Some 100 rockets hit Israel since Friday
Ilana Curiel
Published: 10.03.12, 12:04
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1. What are you waiting for!!??
Eli F. ,   Somewhere, Thailand   (03.10.12)
Enough already!! Turn ALL of Gaza into a parking lot!! When we we learn!!??
2. I think the time has come ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.10.12)
... to pull the plug on Gaza. Highly accurate shelling and targeted assassinations of human detritus has not done the trick. The terrorist elements in Gaza have somehow come to feel empowered. Let's take them down a peg or two or three and teach them that there is a painful -- if short -- future for them if they do not immediately cease and desist. Destroy half of Gaza, then ask them if they'd like to lose the rest. Being ersatz "Palestinians" they will, of course immediately whine and beg for a "cease-fire," which Israel should ignore until we are certain that the message has gotten across. Collateral damage be damned. Let's pull the NATO card, and bomb indiscriminately. Sorry in advance for needless civilian casualties, but -- hey -- shouldn't they have gotten rid of their terrorist masters long ago? I feel about as sympathetic for them as I would for the millions of dead German civilians in World War II. Which is to say -- not very. Sorry if that comes across as a bit callous. I just worry more about Israeli civilians than I do about ersatz "Palestinian" civilians. In Gaza, they could have risen against Hamas et al. long ago, yet chose not to take the course of liberation. In my book, that makes them collaborators, and entirely expendable. Israel's southern communities should not be sitting ducks, subject to ersatz "Palestinian" whim. The best way to deal with a thorn embedded in your skin is to pluck it and discard it. It will also send a strong message at a time when Israeli resolve no longer seems to be troublesome to ersatz "Palestinian" terrorists. Let's set the record straight, and teach them the grievous error of their ways.
3. Okay, play time is over
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.10.12)
Turn Gaza into a pile of rubble.
4. in response to the change in Israel policy
observer ,   Egypt   (03.10.12)
estimated 80 rockets, why? Israels has unprecedentedly claimed responsibility for the targeted killing of Zuhair al-Qaissi. Israel has now to expect unprecedented response.
5. since self-defense war has begun, the weak side will win
observer ,   Egypt   (03.10.12)
I don't believe that Israel is the weak side.
6. why does Israel attack on Shabbat?
observer ,   Egypt   (03.10.12)
it to prove that democracy is not only for Jews.
7. Who are we dealing with?
Bonny ,   Southern Israel   (03.10.12)
Everyone should remember that we're dealing with people who don't put much value in individual life, that's why what would hurt us wouldn't necessarily do anything to them. We need to understand our enemy in order to defeat them.
8. # 4
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.10.12)
In general you are right. Action brings reaction. But, how many times the case was that rockets launched from Gaza were the first move and Israeli retaliation came after that? And you know what, I don't remember you explaining the same logic here as you are explaining today...
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (03.10.12)
10. 4 It is the religion of peace at work
11. #4 to observer
A ,   Belgium   (03.10.12)
Hopefully many more "unprecendented" killings of "palestinian" terrorists will soon follow.
12. Israel-do what has to be done-stamp them out !
ben zion   (03.10.12)
But this time dont listen to the antisemites and hypocrits in the west ! Every single western country would have LONG AGO finished Hamas totally off ! NO OTHER NATION WOULD TOLERATE WHAT ISRAEL TOLERATES . The hypocritical USA would have been the first to smash the Hamas terrorists for good ! But England, france, Germany etc as well - they are just hypocritical cowards, egoists and in the end antisemites ! If you ask Israel NOT to defend itself you are definitely an antisemite !
13. Enough-is-Enough!!!
Taz Man ,   USA   (03.10.12)
Praise God, that out of all the rockets fired into Israel...only a relative few have been hurt (God, bless them)! But, enough-is-enough...time to put a stop to this nonsense; time to kill these godless heathens, these sub-human animals! If the IDF won't do its duty, may God strike Israel's enemies with His divine judgement! God, please, protect the people from their own inept, governmental leadership and from the enemies' who seek Israel's destruction! God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem! A Christian Zionist
14. A Roiling Sea!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (03.10.12)
The sea rages, waves of Muslim tides buffet Israel's shores. As He once has, again, God will calm the seas. Although, the tempest will be great, Israel is safe and secure within Hashem's protection. God bless, Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem! Christian Zionist
15. Have no sentiments towards these terrorists.
nibor ,   israel   (03.10.12)
But since the other side does not view them as terrorists, and even if they did, we can't be so naive as not to expect retaliation.
