2 killed in Gaza strike, including terror chief
Yoav Zitun
Published: 09.03.12, 17:54
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Sam ,   Jerusalem   (03.09.12)
ONGOING FIRE FROM GAZA; ISRAELI AIR FORCE STRIKES BACK. .... this is the correct headline for this news piece. The point is not that two were killed, but that Israel responded to continuous Arab attacks - whether they were successful or not. Is Ynet a mouthpiece for the Arab media or an Israeli site? Make up your mind.
2. response
real vision ,   usa   (03.09.12)
with 10 times the force.every time. Hamas and all the other islamic thugs need to know israel means business an that the gazans will suffer
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (03.09.12)
4. good job idf, terror cannot/will not be tolerated
david ,   haifa   (03.09.12)
Our children deserve to live without fear and our country and our people the jewish people should protect our children. Its sickening that we lets this go on like this. They have no fear of reprisal yet our kids live in constant fear the tides must turn now@!
5. Re Blast
Marty ,   Toronto Canada   (03.09.12)
There goes another 144 virgins in Paradise!
6. Well done IDF!!
Esteban ,   Argentina   (03.09.12)
7. It's a start, better than bombing some
Mikey   (03.09.12)
Abandoned buildings or sand dunes. Hopefully, more terrorists will be targeted in the future.
8. Great work, IDF!
Reuven   (03.09.12)
9. Sweet!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.09.12)
One dead terrorist "secretary general" (the titles they dream up for their terrorist organizations!) and one piece of scum no longer kept in prison at the expense of the Israeli taxpayer and now no longer alive. Win-win-win.
10. Follow the Syrian pattern....
Mike ,   Edmonton, AB   (03.09.12)
25+ terrorists dead every day, including Shabbat. This should be the "relatively quiet" situation for them.
11. Hunt them down like the rats there are...
Al   (03.09.12)
12. celebrating the deaths of our enemies?
Jeremy ,   Chicago   (03.09.12)
We should all remember as pesach approaches, how moshe and miriam showed us how to celebrate our freedom while not celebrating the deaths of our enemies. Let's not resort to ululating and passing out sweets. Kol hakavod, IDF!
13. gaza
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (03.09.12)
i hope the 24 virgins were waiting for them
14. the U.N.???
david ,   miami, U.S.   (03.09.12)
if the U.N. culdhve interfered or prevented the 1947/1948 partition, the would have!!! That institution is the symbol of anti-Israel and only the Holocaust caused its silence in 1947!!! We cannot expect them to condemn the, our counter-measurs must be as statu quo! BOMB THE HELL OUT OF THESE TERRORIST SCUM OUT OF THIS AND THER NEXT WORLD! AM YISRAEL CHAI!
15. Mortars are not rockets!
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (03.09.12)
sk ,   USA   (03.09.12)
...for helping them attain "paradise" and giving them their prize of "72 virgins..." Applause, applause!!!
17. A better comment
sk ,   USA   (03.09.12)
Instead of saying "Even if the rockets don't hurt people, they sow fear that must be stopped," a better comment would have been: "Israel will not tolerate any rockets and missiles fired into its territory. These weapons have randomly killed, maimed innocent civilians in the past, and caused untold financial damage, and unless this is stopped, will kill and maim again in the future."
18. USA
#15   (03.09.12)
You are uninformed, ignorant or just playing stupid.
19. More logical than Assad
sk ,   USA   (03.09.12)
Killing of terrorists makes more sense than Assad killing his own people for power hungry, control freak reasons.
20. One Falls, a Thousand Arise
Al Mujahid   (03.09.12)
21. Picture of Destroyed Car
Moisha Kapoir ,   Nanuet USA   (03.09.12)
Looks like a Chevy Volt after a battery fire.
22. #15 Mortars are not Rockets?
Serge ,   New York, US   (03.09.12)
You are right. So, I will shoot some mortars to your house and your mother's house and then let's get together for a coffee at the funeral home so you can tell me how enjoyable was the experience for your mother. Unfrotunatelly, I doubt she would be able to tell you any story. But, still we can chat over a coffee so I can tell you how I am improving the capacity of my mortars so I can hit exactly in your bedroom or your children's bedroom next time!!! By the way, is Texas in the Moon or your lack of brain is just there?
23. Do it again and again and again
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (03.09.12)
until all the Gazan's learn never again means never again!!! Stop releasing terrorists.!!!!
24. Damn, them boys is just smokin' BBQ in the clip!
Cameron ,   USA   (03.09.12)
I noticed no shouts of "Allahu Akbar" from the crowd watching that holy warrior moment.
25. #15 john - but rockets are rockets...
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.09.12)
...and that is what they fire indiscriminately at Israel. (Actually, not indiscriminately, as they aim for civilian areas.)
26. One order for 144 virgins please.
bozotheclown ,   lala land   (03.09.12)
27. I'm sure UN/World outraged, despite 31 killed by Syria today
Cynic ,   USA   (03.09.12)
28. Their wives will sleep good tonight, known killers are dead.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.09.12)
29. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
William ,   Israel   (03.09.12)
The IDF killed a major terrorist AND one just released in the recent prisoner exchange. A two-for - what a way to start the weekend of what I hope is many more terrorists' departure from the land of the living.
30. #15 - right, and rockets are not mortars
William ,   Israel   (03.09.12)
There have been tens of rockets, including powerful Grad rockets, on civilians in Israel. But let's be honest - rockets, mortars, all of this is intended for the Israeli civilian population and the IDF response is both justified and overdue. Suck on that Robey.
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