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UK: Anti-Israel politician quits
Published: 29.02.12, 21:03
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31. Oh Well,
Douglas Fireman ,   Chicago, USA   (03.01.12)
the Baroness is at it again May a giant onion grow out of her a__
32. to #3 true, back to the good old days
ghostq   (03.01.12)
when the brits will be called "bloody bastards" once again, folkland islands r bubbling, boiling and troubling indeed.
33. Blind and very angry at the enevitabilty of a
Edithann ,   USA   (03.01.12)
bad situation that's been festering now for over 60 years...and as the lady said, it wont last forever.... What's the matter with you all? Can't you take the inevitable? You can't live with Arabs, you've said what's your alternative? It's not an Arab alternative, it's're the newcomers.... TATA
34. Idiotic and damned
sk ,   USA   (03.01.12)
She bought the Islamic lies without checking facts, factual history and God's covenant and promises to Israel. May Lady Tonge be damned!
35. Amazing
Zyx ,   US   (03.01.12)
She needs some rest.
36. Newflash Shrek Looking Creature Tongue
ber ,   Yahud   (03.01.12)
Countries with a lot of nuclear weapons don't get wiped off the map without the whole world joining them. :)
37. Britain will not be there forever...
in it's present form. It will be a Muslim country in a couple of generations - the same as the rest of Europe.
38. It is Insignificant TONGE that won't be here forever !
Andre   (03.01.12)
An infamous serial terrorist supporter, licking up to the Muslim vote, her electorate base, with not much in her tiny brain.... An insignificant woman, which does not deserve to make the title !
39. "JIHAD JENNY", the useless, ugly face of terrorism
Andre   (03.01.12)
Just look at her... Glad the Arab terrorists can draft only rejects like her...
40. Surreal Politician
Aaron Kelly ,   Twickenham, London   (03.01.12)
Finally, a politician willing to stand by the truth. But, unfortunately 'has' to resign. Israel is doing nothing more than replicating its own holocaust, but this time in poor Palestine, and if your too ignorant to see it, i'm sorry for your ignorance, and if you know and stand by it, your just evil.
41. The lady only speaks the truth
Alex   (03.01.12)
Israel is living on borrowed time and American taxpayers money, it cannot exist in its present form. The Zionist dream is over - time to face reality as a CIA report concluded.
42. #16 how typical of you...
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.01.12) write a ridiculous post and hide behind not even a fictitious name, let alone a real one. LOL?
43. Lady Tonge....
Abie Dee ,   United States   (03.01.12)
It's still not too late to become a suicide bomber...just do us a favor and make sure no one's around when you blow up....
44. Genesis 12:3--God's Judgement!
Taz Man ,   USA   (03.01.12)
Out of her own mouth comes her own judgement! So, Israel is not forever? It seems to me that you're the one who is, now, gone...and God's Israel...still remains. God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem! A Christian Zionist
45. Alex#41
Mickey ,   Sydney, Australia   (03.01.12)
You are very ignorant. The aid which America provides is not even 2% of Israels $200 Billion economy. The aid is provided for military purchases only and is muck less than the aid she provides to the ME countries.
46. #33 She can join Helen Thomas....
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.01.12)
in the dust heap of oblivion. Israel will survive this tonge creature and all her cronies who have nothing better to do than project disaster upon Israel. Looks like the boomerang came back at her.
47. #16 racist pig remark - HOW TYPICAL.
48. Couldn't hold her racist, split, venomous Tongue.
49. The British Empire is no more. Israel rose up from its ashes
get the hint about ,   who survives whom!   (03.01.12)
crushing its invaders and attackers.
50. @33 Nothing inevitable! Only your racism is. TATA!
51. Liberal Democrat Burgeois: so typically racist!
It's so funny seeing these pompous, self-hating extreme Leftists trying to deflect attention from their pathetic, useless current existence, towards Jews and Israel, their former victims in a slightly more glorious past. This "lady" and the likes like her have no moral higher ground whatsoever to preach to us about "existence", "oppression" and "violence", not after hundreds of years of a British Empire which stole, butchered, created enemies and now overwhelmed by third world primitive terrorists. This "baroness" is a typical example of a spoilt "upper class" Britain which exposes its racism and arrogance to whomever wants to listen, but it's too coward to fight for real human rights, real truth and real justice. It's a despised, appeasing heap of failures of a decadent British monarchic and social class system, being consumed from the inside by Islamic parasites.
52. "whipped" by her own poisonous Tongue. So befitting!
53. #33: To Lady Edithann - TATA MAMA!
Israeli 2   (03.01.12)
54. #16 How Typical
Kim   (03.01.12)
Actually, according to the article, as I understand it - it was Nick Clegg who demanded that she apologise!! Either you can't read or I am mistaken and Nick Clegg is Jewish.
55. This is half the story of the Antisemite Baroness Tonge!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.01.12)
The actual reason according to The Telegraph today "Baroness Tonge, a Liberal Democrat frontbencher, has been sacked after calling for an inquiry into allegations that Israeli soldiers supporting the relief effort in Haiti had been involved with organ-trafficking." This is nothing short of disgusting and the women, who praises suicide bombers and celebrates the murder of little children, should be brought up on "blood libel" charges by the State of Israel!
56. We are fine...
Simon ,   LONDON, UK   (03.12.12)
England has been around for a long time. We have coped with all sorts of invasions. Why you think we are under attack from Muslims speaks more about your paranioa than life in the UK. Muslims have been a part of the UK for years. They are part of what makes the UK great. Your fear of the Koran and ignorance of its teachings tell us everything we ever worried about Israel and its neigbours. Lady Tongue speaks sense. She always has. She resigned her position cause she stands by her words. I agree with her.
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