paranoid nation...with a corrupt and brutal, leadership. It has more oil that G-d, yet needs reactors? It can shut down oil flow while claiming poverty? What? It is a rich, large country, with contracts galore (China, Brazil, Russia). It is using Israel, like Hitler used we Jews, as scapegoats. Israel and Iran never fought..and do not share borders. There are no Pales in Iran. Iran will benefit by having nukes..making it a player. The question is: who will pre-empt whom? Will Israel/ USA, etc. attack first or will Iran try something. Perhaps the US should send a few more carrier groups into the Gulf, and dare them to duke it out. Now that would be something.
12. Am I banned from commenting?
new_york_loner ,   USA   (02.29.12)
The JPost was honest about it and outright banned my comments....Haaretz and YNet do not publish my comments. Screening out unpopular views is a hallmark of all police-states & controlled-media national entities...not secular and open democracies. YNet readers deserve to read opposing views, in order to make informed decisions.
13. #12 - create a new_york_loner1 persona.
seadog19461 ,   ErieBasin, NYC   (02.29.12)
14. Most idiotic policy ever
Idiots ,   Everywhere, World   (02.29.12)
These types of policies only work on nations with a young history. Any country with a long history is unfazed by such idiotic, short-term, and contrived policies. These types of policies fly in the face of what they are set out to accomplish.
15. Thsi sounds really great !!!!!!
Pipe Smoker ,   Toronto   (03.01.12)
After more that 50 years the sanctions did no work on North Korea. And you want the same prescription for Iran? Are you kiddin' me? Are you on drugs...?
16. #2.with the action of some maniac as you that the world...
saied   (03.01.12)
Now is facing with famine.instead of investing money in preserving our kind planet,we are investing in bombs.the ices in poles are melting,the jungles are being destroyed and the ozone layer is being vanished.where the hell human is going?human is killing himself with his hands.may g^d save human.
17. Not Practical
Roland ,   Singapore   (03.01.12)
Why torture the people when it is the evil regime that is the culprit? The people will hate Israel and it just wont help in the cause. It would be better if Israel just finish off their nuclear sites instead. Besides, Iran has her allies and they will send food when the people starve.
18. What Israeli Official ?
captchas ,   boynton beach fl.USA   (03.01.12)
What numb nuts suggested to starve the Iranians into submission... The Bunt still meets meets on Thursdays! Don't think that this will not get plenty of play in the world media and cause additional hatred for Israel..
19. Nr 12. Cool Down !!!.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.01.12)
I have as according to my own oppinion, written the most exelent comments, which has never been posted, neither here or in Arutz Sheva or in Haaretz. Thats the way it is and as Guests, we have to accept that and the discrimination by those. Your attitude showes though, that as according to me, you have a Big Selfdeceptive Ego, and should not be posted at all. In short. Arn.Swedn.
20. Censorship at Israeli sites...
new_york_loner ,   USA   (03.01.12) worse than censorship in the former Soviet Union.... Soon there will be a former Jewish State....the experiment in democracy has failed.... the Israelis are ruled by fear, the media are all government-controlled. The USA and the Jewish state actually do not share core values...Israel shares core values with the defunct USSR...another fear-based entity that collapsed from within. Good riddance!
21. #12
Devorah   (03.01.12)
You wrote: "YNet readers deserve to read opposing views, in order to make informed decisions." We read plenty of opposing views. It's just that maybe we don't need, much less deserve, to read YOUR opposing views to make informed decisions. Arn is right. In short.
22. Reply to post #19...Am, Sweden
new_york_loner ,   USA   (03.01.12)
You have gauged the extent of my ego from one simple post? Do you have crystal balls? I believe that your own ego must be too big for fancy yourself as some sort of psychoanalyst. Do you have a license to practice psychology? Do you always make your diagnoses without examining or interviewing your patients? You may kow-tow to tyrants and censors in Sweden and Israel....I do not...have a good day...."doctor".
23. Nr 22. As we say in Sweden -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.01.12)
- By Oneself One knows others " !. Have a good Day !!!. Arn.Sweden.
24. Reply to Devorah, post #21
new_york_loner ,   USA   (03.01.12)
Devorah wrote: "We read plenty of opposing views. It's just that maybe we don't need, much less deserve, to read YOUR opposing views to make informed decisions. " Like, Am in Sweden, Devorah must have crystal balls...they know in advance that my views are of no value....or worse? When articulate, cogent views are banned from the discussion, simply because the views are unpopular, the decision-making process is denied key ingredients for success. When you support censorship, you support tyranny. My banned posts were on-topic and I observed the TOS; the comments contained no profanity or personal attack language. This sort of censorship is the rule, not the exception on the Israeli sites....this is not the Utopian State that Herzl imagined.
25. Reply to Am in Sweden, post #23
new_york_loner ,   USA   (03.01.12)
In America, we say, "It takes one to know one". One of my heroes was a Swede, Count Folke Bernadotte. His "problem" was that he had too much faith in the basic goodness of human beings...that mistake cost him his life.....he was killed by armed ingrates....his killers were treated as heroes of the state. In a very real sense, Bernadotte died for our sins.
26. #24 - I DO have crystal balls;
Devorah   (03.01.12)
or so I've been told. Shalom.
27. Nr 26. You are my Woman - I was Forced to Laugh !!!.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.01.12)
28. Sanctions on Iraq killed IRO 500,000 Iraqi kids under 5yrs
Tcherkessi ,   LDN   (03.01.12)
...that's more under 5 year olds than died in the Holocaust. And we are told "never forget"
29. I advocate storming the Israeli Govt buildings
Matt ,   America   (03.01.12)
Yeah. It's either going to be the good people of Israel doing this or American troops after they finally figure out who did 9/11. Either way Israel is toast.
30. #27 - Awww, thanks, Arn!
Devorah   (03.01.12)
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