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Panetta: US attack on Iran would be more effective
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.03.12, 00:19
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1. More Effective?
Lynn   (03.09.12)
Ah, the rhetorical tools the administration is using to try and dissuade the Israelis from protecting themselves. Sending out such luminaries and intellectual giants as Panetta and other political lapdogs to make statements that are intended to be at least subtly negative toward Israel.
2. Israel doesn't need the U.S.A. period!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.09.12)
3. Of course US attack would be more effective...
4. Sorry Leon, that's not good enough an argument ...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (03.09.12)
to prevent the inevitable.
5. Obama regime is playing sick games again.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.09.12)
The Obama regime is playing sick games again. Obama has no intention of destroying Iran's nukes. Panetta made this statement solely to discourage Israel from doing so.
6. attack capabilities
Robert ,   Farmington   (03.09.12)
getting bent over is a total different subject , then attack capabilities , yes America of late has gotten good at that tactic (aka) our Muslim president , and our cracker jack generals. I don't know how they can say that since we haven't won a war since the second world war.
7. Any attack is better then none ;(
Robert ,   Farmington   (03.09.12)
Any attack is better than no attack at this point , the fact is Iran should have not gotten this far with there nuclear program yes we can blame Bush , Obama and Netanyahu for this one just a total failure in reaction time,and a total failure in planning , Iran will get the bomb if they already don't have it. leaving us with Obama will get a huge from his Muslim brothers , and Netanyahu will have to come up with a excuse to why Iran has the bomb to the Jewish people.but to say one side could do a better job then the other is a joke , when was the last time America has won a war?
8. Better attack capabilities? Sure,...
Gideon Reader   (03.09.12)
...but ayn baytzim, as they say in the pre-chicken business.
9. Don't limit threat
Peter ,   Auburn, USA   (03.09.12)
to nuclear sites but go after infrastructure and Qom too.
10. And Panetta would be more effective as a dogcatcher!
B.E. ,   Whangarei, NZ   (03.09.12)
11. Any attack would guarantee Iran makes nukes
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.09.12) defend itself. Invasion and occupation is the only way to stop Iran, and Israel can't do this, and America won't.
12. Leon Pinata
Arminius ,   US of Israel   (03.09.12)
Leon Pinata is a looney toon, hit him with a stick until candy flies out of his head.
13. Israel's Nukes
Arminius ,   USA   (03.09.12)
Iran doesn't have any nukes, Israel does and Israel refuses to sign the NNPT.
14. Maybe so Mr. Paneta
Israeli 2   (03.09.12)
but by refusing to do the job because you really do not intend to do it due to your lack of resolve makes Israel the stronger opponent and not you. All your might means nothing unless you punch them now and fast.
15. you mean like the patriot "scud busters"?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (03.09.12)
yes, panetta is absolutely right, but if and only if, the americans actually hit their targets. in ww2 and vietnam, they resorted to carpet bombing to ensure that targets were destroyed, which is obviously something israel couldn't do. in more recent engagements, particularly in the middle east, such as jimmy carter's botched rescue in iran, or ronnie raygun's airstrike on muamar gadhafi, they have certainly been LESS than effective.
16. Panetta
LA_LA Kitty ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.09.12)
Well, Mr. Panetta, according to your boss, President Obama, he just wants to pursue negotiations and sanctions. So much for a US strike being more effective! Israel is the master of its own destiny! Am Israel Chai!!
17. It always comes down to the Yanks
Cameron ,   USA   (03.09.12)
The deciding factor in every truly heavy crisis.
18. Afraid you'll just have to roll with it, Noodles
Cameron ,   USA   (03.09.12)
The real ability to deal with the Persian matter rests with us. It honestly always did. There is no choice but to wait on our decision as to approach & timing. Just the way it is.
19. More effective
Mark ,   USA   (03.09.12)
An attack by the United States would of course be more comprehensive, as the U.S. has a much larger air force, number of planes, bombs, etc., but the fact is the U.S. does not have the fortitude to do what is right, and remove the Iranian nuclear threat once and for all. Unfortunately, we are being led by a pacifist at best, and a muslim apologist at worst. Israel is the west's only hope.
20. Wrong
Gav ,   USA   (03.09.12)
USA's lack of attack is not more effective than Israel's soon to be real attack. Just like USA's lack of attack on Iraq's and Syria's nuke plants. Israel is the only one in the world to have the balls and is solely responsible for her own safety.
21. Panetta's Epiphany
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (03.09.12)
Panetta's epiphany that a US strike on Iran would have a much greater effect than an Israeli strike is absolutely stunning. Perhaps he will have yet another revelation, that any strike at all would have a greater effect than no strike at all.
22. Ah, yes, the gnashing of teeth has begun...
TaylorT ,   Earth   (03.09.12)
...hey, no one's stopping Israel from attacking Iran to get rid of this 'existential threat.' Go right ahead (if you can.) You're 'masters of your fate,' no? Must be frustrating when all the lies you tell youselves come up against reality. The whole world's watching you stomp your little feet because daddy Obama has told you 'no.' Now be good little boys and girls and behave or else you might get spanked.
23. A Swedish Proverb says -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.09.12)
" First to Mill - First to Grind " !!!. The US has no Monopoly. Mr Panettas Words reflects the US mentality Precisely - " US - the Biggest in the World " !!!. Yes - in this case - the Biggest Idiocy. Iran would never let the US be the One that strikes First. Arn.Sweden.
24. Reruns, nothing but reruns.
Devorah   (03.09.12)
Sick of hearing about it. Sick of reading about it. Sick of Pinocchio, sick of Obama, sick of stalling, sick of lying, sick of think tanks, sick of games, sick of everything.
25. TaylorT # 22
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.09.12)
Obama may be your daddy but he isn't Israels or mine. You talk pretty tough for a stuffed shirt. Nobody and I mean NOBODY is going to spank Israel.
26. Like when the US failed to free embassy staff in Teheran?
who cares   (03.09.12)
This US government cant be trusted one word ! To achieve their own goals they betray socalled ''allies and friends''. I suppose this US government wants Iran go nuclear and attack Israel. This way the US government hopes to get rid of Israel and get good friends with the muslim world. Israel - beware of BHO - this man is a lethal threat to Israel ! He will smile at you while stabbing you in the back !
27. #18 Cameron, the problem with waiting on America...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (03.09.12)
is that it can't be depended upon to get off it's fat, lazy keister, so therefore, the decision will be made for it. But wouldn't it be just like America to wait until one or more of it's cities goes up in a ball of atomic fire, before the penny finally drops.
28. That's cynical!
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (03.09.12)
Clear! Look at Iraq! The country is devastated. For Israel it would be enough, if crucial elements of Iran's nuclear program are eliminated. The longer we wait, the more Iran will be able to dig in and protect the program against air strikes. Now, after this opportunity may have vanished, Panetta comes and tells, that the U.S. could air raid Iran's sites. I have read about more than 16,000 sorties to be performed! This effectively would lead to thousands of casualties. It would leave the country devastated.... Is this what we want? I would say, that this cannot be our goal. We want to be left alone and live without threat of annihilation. After weeks of U.S. air raids, Iran will look as if it was nuked. Only the radiation will be missing.
29. The writing is on the wall...TICK...TOCK...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.09.12)
Rafi ,   US   (03.09.12)
Please ignore the bulk of the Talkbackers here who act like spoiled brats (such as #2 Sarah B). They will be the 1st to beg for US assistance when it will INEVITABLY be needed.
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