IMI presents concrete-penetrating missile
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.03.12, 11:53
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1. Why would you publish this information?
tf ,   herzliya il   (03.05.12)
Why don't you just include MPR-500 proofing building specifications?
2. mazal tov
daniela ,   panama   (03.05.12)
mazal tov ..good job..
3. Bunker busters
Robert ,   Australia   (03.05.12)
Penetration of mountains yet?
4. IMI missiles
Lucy ,   UK   (03.05.12)
If this information is correct it would be classified and not available to monkey face or his terrorist entity.
5. to all doubting thomases-israel already had capability from
american   (03.05.12)
us. now there's a homegrown capacity. why should that be classified? it won't be secret, it'll be exported and capitalized on.
6. Bust the Regime instead.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (03.05.12)
Israel has every right to confront any Islamic ruler who declares to destroy the Jewish state. No need to ask permission. The rule is when someone says they want to kill you - believe them. When a million Muslims marched in Egypt chanting 'Death to Israel' - that is not free speech but mass murderous speech. Israel had every right to confront Egypt with a suitable response. If an Islamic regime cannot control its people who chant mass murder - that Regime can be confronted.
7. So let's use them already!!!!!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.05.12)
We're confronting the most hateful, genocidal regime since Hitler. We have the force to destroy Iran's ability to commit genocide against us.We have bunker busting bombs to do the job. So let's use them already!!!!
8. 200mm?
El gato ,   WI, USA   (03.05.12)
I wonder if anyone thinks the Iranians only used 8 INCHES of concrete? I'd bet there is at least 8 FEET of concrete. This is NO bunker buster!
9. should used it in second Lebanon war
johnny ,   norway   (03.05.12)
that's all the IDF need for the 3 Lebanon war.. flush Hezbollah out of there caves
10. The new 30,000 pound Bunker Buster
sk ,   USA   (03.05.12)
Interesting timing. The USAF has also recently received an undisclosed number of the new 30,000 pound huge Bunker Buster bombs from Boeing. These are the biggest Bunker Busters in the world and will only fit in B-2 and B-52 bombers.
11. Learn from 2nd Lebanon Failiure !!! Keep the secrecy
Matt ,   LA, USA   (03.05.12)
this shows the stupidity of the government for publishing everything ! the same mistake caused the loss of few Merkava type 4 and their tankers! they published the weak points of merkava being the exit door, well guess what enemy excatly used that weak point to penetrate & explode with exclusive ! this time too If I was the enemy I would say thank you for letting me know now I;m going to add the thickness of my concrete walls by times 10 !! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! SOME TIMES CENSORSHIP IS A BLESSING!
12. #9 you must be lucky to be able to find hezzi's hideouts
zico ,   brazil   (03.05.12)
your comment is really funny. Hezi hid well in so many places. if you manage to find one, there will be hundred others to be found. using this missile on them will be just too expensive
13. To call this a "Bunker Buster" is a joke!
Iam Rael ,   Boston, MA   (03.05.12)
This bomb can only penetrate a few meters of reinforced concrete. This would be completely useless on the kinds of facilities that Iran has built to house its nuclear weapons program. While this would be useful for "soft" targets, you can forget about it with respect to highly engineered underground facilities.
14. #12 You are wrong
Pedro ,   Brazil   (03.05.12)
During the Second Lebanon War, the Hezbollah base command in Beirut was located in the middle of a residential area of the city, and to avoid mass casualties among civilians, the IDF before the attack urged civilians to leave the area, which gave an opportunity for Hezbollah members to do the same.
15. Zico
Alice ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.05.12)
For the time being, Israel is not interested in finding "Hezi" It serves their purposes. When that purpose will be no more, I will not be surprised to hear in the news that Israel got that fish. I mean "Hezi".
16. Israeli Newspapers
Harold ,   USA   (03.05.12)
Is is discusting what we read in the Israeli newspapers. They all publish news about weapons, missiles, raids, killings, attack, war, new weapons to kill, their officials corruption and taking bribes, damaging other Jewsih groups, threatning other countries, promissed land, God's promissed people, found ancient artifacts, approving to build more homes on Palestinian lands and you name it. Newspapers were never created for those purposes. .
17. That's okay #12:
Israeli 2   (03.05.12)
These are not only against Hezis who will be kept very deep inside their holes for a very long time, they are also against the Hemis and the Ayayatis. You just observe from afar. I bet ya, the enemies of Israel will not be able to sleep for a very long time.
18. 8 and 13
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.05.12)
How do you know how much it will penetrate? They could say it penetrates 1 inch and it would be the truth. That doesn't mean it won't penetrate more. They would be stupid to give exact figures.
19. #8 You can be forgiven...
Edwin ,   Canada   (03.05.12)
...for your lack of mathmatical skills, but it is best not to publish them!
20. Newspaper Purpose
Brian ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.05.12)
Newspapers were created to deliver eyeballs to advertisers...period. They put whatever they need to in, as content, so you , the product, will look at them and see advertisements. Welcome to the world of "news".
21. oh it can penetrate concrete
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (03.05.12)
I am really immpressed (sarcasticly)
22. #8 Watch the video.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (03.05.12)
The demonstration there is of two test: * One in which the shell punches through *four* 200mm thick concrete walls. In a row. * Another in which the shell punches through a single wall 1 *meter* thick. And consider the following - if the shell is capable of punching through even thicker walls or layers, wouldn't be prudent to at least leave *some* capabilities beyond the knowledge of your immediate enemies? Let them think it over. Simmer over it. This is, after all, merely a demonstration for the papers.
23. #16 Pardon? Do you have selective reading skills?
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (03.05.12)
Because when I open an Israeli newspaper, I read about internal politics, foiled terror attacks, housing and how it's expensive, fuel and how *it's* expensive, human interest stories, stories about bands, stories about aid groups, sports news... Yes, we have opinion pieces you don't like. And facts you don't like. And every now again, unsurprisingly, our army leaks information about weapons - something that's quite common when you're in a de-facto state of war with some countries. It's better than outright war, that's for sure - you might be familiar with those a bit more. As for ancient artifacts, I fail to see the issue. This *is* news, after all. Unless... unless you deride anything that may in any way show Israel as a legitimate country. Or its policies as being in any way in the right. In which case, you're obviously reading the wrong newspapers.
24. Because Israel have for sure improved and better versions
Amish   (03.05.12)
of such guided bomb.
25. now get that tunnel rat in lebanon, to bad no camera on its
ralph   (03.05.12)
on its nose.
26. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.05.12)
Penetrating mountains will be done by nuclear weapons. Bunker busters are for the terrorist rabble living underground in Lebanon. Which is something every idiot should realize.
27. Probaly Depleted Uranium from Dimona
Arik Silverman ,   Chicago USA   (03.05.12)
28. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.06.12)
Do you know what would be really impressive? Your learning how to spell. For someone whose native language is English, you are abysmally illiterate.
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