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UK: Anti-Israel politician quits
Published: 29.02.12, 21:03
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1. Baroness Tonge
ltrail ,   United States   (02.29.12)
Baroness Tonge should keep her tongue tight against her teeth. She said, "Beware Israel. Israel is not going to be there forever in its present form." Well......Israel will exist forever more. But her statement is accurate in that Israel will be the home of Messiah for a millenium. It certainly will exist in a beautiful form in that day.
2. 'Lady' Tonge
Olga ,   Warsaw, Poland   (02.29.12)
Does anybody know 'Lady Tonge'?:)
3. President of Scotland
ZivronOccupy   (02.29.12)
Scotland one day will have a president and cede from England.The United Kingdom will not be constituted forever,
4. Psychological projection
Martin ,   Eilat   (02.29.12)
Israel won't last forever? What about Britain? British women aren't having babies, Muslim immigrants are. Within the next century this woman or her descendants will be wearing burkas, will have no vote and will live under the constant threat of Koran mandated wife beatings and female genital mutilation. Worry about your own future, not ours! Our future looks pretty good to me. Yours looks like a post-apocalyptic nightmare.
5. Forever...
EZ   (02.29.12)
Is a long time. Israel may not be here forever, but then again neither will the UK, the US or any other state. Things change. If I had to bet, I would put my money on Israel. US support for Israel pre-1967 was quite lukewarm and did not consist of any military support. Israel did fine and actually expanded nicely. If the US drops its support, who knows?
6. She is part of UK hate Israel and Jews/love Arabs movement
Alan ,   SA   (02.29.12)
7. Anyone who has heard her talk
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.29.12)
Knows what a sad pathetic and embittered caricature she has become And completely and utterly obsessed with her hatred of Israel and Jewish people Left alone she will simply rot away in the dustbin of history
8. A little bit of Purim come early!
Robins ,   Jerusalem   (02.29.12)
9. tongue, YOU are alrteady gone
ira berkowitz ,   oaklnad, california   (02.29.12)
I take comfort in knowing that you, along with your fellow traveler congresswoman McKinney, have been excised from the body politic of both your respecctive countries. You are both bigoted racists, and redemption of your tainted twisted selves is not an option. i'm sure we'll be hearing your names in the future. you are certain to be arrested by israeli troops, when you undubtedly seek confrontation, knowing full they that they won't harm you, despite the fact that you would joyeously harm any jew that you could! rot in hell, tongue!
10. she is not dependable
nostradamus ,   Old France   (02.29.12)
Why polititians want to imitate us the authentic astrologers
11. Lady Marmalade
Pipe Smoker ,   Toronto   (03.01.12)
She will be gone But, Israel will be forever... !!!
12. Briton will not be there for long, it'll be britanbul
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.01.12)
13. Another Thousand Year R----?
Arik Silverrman ,   Chicago US   (03.01.12)
Israel will last forever? Do you know anything of Jewish history? Going back over 3500 years, Israel's periods of independent self-rule were few and none over 200 years. Read how under the Judges Israel was independent, then ruled by its neighbors, then the same pattern again. Was it even 200 years from the final Judge to Saul and until the Assyrians carried away the 10 tribes? Then it was the Egyptians and Babylonians and Persians and Macedonians and Roman puppets Hasmoneans and finally the Romans ended it all when Israel tried to gain genuine independence. What do you think is different today? Nuclear weapons maybe?
14. Lady Tonge
Eric ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.01.12)
I guess there's a lot of dust on her bible, if in fact she has one.
15. er name is misspelled...should be "Tongue".
Jack ,   San Diego   (03.01.12)
16. Jewish cry-babies demand an apology
how typical   (03.01.12)
17. Preacher of hate
Ehai ,   London. UK   (03.01.12)
Is that all they are going to do to her? Expell her from the Liberal Democratic Party!! Isn't anyone in that political party going to make sure she is charged with the offence of inciting hatred? What she said was absolutely criminal.
