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Peres tells AIPAC 'Iran must be stopped'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 04.03.12, 17:57
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1. iran
farrokh ,   iran   (03.04.12)
some body tell the toothless barking dog try to stop IRAN and we will see the end of stinking corp in 9 minets.
2. peres
sue ,   jerusalem   (03.04.12)
u r the president. u do not decide on the policies of the country. i think it disgusting that u actually appeared at AIPAC and are in Washington DC the same time as our PM. I am a far fan of our PM but he is the elected leader of this country and NOT YOU. Deal with your PEACE CENTER that is also a corrupt institution that has done NOTHING for the country. It only has promoted you and given you the funds to travel around the world. Peres - you and your fans MAKE ME SICK.
sad ,   israel   (03.04.12)
4. peres doesn't know when to keep quiet
marcel   (03.04.12)
peres has been wrong about so many things;he tries to compensate for his lack of deeds by inflated erdogan type rhetoric which has led to israeli casualties via oslo and dead prisoners. katzav was much better than peres. He was wrong about the osiraq raid. he also foisted beilin on israel, a serial appeaser like olmert who is now presenting to j street- 2 losers if there ever were 2. He mouths empty platitudes. War is never certain and saying that israel will never lose a war is stupid, plainly stupid and shows how disconnected he is. In 2006 because of in ability to counterattack en masse and mistakes in strategy caused by halutz and olmert, hezbollah got the edge. That is ok as long as israel learns and adapts and contrary to hezbollah thinking it is now god as they will find out the next time once their bunkers are sealed and poisoned. peres is proof positive that while jews are a good people with a nice country, they are absolutely not chosen-no way. And going to synagogue to pray thus does not make it so. And if god actually said it, then he made a mistake.
5. the failed peace
cristian ,   argentina   (03.04.12)
the arab israeli peace process has reinvented itself many times always supported on sand foundations,yasser arafat and isaac rabin agreed in 1993,in 1995 rabin´s assassination was a major setback to the peace process and it was revealed in a complete failure in the following years,camp david fraud should be added the burden of the imperfect,oslo accords,to finish the moribund plan,broke out the second intifada,the arabs uprising that would culminate with arafat´s death 4 years later at the end of 2000,peace wanted to give a new death rattle,this time from the arab side,in 2002 beirut hosted a summit where an ambitious plan of peace were discussed however yisrael rejected outright the proposal,the quartet u.s,e.u,u.n and russia prepared in 2003 road map which would have followed the peace,this time the dramatic failure fell on the international community,israeli arabs meeting in 2007,annapolis yielded no real results,the situation on the ground had deteriorated so much that even already admitted miracles
6. To 2#3#.You guys should be ashamed
Dyslexic.... ,   Israel...   (03.04.12)
of yourselves for writing these blogs.You show no respect for Shimon Peres a man who has served Israel with dignity all his life.You both should learn too show respect.I do not necessary agree with his politics,but I do respect the man.He is our President and a good one at that.So go and learn some manners ..
7. "israel will never lose a war"
darko   (03.04.12)
Isn't that what jews said each time before getting annihilated afterwards? know history to know future.
8. Peres Is A Idiotic Braggert
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.04.12)
One is better thought a fool than open his mouth and prove it. Israel has so much bad kharma even your so-call god is going to desert you. I hope I live to see it.
9. Why is he still given an audience?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.04.12)
10. Peres: 'Israel will never lose a war'
Benjami ,   Ramat HaSharon   (03.04.12)
That's ONLY thanks to those who are learning Torah and praying on behalf of the soldiers fighting. If not for the Torah and Tefillah, Israel would never have won any wars.
11. #8
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (03.04.12)
Regarding your last sentence: I wouldn't get my hopes up, if I were you, shmuck. Israel is here to stay, despite all the venomous rhetoric from you lot.
12. Peres is a respectable man.
Nicholas ,   Lagos Nigeria   (03.04.12)
I am ashamed of the disrespect coming from Israelis pouring on Peres. A man that has served Israel with all his might. He has defended Israel security and sacrificed more for the Jewish state more than any of those clowns (1,2,3,4 etc). If you show so much disrespect to Peres, what do you expect Iranian clowns to do? Let me remind you that many folks outside Israel also read your post and it sends negative perception if you can be this disrespectful to a leader that has done so much. Peres deserves his place in the story of Israel whenever it is told.
13. Peres at AIPAC
Yoel ,   Ossining,NY   (03.04.12)
It saddens me to see all the negative feedback re President Peres. People don't know or forget about his contributions to Israel. His work in procuring weapons in "48 and his work with France concerning atomic assistance makes him a true hero of Israel. You don't have to agree with all his present day opinions, but don't forget his contributions.
14. Will you bet your life
ERIC ,   ISRAEL   (03.04.12)
I guess that you think we are Iraquis . I suggest that you think of Israel as Sparta and you know what happened than to the Persians,we did prove it many times the last time we got beaten it took the whole might of the Roman Empire
15. To 12# Thank you for the blog well
Dyslexic ,   Israel.   (03.04.12)
written.Your wright there are people in Israel who have or show no respect,not for there leaders or for themselves.
16. World Citizen # 8
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.05.12)
One is better thought a fool than open his mouth and prove it. Thanks W.C. You just gave us proof.
17. #6
#2   (03.05.12)
18. Shimon Peres is a war criminal wanted at the ICC in Hague
christianpalestinian ,   las vegas   (03.05.12)
19. peres
sax ,   israel   (03.05.12)
the way he talks about how great obama is - i thnk that he is supporting his campaign. this old man, with a budget more than anyone else in thie country is shrewd enough to find the way. Peres is not to be trusted. UNREAL that NO ONE has investigated this man and his $$$$$$$$.
20. #6 lay off #2 and #3
judah ,   israel   (11.16.12)
why don't you worry about whats going on here and what hasn't been going on instead of other people's manners?! They have the right to say what they feel! thats what a talkback is! this Peres is a joke and you know it! And also, anyone that wants to give up part of the land like him doesn't deserve to be in the country! They already have too much of our land!!!!
21. het idiot #7!
leonardo ,   jerusalem, IL   (11.16.12)
WE ARE STILL HERE!!!! Know English to sound a little educated. We make up less than one percent of the world's population and we are strong as ever!!! Go get a dictionary, and while you're at it learn to use half of your brain!
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