Respect a 2-way street
Dina Avramson
Published: 02.03.12, 14:24
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31. To: No. 20
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.03.12)
Not true. In fact, non-kosher restaurants encourage it for the observant who wish to be with a group chowing down on insects that crawl across the ocean floor. Major ick factor. I guess those restaurants that do serve giant insects that crawl across the mud flats are very generous when it comes to accommodating those who prefer not to chow down on bottom-feeders, giant insects and animals that sit around in mud all day and cause trichinosis.
32. Is the Torah being misinterpreted?
Sailor ,   USA   (03.03.12)
# 21: "First, while I believe firmly in the Torah as G-d's world, I am suspect of even the most learned human successfully interpreting it, especially closed-minded rebbe's and their followers." I agree with the 2nd part of your statement, but have always been troubled by the 1st part. I can't accept that G-d would require a wife to obtain a get before finalizing a divorce from her husband. Perhaps this is just an interpretation by rabbis during a time a long time ago when women were in fact considered less equal than men.
33. It's not hard
Vered, Israel   (03.03.12)
Where I live we have all types of Jews: chilonim, Masortiim, Datim and Hareidim. While all may not actively associate with each other, there is mingling amonst the groups, and there are NO Shabbat disturbances. The chilonim drive (or jog) right by the Hareidim walking to shul -NO PROBLEM! No one here would dream of throwing rocks at anyone else. Some stores and restaurants are open, some are closed. Why can't the rest of Israel be this way.
34. Bring your own food in a restaurant ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.03.12)
No sane people will do or think about it , only idiotic can propose it . I have seen kippa rearing people in a non kosher restaurant , they ate only a salad , while their friends ate a meal . But this will also not be done by every religious person . And , a religious person will avoid to enter a non Kosher restaurant , even if he/she does NOT eat . There is something , he may hurt other religious or so .
35. To: No. 34
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.03.12)
Hmm. Eating a salad in a non-kosher restaurant? How do you know that the bowl used the mix the salad wasn't used immediately prior to marinate some shrimp? I keep kosher, and I have NEVER been turned away from a non-kosher restaurant in Israel for bringing my own food. I bring my own wine-glass, too, and the restaurant staff has always been more than happy to accommodate me. Perhaps I just go to classier restaurants than those you tend to frequent.
36. To Jewish Whale
David ,   Herzlia,Israel   (03.03.12)
What kind of a stupid last sentence?, Who wants to outlaw Pessach and Yom Kippur, I eat matzot and bread during Pessach and do not fast in Yom Kippur ( I behave nicely all year instead) but if you want to eat only Mazot and fast in Yom Kippur that is fine with me, don't bother me and I won't botehr you, live and let live !!!! compromise is the secret of good relations in all situations !!
37. busses/kosher on saturdays
Jennifer ,   Israel   (03.03.12)
This all has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with the voting block, the State & Religion entwined in favor of Religion and the monetary gifts to people who donot work nor do any service for the State, not even in hospitals or helping people who are doing 24-hour care for their family members.
38. Listen up people
Jewish Whale ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.03.12)
1) To Sarah #11. I do not use the buses on Shabbos herein Haifa, nor am I frum. I think the buses should not run so long as they are tax funded. 2) To William #19, I posted that last sentence to make a point. As a Jewish state we would never think of mandating that people work on Shabbat in the govt offices or any public sector outside of things like Healthcare for example. Therefore to mandate that the public sector buses run is edging our way to a egalitarian non Jewish state named Israel only. 3) To David, #36, you are missing the point, and are a hypocrite. You claim that you do not observe much of Jewish law etc, yet claim that you do not wish to bother anyone. Well the irony is that you live in a JEWISH state. Therefore you are the one looking to be less Jewish. If you tried to impose your lifestyle on others you would be equally guilty as the Haredi community who hates everything non Haredi. This is why I propose private bus lines for haredi and Secular alike. Egged busses can run on weekdays and still be the main provider. On a side note- monit Sheruts, run primarily by Arab drivers in Haifa run 24/7 and at this point are actually cheaper than the buses (5 shekels vs 6.40) All govt sponsored bodies must do their best to maintain a proud Jewish state. If the majority of Israel decided to worship Jesus would we dismantle Israel as a Jewish state or keep it as the homeland of the Jews?
39. 35 , you don't understand anything
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.03.12)
I wrote " i have seen kippa wearing ..." not my problem . And shrimps there were deligious !
40. 35 , your own "wine glass" ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.03.12)
That's not necessary , but shows your ignorance regarding kashrut . I knew a Belzer chassis who was drinking in "local" glasses ! .Keeping kosher but writing Shabbat ! I keep kosher AT home , for relatives and friends . But outside NOT at all . So i can enjoy the many fine foods the world offers .
41. William, #'s 18-23
Professor Z ,   Jerusalem   (03.03.12)
I enjoyed reading your comments, you appear to be a very well-balanced individual.
