Syrian rebel connects with IDF spokesman on Facebook
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 02.03.12, 12:28
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1. Any thoughts on this Sarah B :)
jonathan ,   london   (03.02.12)
2. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.02.12)
Oh, yes. Very definitely. Do you really think with the way that Assad and forces loyal to him are cracking down on Syrian opposition, someone purportedly a member of the Syrian opposition (whatever that is -- there are lots of competing factions jockeying for position) would give his name and identify himself on Facebook, of all places? No one could possibly be that stupid. Secondly, all that Syria's opposition is doing, it having become clear that Europe and NATO will NOT intervene in Syria in order to oust Assad, is try and get Israel to do the job for them. Following which, with Assad gone, civil war in Syria will break out in earnest, with no discernible benefit to Israel and, pretty soon, status quo ante will prevail. I assure you that the Syrians -- not a single one of them -- are very anxious to recover the Golan Heights, and its three independent fresh water sources. Did you actually believe this tripe, Jonathan? Hmm. Do you believe everything you read on Facebook? That's why I have absolutely no interest in Facebook.
3. Oops! regarding my post at No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.02.12)
Second paragraph, last sentence -- should read "I assure you that the Syrians -- each and every one of them -- are very anxious to recover ..... Apologies to all for the misstep.
4. No. 2 - Sarah B.
Faith ,   Israel   (03.02.12)
Your analysis of the situation is pretty close to the truth, I have no doubt. However, as an Israeli who lives in Israel, I and many others here, always welcome the possibility that there are always, among all the Israel haters and war mongers, some Arabs who actually and genuinely want peace. I have no idea why you automatically rule out Facebook as a means of sincere communication and real action, since it has already been proven in the past that social networking has drastically altered the way our world works today. And if there are indeed a group of Syrians who truly want peace and strive to change their lives for the better, who are you to condemn them, by saying that all their interest is in recovering the Golan? You see Sarah, I am not a right winger nor a leftist liberal - just an Israeli woman who has lived through many wars here, and would like to think that there are always some very righteous and good people even among our "enemies". With your kind of reasoning, you rule out any prospect for me, my children and my grandchildren to live in some kind of peace with our neighbors. Besides all this - You don't even live here. Or at least, you only live here part-time. I don't think your opinion matters as much as ours, the Israelis who live here full time, and face the dangers on a full time basis.
5. Even if this is a's worth dreaming!
Froike ,   NY NY   (03.02.12)
Who in Israel would not want to live in peace with their neighbors? We have dreamed of peaceful co-existence with our neighbors from the beginning of time until now. So, we wish the rebels success in oustering the tyrant Assad and welcome the peace offering with open arms and hearts.
6. It's complete nonsense
Steve from Raleigh   (03.02.12)
Stay as far away from it as possible. All they're looking for is a convenient Jew to blame. Better to stand aside and let them slaughter one another to the last one standing.
7. Nonsense
David ,   Minneapolis, USA   (03.02.12)
This story is nonsense. Is Ynet so desperate that it has to publish it? The Syrians (and Iraqis) have a particularly bloody history when dealing with our people. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah comes to mind. G-d agreed to spare the cities if one could find ten good men, I doubt you'll find that number in Syria, when it comes to Israel. Don't trust them, they have never been any good, and never will be.
8. Israel and Syria
Joe   (03.02.12)
Israel should support the Syrian opposition because the new Syria constitution in its preamble says "Syria has occupied an important political position as it is the beating heart of Arabism, the forefront of confrontation with the Zionist enemy and the bedrock of resistance against colonial hegemony on the Arab world and its capabilities and wealth. "
9. #5 Its good to hope but its better to also prepare. You are
Jon ,   Israel   (03.02.12)
strong in the former but weak in the latter. Your mindset is of an optimist, but a naive one. Of course it is good to bridge the gap,. Of course there are arabs of good will, of course even a minority would like to have peace with us more than then they'd like our destruction. But lets be serious shall we? 1 person writing on Mordechais Facebook page with an anonymous user name (he's not going to use his real name or he'd be dead within hours) is not enough to start a peace plan to "eat hummus in damascus". Sarahs analysis is common sense and pragmatic. Something to learn from in your case I would rather have someone living in Israel part time with common sense than full time with the lack of it.
10. Damascus vaporized
sk ,   USA   (03.02.12)
Biblical prophecy: Damascus vaporized. When?
11. Imagine a weekend trip where you could drive to Damascus
David ,   Israel   (03.02.12)
12. Syria
Moshe ,   USA   (03.02.12)
I have always wanted to visit Syria, to see Damascus and Aleppo, to eat great food, to not even think about politics --- none of this will ever happen.
