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Iran: We'll never suspend nuke activities
Published: 08.03.12, 20:48
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1. The Right Moves
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (03.08.12)
If the right moves of the cube are made at the right time and in the right order the probability of a war in the Middle East because of the Iran/West imbroglio will drop to zero. There are a few players on the scene at the moment but some have more power than others to affect change.
2. Nuclear activities
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.08.12)
Either the Iranians suspend them or they are suspended for them. It's their decision.
3. obama willl not do a raid on iran
alexi   (03.08.12)
obama will not raid iran's nuclear. the US has exhausted itself in iraq which it finally left and yet in afganistan and even libya. Moreover , obama doe s not like bibi or israel whose history he sees the same way as khalidi. Bibi who is an improvment over olmert and livni cannot pull the trigger on this decision. He can do small decisions like respond to rocket fire but not a complex plan. He doesn't have the independence of miind and body to do it. Ehud barak similiarly since 1999 when he was PM has literally failed by not doing on terror, lynchings, and then stopping cast leader earyl and being against the syrian hit. He is not a leader. begin did it. I could do it because if it didn't work out and israel was destroyed in the process, I would ensure that israel went down fighting and destroyed iran and every arab adversary along with it. In the meantime, bibi shiould shut up and not say a word cause if he keeps talkiing and threatening and does nothing, then israeli threats will mean nothing.
4. Sleeping Giant Iran will be no pushover for tiny Israel
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.08.12)
...nor the United States. If you likes Iraq and Afghanistan, you will love Iran, so says the General.
5. Nuclear reactor at Parchin
Fred ,   USA Philadelphia   (03.08.12)
Your phot says "nuclear reactor at Parchin" There is no such thing. Parchin is a military research base. There is no reactor there.
6. What an utter confusion in Iran....of mixed messages.
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.08.12)
First they say they will Then they say they wont Then they say they will Oh but wait..then they say they wont Then they say they might But then they say they goodnight Then they say they could And then they say they would if they could..if they would Then they say they it aint fair Attack us if you dare
7. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.09.12)
It's not the quantity of soldiers in the fight, it is the quality of fight in the soldier. We saw the "quality" of the Iranian armed forces in their eight-year war with a vastly inferior Iraq. Iran barely managed to eke out a shame-faced draw, and lost one million troops in the process, although Iran only admits to having sustained 500,000 casualties. You may remember that their grand final battle plan consisted of hurling twelve year old boys under the treads of Iraqi tanks.
8. #7 Well then have at it!
TaylorT ,   Earth   (03.09.12)
The whole world is watching to see if Israel will take care of this 'existential threat.' My bet? Israel will do nothing (besides whine to the world, especially the US.) Israeli leaders will kowtow to the Americans and wait. Deep inside they know it is the US that keeps Israel safe (even if ungrateful fools like yourself like to think otherwise.) If you disagree with the opinion that Israel will not attack, then by all means tell us when you think Israel will take action. No need for a date, a range will be fine. Even a 'before September.' Just give some sort of time (I ask, because I think you're too cowardly to give a time, and if you do, I want to laugh at you when this time passes and Israel hasn't done anything.)
9. Iran
Ezra ,   Calgary Canada   (03.09.12)
It is not a matter as to whether Israel is able to stop or destroy Iran it is a matter of national preservation. You yourself are in no position to judge what Israel is capable of, they have certainly demonstrated their ability in the past to defend their nation and I see no reason to think they will not have a repeat. When your back I up against the wall you generally have great motivation! Bless you Israel!
10. #4 General Benassi
John ,   Boise, ID USA   (03.09.12)
Thanks for the intelligence update. We appreciate the inside scoop on how the fight will proceed. Recently, an article was published about Iran "practicing shutting down the Starights of Hormuz." (Johnson, 2011), with threats to "make the world insecure" Tell them to keep practicing...they'll need it. A single warship ought to do the trick in one evening with current estimates at 6-11 hrs.. with plenty of time to pass out the sweets. have a nice day
11. @ no. 8
Northwolf ,   Harstad, Norway   (03.09.12)
To put it simple - you are moron. But then, you are happy not to be able to know it ;-)
12. TaylorT # 8
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.09.12)
How ironic that you of all people should call someone else a fool. You want to laugh at Sarah B but she has the jump on you. She doesn't have to wait to laugh at you. By the way, it isn't the U.S. that keeps Israel safe, it's the God of Israel that keeps Israel safe. If they had to depend on America to keep them safe they would be in trouble.
13. Netanyahu is correct
Max Park ,   Indonesia   (03.09.12)
Netanyahu is perfectly correct. Imagine if Israel had not bombed Osirak (against American & European objections), those Scuds that hit Israel in the Gulf War in 1991 would have had Nuclear warheads on them. And the Ayatollahs are 100X more fanatical & extreme than Saddam ever was !
14. Thank G-D Almighty for Bibi!
Friend of Israel ,   Planet Earth   (03.09.12)
Israel, you have a shrewd and courageous leader who has your back! Stop all of the petty political infighting and work with him. Fast & pray as the Jewish people did in Esther's time. Trust G-D and He will save you! You will be victorious! We stand with you!! Stand united and fight! (And Bibi hold your head up high! The Lord G-D Almighty goes before you in this battle! Keep the faith! You are in our prayers DAILY!) G-D bless Israel!
15. What does Iran know about international law?
16. Threatening Israel with anihilation is against Int Law too!
17. #5
jjv ,   phila pa usa   (03.09.12)
Then what, if I may ask, is Iran so desparately trying to cleanup/remove???
18. NOSTALGIC SARAH.......................#7
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.09.12)
Still basing your judgement on the Iranian strength to be like 1980 is a mistake only illiterate people will make.Your own military personnel have been bafled by the very prospect of Iranian retaliation. The story of 1980 was different where almost all the major powers backed Saddam to an extent that the Iraqi pilots were being literally guided by the Americans.Biological weapons were at Saddam's disposal.You are in a real dream world,Sarah!!
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