42. Just a Thought
Professor Z ,   Jerusalem   (03.03.12)
"...when the minority enforces its view on the majority and forces it to honor laws that do not pertain to it" I happen to believe that these laws pertain as much to secular Jews as they do to religious Jews, even if they are unaware. However, I do not think that that justifies imposing certain standards on others, as I do not expect a secular to accept or acknowledge that.
43. @Haim TA - but it's ok for you to dictate to Haredim
rebecca ,   Modiin   (03.03.12)
Your posts dictate who should be on buses, even ones you never go near. It's ok for you to dictate what education their children MUST be given according to your standards. Haim, I really am tired of your narrow mindedness. Take of the blinkers and realise you are not the only one in this world.
44. #31 Sarah
R ,   Israel   (03.04.12)
If you're going for logic, that didn't do it for me. Chickens are kosher, but they eat ants, bugs, and worms. Cows regurgitate and then eat what they regurgitated. More major ick factors.
45. To: No. 39
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.04.12)
I am glad that YOU find giant insects crawling across an ocean floor to be delicious. Me personally -- I'll pass. I do not eat bugs.
46. To: No. 40
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.04.12)
Thanks for your advice, but I think I will keep bringing my own food and wine glass to non-kosher restaurants. You are free to eat all the disgusting tref you want. Explains a lot, actually. By the way -- you either keep kosher, or you do not. Keeping a kosher home yet eating tref outside your home? Exactly what do you think that says about you? Yes, I write on Shabbat. But that is not exactly the same as keeping kosher, is it? I never claimed to be shomer Shabbat -- I'm not. But my kashrut is not fungible. Evidently your's is. How sad.
47. Well said and with sensitivity to all. Thanks
Ayelet HaShachar ,   Maale Adummim, Israe   (03.04.12)
48. #43
Eric ,   Rehovot , Israel   (03.04.12)
We need separation of religion from the state and a written constitution. Things will then settle themselves in a just and democratic way.
49. Respect is NOT a 2-way street
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.04.12)
Respect can only be earned. Respect cannot be traded like a commodity. Trading the word "respect" is a hollow and meaningless, in word only, diversion from either side making the necessary efforts to earn respect.
50. 45 & 46 . Again : you don't understand nothing
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.04.12)
My home's kitchen is Kosher for family and friends . Nothing to do with belief . But holding Kosher , out of belief as you do , and writing shabbat is a contradiction , not a wonder with a "person" as you are . There are fields where you are better in as i am . English , lying , hate , ignorance about Kashrut . Great !
51. 45 & 46 . Again : you don't understand TRY # 2
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.04.12)
Anything My home's kitchen is Kosher for family and friends . Nothing to do with belief . But holding Kosher , out of belief as you do , and writing shabbat is a contradiction , not a wonder with a "person" as you are . There are fields where you are better in as i am . English , lying , hate , ignorance about Kashrut . Great ! What to think about me ? I'm great for all those who can eat at my home , and they are right : they trust me 100 %
52. 49 , you're right and don't earn respect !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.04.12)
Fake "persons" can't be respected , and you are such one .
53. #13 Robert Blum , New Albany, USA
HB ,   jerusalem, israel   (03.04.12)
why do you live in the usa?
54. TO #13: Robert Blum living in galut
Yitzhak ,   Israel   (03.04.12)
When you make aliyah and move here, you can take part in the debate. But, meanwhile you are living in the flesh pots of America, no doubt living a standard of living much higher than most of us Israelis. So, if you think Israel should become a theocracy, please come here and "enjoy" life under a Jewish version of Iran or Afghanistan. Meanwhile, what we have here is an open, creative, dynamic society that would be stifled and whither away if the medievalism you promote were to come to pass.
55. To: No. 52
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.04.12)
Oh, go have lunch with a Roman Catholic priest. You can indulge two of your favorite things -- tref and tref.
56. To: No. 51
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.04.12)
Kashrut is not fungible, idiot Charles. You either keep kosher or you don't. You cannot have it both ways. By the way -- I'm better than you in every conceivable field. Except hypocrisy. There, you do indeed excel.
57. respect is a 2-way street
Ilana Kraus ,   Kfar Sava Israel   (03.04.12)
Kol Hakavod, and thank you. Do you think that mutual respect could be the basis for defining our society after all?
58. Refreshing to read. Thank you!
Mea   (03.05.12)
59. 55 , I prefer a dinner TRY # 4
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.06.12)
with a RIGHTEOUS priest over a pizza with you at your prefered sbarro . Hypocrisy is acting against your beliefs , "eating kosher" as you do , but writing Shabbat . Everyone knows why my home is kosher , not out of belief , but to allow everyone to eat here . Your "knowledge" of kashrut , as about humanity is EFFES , zero ,and your opinions are worth less , the same as your "value" . But , to end , the choice is up to you : or you are a hypocrite or again a LIAR .
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