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Islamic Jihad shows off multi-barrel rocket launcher
Elior Levy
Published: 10.03.12, 13:39
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1. quartet and abbas
mohson   (03.10.12)
quartet's tired refrain peace talks is dead wood. Clinton is ineffectual, ashton is useless, lavrov says anything putin tells him to while they butcher their own moslems, and blair is married to an arab infatuated women along with her moslem sister. Jordan is being now claimed as part of san remo and british formaiton of jordan is null and void. Abbas and the arabs of judea and samaria are there illegally. You have 30 days to pack up and leave. Abbas willl be jailed for incitement if the education system is not changed forthwith.
2. High tech weapon!
Fredrik T ,   Sweden   (03.10.12)
Very impressive, launchers on a pickup, who would have thought of something like that before. And a logo on the door, that's just awesome. I think they would do rather well in the TV show Scrap heap challenge. And once the IDF has targetted the vehicle new fresh team members can built another from the leftovers once again...
3. bottle rockets
david k ,   new york   (03.10.12)
nice bottle rockets X)
4. Easy to spot. Old russian garbage.
Pinky ,   ORLANDO   (03.10.12)
5. to #3 How would you like to have one of
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.10.12)
those "bottle rockets" land a few meters from you? You must have a bottle rocket brain.People were killed and injured by them.
6. Easier to spot
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.10.12)
These high-tech launchers are easier to spot than single ones and easier to hit. Great improvement.
7. They had a better chance firing from school yards
William ,   Israel   (03.10.12)
With IAF planes in the air, these trucks are able to be identified easily and followed along with the terror team inside them. Then - boom! An advancement for Islamic Jihad but not really against the advanced IAF.
8. #3 - may you enjoy them on your home on July 4th
William ,   Is   (03.10.12)
and we'll see if you still consider them "bottle rockets"
9. Rocketd
David Asleson ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.10.12)
Not ONE Rocket should enter Israel. United Nation Ha what a joke!
10. multy
les ,   canada   (03.10.12)
we all know what the jihadists wants to do! but we don't know what israel is doing about it. killing a half dozen here and there means nothing. there are tens of thousands of zombies to take their place.
11. #5 & #8, David @ 3 is being sarcastic.
leo ,   usa   (03.10.12)
12. No Choice
zivron   (03.11.12)
Jew will not leave Islamic expansionism unchallanged. The Jews claim security over the river to the sea.Those of other faiths who have the capacity and committment to live in peace with the Jews can stay underline in a security Jewish State woymaximum deterrant capacity.
13. weapons
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (03.11.12)
hmm , we have some thing up our sleeve it looks like a world war 2 stalin organ not exactley state of the art is it
14. Multi-barrel Rocket
Dave In Arizona ,   USA   (03.11.12)
Up their sleeve? They need to tread lightly, those rockets may soon be up their ass.
15. Tehran, Gaza, Sidon Are History
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (03.11.12)
Its all Hillarys fault and Goldstone. Israel had Hamas/Hez on the ropes..and withdrew due to pressure. Now, they face 200,000 rockets. Hez is biding their time and waiting for Iran to act.. Bibi acuiesces to Obama who thinks more time will cool off the hot heads in Iran., while they are making a neutron gun to manufacture popcorn. So, where is all this heading? 30m and 15m dead Iranians/Syrians if Israel uses its awesome power (per report to Congress). Hamas/Hez are history, if Israel decides to make a sheet of glass out of their sanctuaries. Anyone want to guess when? Iran threatens to aid any group at wr with israel. Tehran, you might be history.
16. Agreed, #13, looks like a leftover from the Eastern Front
Cameron ,   USA   (03.11.12)
17. the myth of 5 bucks/rocket Yahoo used to block Iron Dome.
Miron ,   USA   (03.11.12)
and still in PM seat
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