13. Israel can take advantage of it without even wondering
leo ,   usa   (03.02.12)
if this is true or not. If Syrian opposition will agree to declare it and make it official through international channels like UN, then Israel will be able to annex Golans without anyone's objection while knocking Assad head off in the process. Shouldn't be too hard anyway and World will not complain either. And if once in power Syrian opposition would turn out to be lying it wouldn't matter because by then Golans will be Israeli de jure.
14. Faith @ 4, as Israeli your opinion definitely takes
leo ,   usa   (03.02.12)
precedence over my non-Israeli opinion and ultimately the decision will be not mine, but yours. However, as a takbacker at ynet you are as insignificant as I am and all that each of us can do is to offer an opinion and hope it is correct one. Any action upon it by The State Of Israel is neither required nor requested.
15. they are looking for allies
k ,   US   (03.02.12)
once Israel supports them and they get power it will be a matter of time until they look to destroy Israel
16. There was a project of a big natural park
Yossef   (03.02.12)
on the Golan, shared by syrians and israeli. This could be a welcome gesture to mark the peace between our two nations.
17. No. 9
Faith ,   Israel   (03.02.12)
That is just your opinion. Who says that Israelis like the person who commented in no. 5 and myself are not prepared for any eventuality? I have lived in Israel long enough to know that plenty have your mindset, and it's always a pessimistic one, although you probably think you're being realistic. I would rather live with cautious hopes of peace with our neighbors, than take the usual pessimistic and right wing view of someone like Sarah. Just because an Israeli would like to envision peace, based on a one pathetic attempt by one Syrian on a social network, albeit using a false identity, does not mean that person has no common sense. It means that person has hope. Something people like you probably don't have much of. Too bad. And I am very serious.
18. #6 WELL SAID
This is nonsense ,Israel should stay out of this internal syrian affair.Let them wipe each other out.
Suspect 'em .
20. What do they want?
It's easy to get carried away by this and start wanting to support the "Syrian opposition". However they seem to be a somewhat mixed crowd already supported by Hamas, al Qaida and other less friendly elements. So in order to not starting up something that might hit you back later when the Assad assassins are history, it's probably better to play it safe and do nothing. Learn from the experiences of the uprisings in Libya and Egypt! If, later on, whoever-is-officially-in-charge-in-Syria comes and ask for unconditional peace, he should be welcomed! Both countries have all to gain from normalized and friendly relations within safe and defendable borders.
21. BS
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.02.12)
They also connected with Hezbollah on Tuesday asking for an alliance with the terrorists
22. Then Why
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (03.02.12)
Then why is every second sentence I hear on CNN and other news networks is Allah Akbar aka God is great.
23. To # 4
Yosef Y ,   Coral Springs, USA   (03.02.12)
Right on, Faith- Yishar Koach. However, while NOT living in Eretz Israel, I have done important intelligence work, as a true patriot and an Israeli citizen. Now is the Time for the Israeli establishment to quit playing political games (like children would, even if the house in on fire already). Enough said
24. @ 13
EB   (03.02.12)
Israel already annexed the Gloan along time ago. Cheers
25. Asking Israel for Help
Daniel ,   NY, NY   (03.02.12)
The US isn't doing anything, the utterly useless United Nations isn't doing anything, meanwhile thousands are being killed by their own government. This is obviously their attempt to get Israel to intervene... letting them know there will be peace is they help. Great news... even though it's unfortunate we (Israel) cannot arm the resistance nor get involved like Nato did in Lybia
26. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.02.12)
Instead of playing on Facebook, why don't you learn the difference between pessimism and historical knowledge and reality? Just because someone professes to be a Syrian rebel interested only in peace doesn't make it so. You aren't being hopeful, you are being foolish and gullible. And I am very serious.
27. To: Leo at No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.02.12)
Israel annexed the Golan Heights in 1982. It has been Israel's, de jure, since then.
28. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.02.12)
Sure. We can call it the Eli Cohen Memorial Park, and start building it just as soon as the Syrians repatriate Eli Cohen (z"l)'s remains.
29. Get Muslims in Lebanon to help them.
BUTSeriously   (03.02.12)
Whatever happened to all those legendary freedom fighters and martyrs they keep boasting about - are they scared of another tyrant of Hezbillah? If so, how can they confront the Syrian tyrant? This mob wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they had peace.
stude ham   (03.02.12)
AN ARAB IS AN ARAB IS AN ARAB... soothing words one day... for gainful purposes. in other words... would you buy a used car from the anti-government crowds in syria???
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