Netanyahu at AIPAC: A nuclear Iran must be stopped
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 06.03.12, 04:46
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1. Israel has Carte Blanche
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston, USA   (03.06.12)
Obama said Israel can do what it wills, when it wills and how it wills. He reserved the same rights for the USA.
2. good speech
Arctodus Simus ,   Fort Yukon-Alaska   (03.06.12)
Its time now to take it into acts and strike at Iran's terrorist nuclear program.
3. Israel's enemies worst nightmare
That Israel is able to defend itself alone, and that it can't be choked by petty "academic", "cultural" and potatoes boycotts, run by racist, anarchistic, or anti-democratic movements and organizations. It just ticks them off that Israel can't just be wiped off the map with ease, making place for more fratricid carnage among themselves. Israel and Jews will never go away and will out-survive all its enemies, which will either fade out as tiny caricatures if their former selves, or disappear altogether. We've been proving this for thousands of years.
4. netanyahu can't fart w/o the USA
Ace ,   USA   (03.06.12)
5. Wreak havoc now...ask questions later.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (03.06.12)
6. It will be very soon but....
Israeli 2   (03.06.12)
1) Israel must sweep over Hamas, Hezbolla and the Syrian missle shilos first. 2) China and Pakistan should NOT interfere.
7. It's all nonsense. Israel is not in danger.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.06.12)
Pakistan has nuclear weapons also. Should we attack them? There is no proof that Iran is producing a nuclear weapon - only the psychopathic paranoia of Israeli leaders like Netanyahu. This is all about a few elite Jews profiting from a war through the selling and production of weapons. And they are willing to put Jewish lives at risk to make the money.
8. Rich #7 Why is it that Pakistani terrorists continue
David ,   Israel   (03.06.12)
To attack US soldiers in Afghanistan? Why do they continue to attack Indian civilians like what happened in Mumbai? Even then Pakistan is a more neutral country then Iran.. Pakistan is also a republic that is a non member ally of NATO and a G20 state. Furthermore Pakistan doesn't threaten other countries! And besides what do you know anyway? You have intelligence far greater then what the CIA or Mossad have? It must be very cold in Canada your brain seems to have been frozen
9. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.06.12)
Really? How about when Israel destroyed the Osirac nuclear reactor in Baghdad? Would have been quite a different Gulf War if Israel hadn't done that, wouldn't it? Think of all the American servicemen and women that did NOT return home in body bags, and show a little humility and GREAT deal of respect. Don't you wish that Israel had your back when a handful of barefoot warlords in Somalia kicked the full faith and credit of the United States armed forces in the ass, and made you cry? Israel isn't Somalia. Do keep that in mind. We can clean your clock. Don't test our resolve. You don't want to find out the hard way. Didn't you learn anything following the USS LIBERTY? We're not afraid of you. You DO need to be afraid of us.
10. Three points:
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.06.12)
1) Obama's statement that Israel is sovereign to defend itself by itself was the most important point in his speech 2) Obama's clear statement and reiteration the following day that his policy is not one of containment but rather ensuring that Iran doesn't acquire nuclear arms is also an important one 3) What we, Jews, must remember is that in 1944 the World Jewish Congress begged the US president then to bomb the death camps of Europe but the response was, such an action will bring with it more catastrophic results... than the Jewish Holocaust... We say, no more, never again will we allow such an answer to stand between our collective right and duty to live and the will of others to see the demise of our nation-state of Israel and the six million Jews in it!! Never Again!!
11. Israel must know that muzlum obumma will NOT come to the aid
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.06.12)
of Israel so she will have to do this on her own. It has to be done, but Israel can't count on our failed leader.
12. Here's a way to increase pressure
R ,   Israel   (03.06.12)
on Iran: Israel, the U.S., and other nations that fear Iran obtaining nuclear weapons should immediatly end the oursourcing of manufacturing jobs to China, and take concrete steps to return these jobs to the local economy, unless China agrees to the sanctions on Iran.
13. #1 Mark of Lewiston
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.06.12)
Do you think, a nuclear armed Iran is in the very own interests of the USA?
14. Israel needs a real peace with Palestine not war with Iran
Code Pink   (03.06.12)
15. #4 & #10.
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (03.06.12)
#4 If it wasn't for Israeli Technology you would sh*t yourselves never mind fart if we kept it solely to ourselves. #10. Obuma only says what he wants the stupid Jews of US to hear, time and again he does the opposite. EVEN to the extent of insulting our PM. If they are stupid enough to re-elect him they will be falling over their own arses' to escape the anti-semetism and communism that will take hold of the US. I applaud Bibi for his speech. We are here to stay and will not tolerate another 2,000 years of hate and persecution.
16. #Stupid and ignorant comment
Menachem ,   Israel   (03.06.12)
Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions is a fact is recognized by most of the civilized world including many Europeans. Iran's regime denies the Holocaust and has openly and repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel while developing nuclear weapons and missiles to achieve its perverted goal. The leader of the world's only Jewish state has a duty to prevent a second Holocaust at any cost.
