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Sbarro terrorist gets TV show
Elior Levy
Published: 01.03.12, 19:49
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1. Terrorist-shit
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.01.12)
Soon she will be on hungerstrike, and kill herself. Pls tell her she will not be one of those 72 virgins..its a hoax..
2. Nu? So whats New. They're terrorists!
Would we expect anything less than the grandest departures from humanity with these people? The PA is not a friend nor a partner for peace. Never will be. They are a shame to all humanity.
3. No hate!
Ziad-Palestine ,   Canada   (03.01.12)
Well, if you listen to the attached video, there is no calls to violence or hate! I am against hate, against violence from any part, but I am realistic and I listen all the time with open heart and mind from all parties.
4. Making a role model out of an unrepentant mass murder f
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.01.12)
facilitator, who brings like minded guests and gives them "agressive promotion" Wonder if any EU/US NGO's are involved?
5. Ahlam Tamimi
Cheryl ,   Chicago, IL   (03.01.12)
You're not free, yet, Ahlam. You were sentenced to 16 life terms, but get ready for Gehinnom!
6. A muslim woman
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (03.01.12)
7. Ziad, you sound like a major d-bag
Sac ,   Tel Aviv   (03.01.12)
8. The show encourages missiles on civilians
EU gives them money   (03.01.12)
The EU gives money to the palestinian authority, and this money goes to TV shows with mass-murderers of innocent citizens as hosts. Watch the video and see how the Palestinian authority see firing missiles on citizens as a positive thing.
9. This beast who is glad she murdered..
Reuven   (03.01.12)
our chuildren and other innocents should get a taste of her own medicine. Kill her!
10. Ziad save the English honeyed words for useful idiots. We
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.01.12)
read MEMRI, UN Watch, PMW and Homest reporting .
11. My wish for Tamimi
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.01.12)
May she choke on her words.
12. Make her the star of CSI!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.01.12)
She can appear on the autopsy table!
13. She is a real sicko, and Jordan okays this !
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (03.02.12)
14. It can't be hard for the Mossad to find her
Dave ,   Boulder, CO   (03.02.12)
15. that shows...
daniela ,   panama   (03.02.12)
the culture of a country, and what they stand for. Making killers heroes and putting them on tv reflect of how poor is jordanian tv to have a show on a murdered that interview other ones like her.
16. Well, she's got her show and Noam Shalit may get his own
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.02.12)
Party..... Kind of Cosmic Justice.
17. Terrorists & law
mindRider ,   The Free World   (03.02.12)
To avoid problems with released terrorists the law should be changed to include death penalty. Any terrorist act where deadly victims are to be regretted should be punished by the death of those that committed and assisted in this crime.
18. What an ugly and thoroughly stupid program
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.02.12)
19. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.02.12)
Is the following your idea of "no hate?" It's from Tamimi's interview of Salah Arouri, a Hamas official: "'The only way to free our prisoners from jail is through resistance, abductions and prisoner swaps,' he said, calling on the Palestinian factions to kidnap Israeli soldiers and officers."
20. Such a travesty of justice...a reproach to our nation
Scott ,   Haifa   (04.28.12)
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