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Hamas blames power crisis on Egypt
Published: 02.03.12, 18:32
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1. When they speak of a "Palestinian culture"
William ,   Israel   (03.02.12)
One always knows what that means: A person who cannot take responsibility for their own actions, and actively blames others for their fate. A person who is violent and oppressive, insisting they have a right to harm others if they feel the little bit slighted, yet free's themselves of self-introspection. A person who has a dubious story and uses violence and convolution to dissuade others from questioning their narrative. Use: A parent addressing a child who refuses to admit they broke some household item even though it was witnessed by others, and reverts to a violent tantrum. "If you don't stop being 'Palestinian', you will be grounded this weekend" Warning: If the child is truly acting "Palestinian", scolding them could result in being killed in your sleep. Use with caution!
2. " If someone fired a bullet three kilometers away"
William ,   Israel   (03.02.12)
"...from Keren Shalom, the Israelis would close the crossing" Solution: strong arm the Gazan terrorists to not launch war crimes against Israelis or the crossing from anywhere near SE Gaza.
3. "Gaza might be able to get free fuel from Algeria or Iran"
William ,   Israel   (03.02.12)
which will have to cross Egyptian territory, or the Israeli blockade. Good luck with that.
4. haniyeh, erdogan and brotherhood
mohson   (03.02.12)
its always the same with the brotherhood-some one else is to blame. haniyeh. a criminal if there ever was one, rails against tantawi for delivering fuel supplies, attacks israel and hates himself. Erdogan, one big blowtorch, attacks france, greece, cyprus, israel, now syria, anything that moves, he and his stooge dovotogolu. haniyeh wants to ring israel with brotherhoods all around and then to crush it with missiles and media persecution and deligitimization. thse boys will be going to allah soon enough.
5. Poor Ismail Haniyeh Doesn't Get It
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (03.02.12)
Lacking patience and clear vision Haniyeh is apparently struggling in the dark . Human sapience should have kept him cautious when approaching post-Mubarak Egypt and the troubled Syrian regime . But Haniyeh is clearly following a self-contridicting policy by insisting on hostility with Israel while trying to reconcile with the PA and expecting quite much from the new regime in Egypt both of whom already recognize Israel . Furthermore, Haniyeh , and HAMAS, have just burnt their bridges with Syria by his overt support for Syrian rebels whom Damascus seems to be defeating once and for all . Still , worse, was Ismail Haniyeh's self-insulting and self-depreciating step by bending and kissing,in front of the cameras, the hand of Qatar's old cleric Qardawi who is viewed by most Arabs as a suspect . Also, recent news have claimed that Haniyeh has been promised a bounty of one billion dollars from Qatar in return for severing relations with the Syrian regime . And definitely Iran will no longer be as generous to HAMAS as it was simply because HAMAS has dropped out of the Syria-Iran-Hizbullah alliance . The vise of the Arab moderates , Egypt , Qatar,Saudi Arabia, and the PA, seems to be clutching HAMAS hard these days to persuade,if not even coerce, HAMAS to finally recognize Israel ...
6. Time to tighten the noose!
Brian ,   Los Angeles USA   (03.02.12)
Israel and her partners must keep up the pressure against Hamas without relent. It is weak, go for the kill!
7. Haniyeh
Moses ,   Canaan Egypt   (03.02.12)
If I were this guy, I'd shut my mouth period because he should thank Allah that the Mossad or the IDF or the IAF hasn't ,by now shut ,it for good. Haniyeh is a master terrorist whom, in my opinion, should have been taken out years ago. As long as a scum like he is allowed to function, Hamas will exist and as long as Hamas exists, it poses a danger to Eretz.
8. More Handouts
Marco ,   Spain   (03.02.12)
If they think that their Muslims and Arab Bushes brothers are friers like Israel, EU, UN and US to give them anything for free then they are in for a big surprise.
9. Further proof
Gav ,   USA   (03.02.12)
PAL's are not ready for a state. I'm not sure why so many in the world are so anxious to create a welfare nation that doesn't produce anything of value.
10. @7
Sol ,   Toronto   (03.02.12)
The reason that Haniyeh is still breathing is clear to me. He is a completely incompetent leader so who better to have running Hamas? Think about it, this guy is unable to produce any positive results for his people, posses no real threat to Israel, and is always fighting with other Palestinians. All that is needed is a big L tattooed on his forehead.
11. not enough electricity?
fred lapides ,   (03.02.12)
need more light and time to set up rockets to kill people?
12. blame game
real vision ,   usa   (03.02.12)
certainly the palestinians are never to blame for their conditions, for their lack of development. They still live in the refugee camps in gaza although Israel left a half a dozen years ago. Problem is palestinians are the beggars of the world and contribute nothing to themselves or the world except more violence and destruction. No wonder they live in the cesspool
13. I feel so sorry for the downtrodden terrorists, really, NOT.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.02.12)
14. As If Anyone Cares!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (03.03.12)
Ismail Haniyeh confuses us with those precious few who actually give a damn. Which part of "terror group" does he fail to comprehend?
15. Strange
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.03.12)
No big headlines about this on BBC!!!
16. Israel to blame
observer ,   Egypt   (03.03.12)
Israel has been exclusively controlling for almost 40 years. Where is Gaza infrastructure? Israel bombed the Power & Grids Plant 7 years ago. Egypt increased electricity supply from 22 to 25 Megawatt, and doubled the fuel supply to the extent that fuel smuggling dropped to half. Egypt sends fuel via the Israeli Kerem Shalom Crossing according to the crossing agreement which has expired 6 months later; years ago, Even, Egypt was not party to that agreement. Why doesn't Egypt sends fuel directly through Rafah crossing? is not clear. Why Israel accept fuel supply trough Kerem Shalom? is very obvious; to steal it .
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