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Conversions 'stuck' following Rabbi Druckman's retirement
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 07.03.12, 08:50
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1. Club membership is currently suspended
Charles   (03.07.12)
Please check back at another time, qualifications for membership may change at the discretion of whomever will will be in charge next.
2. Rabbi Druckman
Riana Mallah ,   Tel Aviv - Israel   (03.07.12)
What a pity he has retired - I was part of the conversion group, and found it a wonderful experience - apart from the fact that the Rabbanut rejected me because of my children's school - the Arrison Artschool . He was a voice of reason and empathy for all of us!!!
3. What a joke for an office
Talula ,   Israel   (03.07.12)
Anyone losing money from deposits they have put down for a wedding, but cannot get married because of this needs, to sue the Conversion Authority - he didn't just walk out - he retired - and they had time to find a new one. Lazy stupid sods! Once again, the entire thing makes me SICK!
4. Terrific!
Who needs those fake converted walking amongst Jews that don't observe all halachot (aka goyim)? We have plenty of secular jews of our own who don't practice mitzvot and don't need goyim in our midst too. Let them continue on as goyim and they should just observe the 7 Noahide Laws and it would be perfect.
5. Terrific is terrible
Sam   (03.07.12)
The response by terrific is embarassing. Only since the recent charedie take over of the rabbinate has Judaism been so free to criticize converts. We need more leadership like rav amsellem who preaches acceptance as Jews of converts who come to Israel serve in the idf and express willingness to become Jews. All those who bash efforts to welcome these people into the Jewish people and religion in Israel should keep their mouths shut and move back to the shtetle where they can control their own little feifdoms . They have no business in Israel
6. Yet more damage from the drift toward stringency
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.07.12)
Once upon a time there was hope that, given the need to deal with life in a modern Jewish state, a more sophisticated rabbinate would emerge. That never happened. To the contrary, Israel's rabbinic leadership has shown itself disinterested in dealing with the challenges of modernity - except to declare them forbidden. Too many are more interested in preserving their positions of influence, and their cloistered "way of life" than they are in serving the Jewish public.
7. conversion
iselin ,   Oslo, NOrway   (03.07.12)
I have never understood the need for a "formal conversion" into any religion. If a person wants to adopt a certain religion, why does it have to be organized and regulated. Why not just let that person be as s/he wants? If a person identifies with the Jewish religion and wants to be Jewish, with all the complications and potential problems and bogotry that entails, why not welcome that person with open arms without all the rigamarole? I am sure glad that I did not have to go through any conversion process to be an atheist.
8. Rabbinate has broken trust; cannot be restored.
Observant Jew ,   Israel   (03.07.12)
The charedim are done and should be ignored, especially by observant Jews.
9. hillul hashem
Naphtali ,   Seattle,WA   (03.08.12)
the process of turning away converts is a sin and hillul hashem, instead they should be instructed and not turned away.
10. Can't they muster up 5 grand and
get it over with??   (03.08.12)
In $this r$eli$$gion - mo$$ney ta$lks
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