Is Israel inherently racist?
Yigal Walt
Published: 04.03.12, 19:02
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1. Definition of "Racist"
Gilon   (03.04.12)
I see this issue being brought up many times. DNA shows that Palestinians and Jews share common genealogy. Nearly half of present day Palestinians were once Jewish. So if genetically Palestinians and Jews are same, then how can there be two races? For Ashkenazi Jews, who are actually a mix of European and Jewish ancestry, Palestinians as well as Mizrahi Jews are of different race. In ancient middle east, Jews or Christians were not differentiated based on race. Everyone were seen as same race. The difference was in the religion. The arabs discriminated Jews, Christians and others based on religion NOT based on "Race".
2. JeĀ“usalen
cristian ,   argentina   (03.04.12)
within its borders was born christianity,judaism and muslims,jeĀ“salem,center of the more disputed land of history,is an essential objective for both arabs and israelis,the cornerstone of the middle east conflict hides the esplanade of mosques,temples of fhe aqsay and the dome of the rock to only a few meters from the ruins of the temple of solomon and the wailing wall,this is the issue where the least progress in peace talks,on the one hand the arabs claim the eastern part of the city and offered to change the access to jewish holy places that are in them,while the israelis want to mantain control over the eastern part it occupied during the six day war 1967,something which the international community rejectsw,the geneva agreements pose a temporary division of the city which would be reunited when both sides were prepared to share it
3. Maybe...but still a paradise for Arabs.
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (03.04.12)
Let me quote a close friend of mine who happens to be an Egyptian Muslim: "If Israel opened its borders to Arab Immigration, the countries surrounding Israel would become empty!!!"
4. Israeli Leftists are Inherently anti-Semitic
Steve ,   Haifa   (03.04.12)
That is the main form of racism in Israel.
5. Asymmetry
Sidney ,   USA   (03.04.12)
Jews are treated as second class citizens in every Muslim country where they are allowed to live. Palestinians, a large number of whom have proclaimed their disloyalty to Israel, are restricted for security reasons. Phonies like Amnesty International constantly scream "racist" at Israel but never at the Muslim countries. There is a good word to apply to those who call Israel racist, bigots.
6. This is absolutely true!
Ziad-Palestine ,   Canada   (03.04.12)
Israel is one of the few racist countries! I pray for Israel citizens to wake up, and to understand what their government does. Israel government just plant hate with its racist policy.
7. Yisrael is racict only against orthodox Jews
M   (03.04.12)
Otherwise vs arabs , its reverse racism, show the "world" how nice we are, we love them , we want peace, we will help the Syrian refugees, we will take in any refugee ... .
8. Israel is more racist towards haredim than towards arabs
Benjamin ,   Ramat HaSharon   (03.04.12)
Seculars have more respect for arabs than they have for religious jews. Would they dare put up posters of women in arab section? Would women dare walk half-naked in arab section? Would they dare allow yearly gay parades in the arab section? Would the government dare bombard mosques and arab schools and pull someone out of there like they do with shuls and yeshivot? Would the government dare destroy their thousands of illegal homes like they do for some hilltop Jews? Would the government dare expel arabs like they did to the Jews in 2005? Arabs should not dare complain about racism. It's religious jews who should.
9. Not perfect but NOT racist
Yael ,   Israel   (03.04.12)
I do not think we are specifically racist against arabs, and in a random poll most Israeli Arabs would hoheartedly agre that it is better to be n Arab in Israel than in any other Arab country in the middle east.
10. Israel is not racist, it is at war
C. Bendavid   (03.04.12)
Racism always increases in countries at war. Think about anti-Japanese or anti-German racism in the US even years after WW2. The same thing can be said for anti-German racism in France or antisemitism in the Arab world. Nonetheless, the very idea of a Jewish state is not racist. Jabotinsky used to say that the seat of deputy prime minister should be reserved for an Arab an the Israeli government has implimented affirmative action in the civil service (with Likud was in power!)
11. Arabs practice apartheid all over the world..
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.04.12)
Why discuss racisme in Israel ? Islamic countries use apatheid against all other non-islamic believers. Stop discussing racism, start discussing the arabs evil apartheid-twist in their religion, and their easy way of killing of non-islamics...
12. Ziad...looks like you're an expert
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (03.04.12)
Ziad...it appears that you harbor the same hatred against Jews that you claim the Jews harbor against you. Let's look at it this way....If you disarmed the Arabs, especially the mythical Palestinians, there would be peace today! If you disarmed the Jews, there would be another Holocaust. There lies the difference my racist friend.
13. Are Arab countries inherently racist?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.04.12)
Strange how nobody has the guts to write an article about Arab policies of racism and apartheid, not to mention modern day slavery in several states.
14. Racist
Mark ,   USA   (03.05.12)
While no country is perfect, the fact that there is a muslim Supreme Court Justice, muslim MK's, shows that Israel is not a racist society. And compared to the muslim societies, is an absolute paradise for non-jewish citizens!
