Holocaust survivors rally against Lithuanian FM
Gilad Morag
Published: 05.03.12, 22:50
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1. Lithuania
Miryam ,   Fontana, USA   (03.05.12)
It is very sad that younger people were not standing with the protesters. My Mother and Father inlaw survived the Holocaust and in rememberance of them I am very sad. The Lithuania people were just about as ungodly and cruel to the Jewish People. One day the young people will come to their right mind.
2. "to place Nazis and Communists on an equal footing"
split ,   US   (03.05.12)
You're right Mr. Zuroff, how dare they, the commies murdered at least 3x more innocent people than Nazis ever did starting with 7-9 million Ukrainians by Stalin's Jewish butchers, Yagoda and Kaganowich alone ,...
3. PS. Mr. Zuroff ,...
split ,   US   (03.05.12)
Forgot the link ,...,7340,L-3342999,00.html
4. and what about Dutch?
Dave ,   CA   (03.05.12)
What I could never understand is why Israelis love Dutch so much. Whenever Holland is playing soccer vs Germany, the whole country supports Holland. Why we never hear that 70% of all Jews living in Holland perished in Holocaust? Why we never hear about our "friendly" Dutch reporting Jews to Germans for 40 guilders each? Many of them made fortunes doing that. Probably it's easier to smoke pot in Amsterdam and not to bother about history.
Daniel ,   Formelry Israel   (03.05.12)
Latvia is a westernized state, and despite its mercilessness toward the Jews during WWII, it modern-day support for Israel's right to exist (support coming mainly from its political right) makes it among Israel's best friends in the world today. Yet you focus exclusively on Latvia's past sins, making no mention at all of its modern pro-Israel actions. You also conveniently omit the Soviets' persecution of Jews in Latvia and the rest of Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, in another article about Turkey, you emphasize how nice the Ottomans were to Jews in the past and down-play modern Turkish antisemitism. You implicitly blame the break-down of Israeli-Turkish ties on Israel's attacking the Marmara without mentioning that it was sponsored by Turkish extremist group or that its passengers attacked Israeli soldiers. You also completely ignore Turkish ties to Iran and Hamas, and instead of identifying the Islamist ideology of Turkey's anti-Israel political elements, you describe them as "conservative", conflating them with the largely pro-western, pro-Israel conservatives of Christian countries (e.g. Latvia).
6. To #2
Yosef Y ,   Coral Springs, USA   (03.05.12)
It is a pity that you were born too late to have your scull split, to insert some brains into "split" ou are to frightened even to give a name or town
7. @ 4
AJ ,   Raalte   (03.06.12)
What have the Dutch to do with the topic here? Holland is a small flat country without mountains or deep forests to hide in. Still, the Dutch hid and saved some30,000 individual Jews for 2-3 YEARS. It was also the ONLY country were many people went on strike against the Nazi-occupiers in a mass protest against the persecution of the Jews. BTW, the reward was 7.50 not 40 guilders, and was mostly earned by specially indoctrinated policing units of Dutch Nazis.
8. Partisans
Lars Abrahamsson ,   Stockholm Sweden   (03.06.12)
And why should not jewish partisans whom participated in massacres of civilians be prosecuted?
9. #2 IS RIGHT
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (03.06.12)
The number of the victims of Frenkel, Yagoda and Kaganovich exceeds the number of Jews murdered by Hitler. But we shouldn't talk about this matter, right?
10. lithuania
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (03.06.12)
i gave lift one time to guy , in the course of coversation he said he was lituanian , i said you speak excellent english , and born in coventry uk of lithuanian parents , i smiled , no you are brtish but he would not have it in the course of conversation the john demajuk case came up how disgusting to try a man of his age he said but he was a bad man killed lot of jews so what just because he killed a few old jews i drove a bit further then dumped in the middle of no where see it is inbread into them
11. Yosef, it's a pity
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (03.06.12)
that you make up for your (apparent) lack of historical knowledge with naked personal attacks. P.S. If it makes you feel any better, Stalin intentionally picked Jews to carry out his earlier massacres so he could have the people's backing when he later massacred the Jews themselves (he died less than a year before his holocaust plans came to fruition). Nevertheless if we as Jews (and generally as decent people) want others to recognize the evils being perpetrated against us, then we must also recognize similar evils committed by us. We do not have to focus on our own sins exclusively, take them out of context, or use them to justify the sins of others. But willful ignorance of unpleasant facts is not a virtue
12. #9 -2: This is an open wound
Tom ,   USA   (03.06.12)
As a former E. European I sadly attest that the atrocities that the Communists - many of them Jews - committed against Eastern European people is an unresolved, festering wound. The history of Eastern Jewry - the pogroms, persecutions and the retributions that followed - kept in secret in the West by the Leftist Jewish elite for irrational fear of possible negative consequences. The Nobel price winner A. Solzhenitsyn gave an in-debt historical review in his monumental work, "200 years together". The book is published in German, French - but not in English. Western people have no idea about the real events that took place from 1917. onward till the collapse of the Evil Empire. Any reference to Stalin's worst henchmen elicit the accusation of "antisemitism" and gets silenced at once.
13. In the words of Gomer Pyle...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (03.06.12)
... surprise, surprise, surprise. My ex-s grandparents and other relatives were murdered by their neighbors even before the Nazis arrived in town. Not to mention all the previous pogroms. Why people go on "roots" tours and put money in these peoples' purses is beyond me. I know my roots -- which is why I will not step foot in Poland or the Ukraine.
14. #5 daniel
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.06.12)
Ynet has mentioned the Marmara along with mentioning that it was sponsored by Turkish extremist group and that its passengers attacked Israeli soldiers. It has also spoken of Turkish ties to Iran and Hamas, while identifying the Islamist ideology of Turkey's anti-Israel political elements. There was an article about this not long ago.
15. Israel would honor itself
Analyst   (03.06.12)
in stopping to deal with those Balts who murdereed in a gruesome manner 90% of their pre-war Jewish population, a higher "score" than the German themselves (end)...
16. #15
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (03.06.12)
Well, they and the Ukrainians had centuries of experience, didn't they?
17. Bravo Ynet
Congratulations on your dedication to free speech in printing the comments here about enslavement, persecution and murders of tens of millions of non Jewish civilians in eastern Europe by communists. Zuroff and others are actively trying to silence anyone who dares to speak about it or compare it to the Holocaust. Why are they so concerned? Is it because of the prominent part played by Jews as perpetrators rather than victims? I can't think of any other explanation.
18. #17
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.07.12)
It is a horrid part of history. But it is not comparable to the Holocaust in that in the Holocaust people were mostly targeted because of prejudice to religion and birth group (Jews, Gypsies). There is a difference which you, in your zeal to denigrate Jews and the Holocaust, refuse to see.
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