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Jordan's king: Arab Spring increased Israel's isolation
Roi Kais
Published: 03.03.12, 21:00
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31. Define: Moderate Arab Neighbors
emanon ,   USA   (03.04.12)
Are these the ones that say it is OK for a woman to appear in public with both eyes visible from their burkah as long as she is surrounded by male blood relatives?
32. Definitely worry about Israel.
shrinkDave ,   Miami, USA   (03.04.12)
It is a statement of normality of any country that is isolated from the Arab world considering the implosions and explosions in that world on a day to day basis.
33. " Spring"? Their self delusion knows no boundaries.
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.04.12)
34. We don't care about dumb Arab spring
USA   (03.04.12)
35. Pearls of wisdom from King Abdullah
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (03.04.12)
So this guy thinks that we should just take our eyes off that pesky Iran and put all our attention on the Palestinians because that would solve the problem? DO YOU THINK WE'RE STUPID! We've been isolated and we've been coerced against our own good...stupid not too often and not in this situation.
36. abdullah
alexi   (03.04.12)
abdullah is gutless as they come and he and turkey share their lies. One regime depends on israel for its security and the other regime is led by a lying imbecile who has the hatred of the army behind his back. abdullah like his father before have nice looking wives. abdullah is sweating his own regime so bad mouths israel. and as for settler regime that rabbo talks about, its judea and samaria. You are the occupiers who will be going out not us. We are not beilins before you. We stand up for israel.
37. Israel Needs More Bomb Shelters
Noah Lev ,   LosangelesUSA   (03.04.12)
Correct me, but I understand Turkey refuses to allow Israel access to the NATO satellite grid ( to observe Iranian missile launchings?), Turkey, Isael and the US were to have joint exercises..until Erdogan refused. Turkey purchased parts of its jets and drones..then sued Israel for not delieving (after Turkey threatene Israeli warships, and mining operations off Cypress (and still does). It knows, a joint Israeli-Chyprus oil field worth it weight in gold, will change Israel's dependence (on Egypt) and make Israel a major oil player (could counter embargo or boycott threats elsewhere). Erdogan is playing the Islam card..seeing its future not in Israel. Iran did the same, all before the Spring. This is about geo-politics and always has. Its also about oil..the dog that wags the tail. I would advocate: "Jordan is the true Palestine" were the Balfour. and hijacked to appease Arabiani interests. Lets promote Jordan...give it the non Jewish Old City in Jerusalem/holy sites (Arab), including the Temple Mount with Mosques. Let them supervise Pales thugs and mayhem. The Allon Plan: give autonomy to some Pales territories, and adjust Jerusalem still the best. Autonomous with Jordan. There are remedies other than another Pales state between Israel and Jordan. One thing: Israel must remain strong...almost defiant. It must enhance its nuke technology..and missile defense. Another 1m Jews migrating there wont hur teither. M Begin would be astonished to see 7m people in Israel, and its economy and defenses. But Israel needs a constituion, AND a better balance to serve the military. It should not be so dependent on US elections: Obama is fuzzy on Israel..Clinton and Kennedy vomited when learning of Israels Dimona chemical plant. BTW Israel needs more gas masks guys and support from Christian Zionist groups ( who sent 1m for 100 bomb shelters in Sderot ).Israel needs more of the same. I contribute..every Jews MUST give a tithing to Israel..its in our interests.
38. The King Frets Over 5.6m Jews?
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (03.04.12)
The cards are falling in the M.E. which is the reality, not the utopian ideals of its youth. The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt (except for the military, which is being pushed to a 2nd position). In Lebanon, it controls the parliament Hama/Hez are eyeing Jordan. Iraq and Afghanitan want US out ASAP...that will leave a vacuum for the militants. The Arab world is outsmarting itself..but they are a tricky bunch (hear Abba Eban). Egypt cannot sustain 90m people. Irans oil is fragile..and infrastructure is inadequate. Saudi Arabia has 400b in oil gelt..but it depends on foreign workers and the US umbrella. 200F16 wont help against Iran W/O the US backing. Syria is a basket case..Sunni vs Sunnia vs Shia vs Christian vs Assads clan. Yet the king frets over Israel, with no natural resources, 5.6m Jews ( various streams), and facing Jew hatred wherever the Muslims reside, along with a wishy washy Pres.. ? I mean give me a break. A country the size of New Jersey with a miniscule of concern? Okay, hows bout including Israel in NATO?
39. Says the dictator who's trying to deflect attention
Mark ,   NYC, USA   (03.04.12)
The Arab spring has these rats running with fear. Why not turn to the old enemy to deflect attention. It won't work...Abdullah your time will come
40. #20 how's the Armenian and Kurdish Genocide doing?