16. Gaza
Monty ,   London, England   (03.10.12)
Not a mention of this in the UK newspaperss - wonder why not?
17. Restore the Balfour - Muslims out of Palestine.
BUTSeriously ,   Australia   (03.10.12)
The corruption of the Balfour by Britain remains illegal. As Islamic countries bar Jews from entry - the same must apply to Palestine.
18. No more ceasefires and no more "lulls"
Devorah   (03.10.12)
because Israel's credibility and resolve are on the line more than ever. Israel must finish, once and for all, what Hamas started because she has bigger fish to fry. I said "fry," not "sanction."
19. God Help You People!
Ali ,   Scotland   (03.10.12)
For every freedom fighter martyrdom Israel becomes more hated by the world.Try a 2 state solution on 67 borders and you will have your peace!
20. Israel please contact...
Ivan ,   South Africa   (03.10.12)
Bashar al-Assad and ask him to sort out your Gazan problems for you, as he knows how to bomb cities, not just one small target at a time..
21. It sounds like Iran has ordered.....
Malone ,   Hfx   (03.10.12)
....Hamas to initiate these cowardly attacks in order to try and divert attention from themselves.
22. not enough response on our side. ratio should be 100 to 1.
ralph   (03.10.12)
23. #19. Why invoke God's help! Gaza has already chosen weapons
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.10.12)
...sophisticated rockets, launchers, guns galore, the whole works and more than enough ruthless jihadists to fire them. What you bringing God in this for, huh???
24. To: Malone at No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.10.12)
Excellent observation. Iran is running scared. They've probably also tried to exert some pressure on Hezbollah to do similar things, but Hezbollah is miffed at Iran for cutting its budget, and has declined. Don't worry, though. When the time comes to deal with Iran, Gaza goes bye-bye. Israel has fought multi-front wars in the past, but may not wish to do so at present. Iran has very good reason to be scared. Best part: they are telegraphing their fear. Anyone with half a brain knows exactly the punishment that Israel can bring to bear against Iran. Gaza is just a distraction. A few Israeli bombing runs ends that problem, likely forever.
25. #19 67 borders?
jo moor   (03.10.12)
26. #19
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (03.10.12)
The problem with that is, your people - Abbas, particularly - refuse to even talk. They know Israel will never be foolish enough to accede to your suicidal demands.
27. Blind Observer from Egypt - there was never a "ceasefire"
Al Levy ,   Toronto   (03.10.12)
Get it through your blind eyes, Mr/Ms Egyptian Observer, that there have been rockets and mortars fired from Gaza almost every day for the past 10+ years. This includes about 60 until your Palestinian "brothers" fired more at our civilians yesterday morning. Only then did the IDF take out the terrorist leaders. If you don't want us shooting at the Gazans, then be a good Egyptian neighbor and tell your Palestinian borthers to arrest the terrorists and tell Hamas to agree to peace talks. You are not very observant at all, are you?
28. Better when said in Itanian
Gideon Reader   (03.10.12)
BASTA! B-A-S-T-A !!!!! Enough. It is beyond time to dust off those civic development plans from the sunny slopes of days gone by, and turn Gaza into a large parking lot. One without the stolen cars or assaulted legal owners property on display. Someone starts it. You finish it. The US, UK, UN, EU, and every other entitiy is going to condenm Israel any way. Probably for "public interference with a terrorist's right to fire rockets unimpededly."DO...IT!!!
29. #19 ali - wrong as usual
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.10.12)
The arabs' goal is to eliminate the Jewish State. They have proven it time and again. The arabs refuse to sit and talk but want to unilaterally declare their state on the borders they decide with the conditions they decide. This is as ludicrous as your post.
30. Soon
Casa ,   Sri Lanka   (03.10.12)
Soon these would contain nuclear warheads or dirty-bombs once Iran has their hand on them. Better to attack Iran now than regret later.
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