18. lady tongue
alexi   (03.01.12)
be advised 1) there was ancient israel 2) san remo promised reconstitution of jewish homeland in palestine 3) there never was any palestine country other than israel 4) Churchill stupidly cut off 3/4 of mandated area and gave it to abdullah to form jordan 5) yes, israelcollects 3 billion a year in aid and credits, and in return US receives more than that in military payback. 6) israel is not a colonial power like england was and that is why is now impossible for arabs to defeat israel without destroying themselves. This lady tongue glosses over. 7)Tongue like redgrave and cheri blair's sister all have some alleged relations with arabs that makes them blind to the facts. The arabs have had several chances to make realpeace and become a thriving trading nation. They have no interest in that. Their only goals are to destroy israel and then collect handouts from bleeding hearts in th eUK, UN and europe and to have sex with as many women as possible and then to enslave their women adn treat them like dirt. Tongue as her name suggests, cannot see past her sexual organs.
19. She can move to Iran then
Steve from Raleigh   (03.01.12)
Pretend to convert to Shiia Islam and get a full time job on PressTV denying the Holocaust. You know that's happening.
20. 70 billion pounds/yr? Practicing taqiya for her next job ??
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.01.12)
21. @ 16 Did Jews demand the apology? Please quote your sources?
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.01.12)
or like the typical cowards who write stupid unsubstantiated one liners are you going to go to ground and spite under a different alias next time?
22. to all who dont like israel
pini   (03.01.12)
Fuck u.
23. the day israel doesnt exist
pini   (03.01.12)
Is the day the entire world is englufed ina nuclear war.
24. she just said what brits thought throughout
ghostq   (03.01.12)
the History, they won't do to her anything cause she isn't alone on this one, the british embassy activities in the holly land still act as if Israel is a colony, weird the only reason the UK offered the famous vote in the UN for establishment of Israel (in which the Uk sustained) after the Exoduse incident is to hide the fact the british responsible for the death of many holocaust sursivors. good and heart do not mash with british intentions.
25. WOWAWIWA! ''Lady Tonge''
Armand ,   Los Angeles, USA   (03.01.12)
Oh well I am impressed! For 2700 Years WE JEWS faced a never ending string of BIGOTED Nitwits who spread Jewish Hatred and got away with it. Well now ''Lady Tonge/Va- -na'' EAT YOUR HEART OUT! Einstein's changed the fate of the JEWS it now escapes power by numbers,....and maybe 400 to 500 Nukes will make sure that Israel will be there FOREVER but also listen and listen well ''Lady Tonge/Va- -na'' there will not be NO POGROMS either! ''Lady Tonge/Va- -na'' you know what; Israel will be the richest nation on EARTH and here is why GAS, OIL, and 23rd century technologies... NEVER AGAIN with the means to enforce it!
26. Am I the only one who has never heard of her?
Michael ,   West Jerusalem/NY   (03.01.12)
27. Famous last words?
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (03.01.12)
Go and tell it to Mighty Rome - the greatest super power in history. Britain lost her prefix of Great when she corrupted the Balfour - the worst Post-W.W.II crime, which aspired Israel's demise. Britain is now Britainistan, a Shariah country. Long live Israel, a 4000 year nation showing the world how.
28. She sould have held her tonge
sharona ,   sydney   (03.01.12)
29. LOL! We were here when Brits were barbarians
Ezra ,   US   (03.01.12)
Ha-ha! What a dunce this bird is. More than likely, she'll die at the hands of a Muslim terrorist. And WHEEEEEERE WAS THE US IN THE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE LITTL GIRL? I think Israel did that one alooooone! LOL! U gotta love the stupidity of anti-Semites: easiest target to spot: just look for knuckles dragging and protruded foreheads like this putz!
30. Silly Baroness before misusing your tongue read the history
Asher ,   New York,USA   (03.01.12)
of Britain in Middle East.
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