15. Arabs, Turks, Persians are the most racist fascist countries
Adar ,   London,UK   (03.05.12)
... in the world, ask the Kurds Armaniens and Greeks. Israel is the most peacefull country in middleast
16. #6 - every muslim country is racist and oppressive!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (03.05.12)
Apart from the West Bank Arabs in all Arab countries would love the freedom that Arabs have in Israel. http://tinyurl dot com/6rpjcfq change the dot to a . and remove the spaces.
17. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.05.12)
You are a whack job. Do you actually believe that Iran is not a racist country? Just ask the Jews, the Kurds, the Zoroastrians and the Baha'ii. How about Turkey? I wonder how the Armenians feel about Turkey. I wonder how the Kurdish people feel about Turkey. The list is endless. You are the one who is guilty of planting hate. I tend to doubt that you have ever been to Israel in your life. So why are you making up stories about a country you have never visited, and a society you have never personally observed?
18. Israel is racist. period
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (03.05.12)
When Israel gives full right to someone who wants to settle within its borders just because this person is jewish IS racist! What about palestinians who want to come back to settle in Israel? Or non Jews? Why palestinians who leave Israel for few years lose all their rights while a jew can come back anytime? Is this not racism? israel IS racist
19. racist or not
amal ,   jerusalem   (03.05.12)
i live here becouse it is my country
20. Is Israel inherently racist ...I submit ...
Galut ia ,   Selah   (03.05.12)
any Racism in Israel pales in comparison to the racism that exist in the radical islamic world ...there may be some pockets in the religious communities ....but we should not confuse protective walls and check points that are designed to screen out terrorist as a indicator of racism. Abbas has made blunt statements indicating no jews would be permited in in any new palistinian state... Hamas won't be satisfied till all jews are removed from the whole of palistine....(written in thier charter as one of the cardinal goals of hamas)
21. arabs and jews are of the same race
besalel ,   great neck, ny   (03.05.12)
To suggest that anti-arabism is racist is a failure to understand what that term means. Both Arabs and Jews are semitic and therefore of the same race. While discrimination may or may not exist racism only exists in the context within which eathopian Jews are treated by other Jews. As one great man used to say "the day an arab converts to Judaism he is just as Jewish as" any other Jew.
22. To: No. 17
Ziad-Palestine ,   Canada   (03.05.12)
I know that Turkey, Iran ... etc are racist countries too, but Israel is racist as well. BTW, I have been there and I know well how is the situation over there. God bless you.
23. To: No.16
Ziad-Palestine ,   Canada   (03.05.12)
We are not talking about freedom, I know that Arabic countries aren't democratic and they don't give any space for their people. But, Israel is racist country, Israel is democratic just for Jews. In the nutshell, Arabs in Israel or in Arabic countries don't have any kind of freedom!
24. To: No. 12
Ziad-Palestine ,   Canada   (03.05.12)
Your words i.e. mythical Palestinians show clearly who is the racist! Your government uses the myth of Holocaust to collect Jews from the world. Don't be a victim, use your mind and think with open mind and heart.
25. To: No 12
Ziad-Palestine ,   Canada   (03.05.12)
BTW I don't have any hatred against Jews, this Idea your media plant in your minds to keep you gather together. God bless you!
26. Good paper, I'll finish to like Hanina ;-)
Yossef   (03.05.12)
Israel is certainly not as racist as Arab states around.
27. Ziad , yoiu don't know what racism is TRY # 2
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.05.12)
Are there special buses for Arabs ? Do Jewish doctors receive Arab patients ? Do Israeli Arabs have special hospitals for them ? No ! Arabs are hospitalised in the same hospitals , share rooms with Jews , receive the same treatement . Is'nt there an Arab High court justice ? are'nt there Arab Knesseth members ? Those are only some examples of how Arab Citizens are treated here . Israel is NOT a racist state . In a racist state Arabs would not have any rights .No freedom in Israel for Arabs ? Can't they travel FREELY in Israel ? can't they go abroad ? is there a "numerus clausus" at the univs for them ? You see Ziad , before calling Israel a racist state , try to know what racism is .
28. Racism is based on ignorance
Charles-Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem - Israel   (03.05.12)
Ignorance is the base on which racism develops itself. Israel is not racist but many Israelis are. They are racist out of ignorance for the other, because they locked themselves up into the prison of blind religious practice. When a black is called kushi, it is racist. The gap that exists between Mizrahim and Askenazim is an expression of day to day racism. The gap between Israeli ethiopians and Mizrahim/Ashkenazim is basic racisim. When an Israeli says that black people stinks, this is racist. But one has to know that it does have to be like that. Education is a racism killer. Let's educate our children in the acceptance of the others, all the others, then our children may marry people not from the same culture or color, then racism starts again again.
29. #23 - did you read th article?
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (03.05.12)
Can Arabs eat in the same restaurants and Jews? Can they use the same toilets? Can they travel on the same buses? Can they attend university? Can they open businesses? Can they become MKs? Yes to all of the above. So what is it that Arabs can't do in Israel?
30. I agree 100%
Reruven   (03.05.12)
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