17. It is FAR more easier than mostly described
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.06.12)
and Iran is a sitting duck...
18. #14, when Iran send a N-bomb into Israel, pals die too!
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (03.06.12)
think! Pretty in Code Pink. Arabs never desire Peace more than they desire Israel in Pieces! while the whole arab world in time past harping on Israel being the root of Arabs' problems, yet last Spring's Arab Winter has proven that the root of Arabs' Problems lies in Arabs themselves, not in the Jews. Truth is the 22 arab nations have Zero interest in Pals, least are the Iranians, if needs be, they will not blink an eye to send a N-Bomb to finish off the Jews together with the Palestinians (whom all arabs claimed to love). So be good and shut up when Israel finish off Iran (which is beneficial to Pals too)
19. 13 Albrecht Klein
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston, USA   (03.06.12)
I don't think either a nuclear armed Iran is a good idea, nor is a world war. I also don't think there is a way for an attack without a full blown war, drawing in nuclear powers like Pakistan, China and India and likely Russia, too. Iran is not Iraq with an unfueled building, either. Blowing up active nuclear places tends to create fallout that respects no borders down wind. But as I said earlier, Israel is free to do as it wants and the US will try and pick up any pieces left, if there are any. I don't see how irradiating Pakistan indirectly is easier to explain than directly irradiating Pakistan.
20. Were Palestinians allowed
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (03.06.12)
to be master of their fate in 1947?
21. #14 Code Pink
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.06.12)
The "Palestinians" want a state "from the river to the sea", i.e, from the Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea. In other words: no more Israel. So what you suggest as a "real peace"?
22. 20. pals chose to leave during 1948 when are allowed to stay
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (03.06.12)
the neighboring arab-nations chose to allow the 600,000 who volunteered to leave in 1948 to increase to 7 million as they breed in camps Forever! the arab Nations has a choice of absorbing the Pals into their midst, just like all the other countries in the world absorbing refugees and let them become citizens. Nope, the Arab Countries round Israel are making use of the Pals to let them remain refugees status forever and breed to a shocking 7 millions in order to flood Israel one day. conclusion: Arabs are Masters of their own plight!
23. #20 Jarda
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.06.12)
There was no Arab state or nation called "Palestine" in 1947 - or ever.
24. @ 10 its maybe funny
shiroz   (03.06.12)
u say that that 6 million jews of honlocaust, and the real number of israelis live in israel are 6 million
25. @22: allowed to stay?
indigenous ,   galilea   (03.06.12)
do you believe your own lies? never heard of plan dalet? zionists had to kick out the indigenous people, or they wouldnt have an jewish majority state. so ethnical cleansing was a must. my family was not asked by arabs to leave. this myth is crap. all zionists who claim that arabs asked them to leave quote an egyptian millitary radio show from 48. do you realy believe this stuff? we fled because of looting, executions, rape, destruction of our fields. get over it and stop to deny it
27. Rhetoric
Ehai ,   London. UK   (03.06.12)
Rhetoric is the art of discourse, an art that aims to improve the facility of speakers or writers who attempt to inform, persuade, or motivate particular audiences in specific situations. I do not regard the speeches being delivered at this AIPAC meeting as productive of an ambition to persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear weapon program. I notice the speeches include no encouraging applause for the Iranian ambition to be self-sufficient in energy technology. If you don't show any respect for the Iranian people in general,how canyou expct them to give respect back in kind? Do we want Iran to be friendly towards us or not? We Jews have an increasing amount of enemies and people who dislike us in the world. If we and our chief ally, the USA, only speak publicly about bombing Iran what shall be the Iranian, Hezbollah and Hamas imagination of Israel be like eh!! Oh for sure those terrorists will understand we are ready and willing to strike them down. But that is what they want. They want to be martyrs. Because that is how they justify their campaigns of violence against us. Don't expect that any violent response from them would be aimed at the State of Israel only. Every Jewish and US citizen would be a target around the world. It is already happening. If you bomb one nuclear factory they would build another. What we need is to open a Middle-East Arms Control and Disarmament forum. That must come into being before any progress shall be made on the Israeli/Palestinian peace process. You need to contextualize your rhetoric..... your strategic discourse.....with some encouraging humanity.
28. #20 Yes, if the palestinians existed in 1947. And the
michael   (03.06.12)
arabs attacked Israel in 1947 thet wanted to masters of the jew's fate but G-d didn't let.
29.  Netanyahu
Paul Jaworski ,   Australia, Adelaide   (03.06.12)
This is the best speech ever.
30.  bibbi's speech!
oded ,   the us of A   (03.06.12)
the pm is not without his faults and weaknesses, but when itcom to drumming up the troops in america he is in a different shpere. this was an excellent speech, that conveed resolution ,determination, and an absolute resolve to preserve the security of israel. obama may stay(god forbid!), or may go(god's willing!), but israel shal remain forever!
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