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Report: Syria's deputy oil minister defects
Published: 08.03.12, 07:28
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1. Did his wig also defect?
Haim ,   Jerusalem   (03.08.12)
2. It took him a WHOLE YEAR to realise all what he said
Alan ,   SA   (03.08.12)
Iranian Jew ,   Los Angeles   (03.08.12)
i JOIN THE REBELS NOW, but is Assad win then I will go back to the same post. Insha allah!!
4. Innocent?
Spengler ,   US   (03.08.12)
Those guys in the picture look like peaceful protestors dont they? Salafis better off with Allah.
5. hero!
Sam M ,   UK   (03.08.12)
He's just doing what any arab member of a corrupt and brutal dictatorship would do, sniff the breeze and take appropriate action when his personal well being would be endangered by remaining in government. If on the other hand assad looked like he was winning he would bend over subserviently, bite his lip and take it like a good'n!!
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