Gaza strike: Terrorists vow revenge
Elior Levy
Published: 09.03.12, 19:12
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1. Shake the earth?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.09.12)
Steady diet of hummus and fava beans, I guess. I feel sorry for their neighbors. (Well, not really.)
2. TO NO. 1
JOYCE ,   JERUSALEM   (03.09.12)
Nothing sensible as usual.
stude ham   (03.09.12)
as if these murderers needed any excuse to conduct their criminal pogroms. may israel always cut off the terrorists from this world.
4. Reataliation
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.09.12)
And when Israel's retaliation follows there will be no need for the whole world to shake, it will be quite enough that only Gaza shakes. But shakes well.
5. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.09.12)
I doubt you have intellect sufficient to determine what is sensible. If you would like a clear-cut example of what is not sensible, please go back and read your comment at Post No. 2.
6. open the doors
arne ,   chicago usa   (03.09.12)
to hell. really!--the doors were opened when 1200 "animals" were let out of the zoo--so now they're on the loose and the job is to find them and return them, then fire the zoo keeper and replace him with old man Shalit. What a joke.
7. rules of engagement
gene ,   usa   (03.09.12)
Whoever is in charge of major military response should listen. We the jews living abroad are blamed for deeds of if we are blamed for it we might as wdll have a say in where israely politics is going. Due to not only democratic but ethnic in nature is our homeland. So I want to say. Attack and puish heavy.don't stall.after all its all about location :)
8. How do Warmongers Die?
Chester ,   Miami, Fl   (03.09.12)
By the sword.
9. I am so scared, yawn.
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.09.12)
It's way past time that we go after the terrorists in a big way. Dead terrorists harm nobody.
10. Hey al-Qaisi
Ben ,   Free world   (03.09.12)
May you rest in pieces.
11. what took IAF so long ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.09.12)
By harming secretary-general al-Qaisi, the Zionist enemy opened the doors of hell and secretary-general al-Qaisi is now cooked to a crisp where he belongs. He awaits the rest of his jihad dogs because the false prophet Mohammed lied and there are no 72 virgins ,only flea bitten dogs.
12. Shake the earth!
Greg ,   Israek> Beersheba   (03.09.12)
What a poor tiresome rhetoric!
13. IDF punctilious..
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.09.12)
Congratulations, some more shit is removed from the face of the earth. And I agree, any rocket or rpg should be followed up by precise removement of a terrorist leader at the strip...
14. “breached the assassinating a detainee...”?
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.09.12)
Where is it written in the agreement that a released terrorist is guaranteed immunity while continuing terrorism?!
15. my my aren't we in a tizzy. keep it up idf. these bastards
ralph   (03.09.12)
should not get 1 good nites sleep.
16. To #2: Is it Joyce or JAIZA from E. Jerusalem?
Israeli 2   (03.09.12)
17. The Right To Defend
Brett ,   Florida   (03.09.12)
Get ready for the new lie and twisted truth that the world will swallow readily. And I qoute the "Palestinian people have a right to defend themselves". They kill Israeli civillians, Isarel kills the terrorist, and the remaining terrorists say, now we're mad, really mad enough to shake the ground! We weren't mad the first time we tried to kill you, but NOW we will have revenge. It's sickening and laughable at the same time. This will be the new mantra for all muslims very soon. They will say the muslim people have a right to defend themselves so we have to blow you up first, and anyone else who doesn't believe like us.
18. To: Brett at No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.09.12)
I've learned to ignore European lip service. They're terrified of their violent and vocal Moslem and Arab minorities. Want to know how they REALLY feel? Take a look at the humiliation of the ersatz "Palestinians" in the United Nations last fall. The ersatz "Palestinians" were SO sure they would get their declaration of statehood, and ended up with less than nothing, having to slink home with their mangy tails between their legs. There really are two levels of diplomacy -- that which occurs for public consumption, and that which conveys the reality of the situation. The ersatz "Palestinians" were slapped in the face. They now know that they will never achieve statehood, which explains Abbas' refusal to "negotiate." I wonder if he even understands that Israel made him paint himself into a corner. Probably not. But the attempted end-run around Israel to the United Nations was the killshot -- self-inflicted, I might add -- and Israel is pleasantly entrenched in the catbird seat.
19. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.09.12)
Gotta love the hyperbolic language, though! I think they completely fail to understand that the instant Israel grows a little tired of them, Israel can make Gaza disappear in a heartbeat. No great loss, there!
20. Greg # 12
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.09.12)
I think they were starting to get tired of "rivers of blood" and "mother of all" garbage and decided to try something different. Talk is cheap. It makes them feel big and tough.
21. Kol Hakavot IAF
ben zeev ,   be olam   (03.09.12)
Turn all this human vermin into crispy chips, non stop!
22. Israel started this time (collection of notes)
from Here ,   Here not away   (03.09.12)
Gaza has been enjoying a long period calmness. It already suffers from shortage of fuel, electricity and gas. Israel has lots of supporters around the world, simply because the world fears to criticize Jews from one side and from the other side, jews are powerfull around the wolrd and politicians fear them. Palestinians are hopeless, powerless, richless, so it is normal you all hate them. But in this case, you are not human being, you're pro-strong only and you care about your interest only. Look deeper and see your mistakes.
23. It's about time...
Jack B. ,   USA   (03.09.12)
...Israel retakes Gaza; these pretended people need a dose of serious reality by way of a major arse-whoopin'! Take no prisoners; kill everything in sight...that's how you fight these Muslim animals. God bless, Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem!
24. If he looks like a terrorist (he does, doesn't he?
yossi   (03.09.12)
smells like a terrorist, stinks like a terrorist. then he must be one to be expunged from our environment, our land, our homes.---- and so he was ! No earthquake so far; the sysmograph shows 0.00015 ???, it means that his demise did not turn out to be an earthshaking event. allah must be pooped with all their boastings and promises. NEXT ???
25. fire israeli missiles into gaza
iraj   (03.09.12)
enough with 2 or 3 missile shots. Fire 500 rockets into gaza.
26. Coming to a theater near you: The Mother of All Shakes!
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (03.10.12)
27. from here # 23- "Israel started this time"
Arnold ,   Canada   (03.10.12)
Wrong. Even the Palestinian Maan News site reported that prior to Israel's strike into Gaza killing the PRC leader , Pal militants had fired at least 3 mortars into Israel on Friday..
28. # 22
Birdi ,   Israel = Jewish land   (03.10.12)
Wrong, Israel did not ''start this time'' If someone wanted to push you off your land, would you love them? Your post is delusional from beginning to end.
29. To: No. 22
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.10.12)
Has it ever occurred to you that if Gazans were to stop their endless plotting of terrorist attacks against Israel, and stop firing missiles into Israel (11,000 and counting), that they just might acquire a better life? (Hamas and the other assorted terrorist flotsam and jetsam permitting, of course -- hardly a given.) Israel is a sovereign state, with an affirmative duty and obligation to protect its citizens and secure its borders. If you have a problem with that -- too bad for you. Look deeper and see your incredibly imbecility.
30. gaza terror....
les ,   canada   (03.10.12)
will not end, until israel finishes cast lead 1, but this time FINISHING THE JOB! meaning, an over whelming attack, destroying all terror facilities, infrastructures, weapons manufacturing shops, and eliminate all organized resistance. ARE WE NEVER GOING TO LEARN?
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