41. You teach your people we are sub human
GZLives   (03.04.12)
descended from pigs and apes and then are surprised when they hate us? Stop the incitement, stop the racism, stop the supremacy, stop the hate
42. The War is Coming ! ! !
David ,   USA   (03.04.12)
I noticed in these talkbacks that someone mentioned reading Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. Please do! Iran and a host of other Arab countries will attack Israel with Russia (the nation to the far north) as leader of the pack. People, this was written over 2,500 years ago during a time that Persia (Iran) was Israel's friend and Russia (the nation to the far north) did not exist. Iran became Israel's enemy number one only during our lifetime after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Russia is allied with the Islamic / Arab countries and helping Iran develop nuclear power. READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL: THE PROVERBIAL END IS TRULY NEAR!! God though will save the remnant in Israel! Praise God to His faithfulness to Israel and Jerusalem, His eternal city. God bless you!!
43. I agree with the King
Rachael ,   US   (03.04.12)
We need to focus now more than ever on peace. The Muslims are preoccupied with the Arab spring, if we take away the focus from Israel for good, perhaps it will help with all this anti-semitisim in the world. I don't understand all this talk-back against peace! Its crazy
44. "Strategic Interest"-Yeah, the Pals will OVERRUN YOU!
"Shift the focus back on the peace process." Uh, yeah...right. Because as the world has clearly seen, the stupid pal peace process has just EVERYTHING to do with muslim nations decay and murderous behavior. FAIL. And as far as Israel being 'resented'....well...what the hell are you going to do about it? The Syrian rebels are asking for peace with Israel, the arab/muslim collective isn't strong enough to fight Israel...EVEN with Iran... what is this red-faced looney talking about? Go back into your hole and worry about the day that the pals will overrun you and drag you through the streets like a plastic garbage bag (or in one). Idiots these people.
45. Sorry King, you're next.
Rick ,   Houston, Texas   (03.04.12)
Don't hold your breath sir.
46. Sounds like a vailed threat.
Jarvis ,   Joseph USA   (03.04.12)
What sucks is he should know his fate. No matter what happens in Israel your name is the border of wickedness forever. Keep running your mouth oh king of nothing. Win or lose Israel will spend every effort to bring dung upon your face. Surely there is a plan for you. Shall Israel lose everything?
47. Israels isolation is like a "light in a sea of darkness"
Jorge   (03.04.12)
Israel is a nation for the future, Arab neighbors are the dark ages, where learning and research reign in Israel, neighbors live in ignorance and hatred, where freedom and democracy are the spirit of Israel, its neighbors are oppresion and tirany. As long as Arab dont step forward into civilization, Israel will keep beign isolated.
48. Arab moderate as in "kill the Jews? or as in "destroy Israel
EST ,   Miami USA   (03.04.12)
The man is afraid the truth will come to bite him...Jordan is the country slated for Palestinians....that is why his father killed tens of thousands of them...
49. To#20 Turkey? as in put them all in boats and drown them???
EST ,   Miami USA   (03.04.12)
or as in let the murderers out of jail to massacre the men, women and other words the genocide you still won't man up to????
50. Abdullah trying to make Israel feel remorseful and guilty?
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.04.12)
It won't work. The fact of the matter is that the "Arab Spring" has toppled "moderate" leaders and empowered extremists and Abdullah should watch his a** because he might be next. The animosity towards Israel has not changed, only the Arab leaderships. Israel is still surrounded and isolated by enemies. That has not changed either. What has changed is Arab leaders' perception that the US will safeguard them and maintain the status quo. The knowledge that Obama will throw them under the bus in favour of the Muslim Brotherhood now puts a whole new dynamic in the region. Abdullah can afford to spout his nonsense because if push comes to shove, he just may get some assistance from Israel. The fact remains though, that he is the king of the Pals Arabs and there should be no talk and wrangling about another Pals state because one already exists called Jordan. The problem is that he wants to choose his subjects and his choice does not include the good-for-nothing Pals Arab loafers and terrorists.
51. your comments against the king of Jordan are are insane!
Jordan   (03.04.12)
You lost your mind, Jordan is the last hope for you and through it you can breath, I am wondering where are you heading with your extreme anti-semtics ideas u zionist? dark ages bla bla for the Arab it is becasue you whoe stole every thing in this globe and u are showing ur crocdile tears to get sympathy from the stupid world... one day justice will come and wipe your ideas away and bring u back to reality..
52. Jordan's king: Arab Spring increased Israel's isolation
Shoshieb ,   Migdal, Israel   (03.04.12)
Well we weren't very popular before - why doesn't he discuss Syria??? He is at the moment King - but for how long???? Israel is the most stable region in the Arab spring area....
53. sure......
michel ,   Ashkelon   (03.04.12)
I thought it was isolating each arab dictatorship. No doubt the jordanian regime is feeling the heat of the spring. He is projecting his own situation on Israel.
54. (51) Jordan
tiki ,   belgium   (03.04.12)
First learn some proper English, then try again!
55. Israel+jordastine=2
trumpeldor   (03.04.12)
States solution
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