Arab-Jewish hockey team breaks barriers
Associated Press
Published: 05.04.12, 07:02
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1. this is a beautiful beginning
but, i would really like to see arabs, any arabs and muslims from any country and from the palestinian authority do exactly the same thing instead of glorifying terrorist, naming streets after them, sending them on suicide missions rather than hockey games, bashing jews in modques and tv programs, training their kids in summer camps for jihad against jews, continuing the demonization of jew and israelis calling them pes and pig and killing them with impunity whenever they get the chance. now, if the palestinian authority will just do a fraction of what this jew and arab did in the north, i would believe that the pa is a true peace partner instead of a murderous antisemitic entity. hameed aboughaze, iranian
2. Oh, I love this!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.05.12)
I hold season's tickets to the New York Rangers. I cannot skate worth a lick, but I admire people who can. Of course, my son is a Montreal Canadiens fan (where did I go wrong?), but hockey is my favorite sport, no matter what! Good work! Please keep it up.
3. Little moments like this
Jordan Ariel ,   Philadelphia USA   (04.05.12)
This is a great news article! First of all, like Sarah B. I love hockey. (gotta root for the Flyers though) and second it's a challenging and rewarding sport... (also like Sarah B. i cant skate if my life depended on it) It is little moments like this where children of both sides can see each other as something other than the "enemy." When you get together and realize that your stereotypes are largely not based in reality... Little moments like this, remind me that peace could be possible. Blessings to both Jewish and Arab families who can overcome hatred as a result of this wonderful initiative.
4. Not just cross-cultural, but cross-gender
William ,   Israel   (04.05.12)
I was elated to see also girls on this team. How very excellent.
5. mixed ice hockey
B. Zahn ,   Winnipeg, Canada   (04.06.12)
Druze are NOT Arabs and I doubt very much that they would decribe themselves as such.
6. Hab fan here..If we dont win we just burn the city down
Al   (04.06.12)
Go Habs go..
7. #4 Not just cross-country, but cross-check too.
Softwalker ,   Canada   (04.06.12)
Keep your head up when you cross the blue line, bud!
8. im with jordan sara
edan ,   nj - telaviv   (04.06.12)
flyers all the way!!! on the contrary i think the biggest step both sides can do is cancel out religion as a mandatory subject in there current education system as an israeli boarding school student , and an american citizen, i think its counter productive, its becoming more of a nationalistic tool than an educational one, and its the only thing keeping jewish israelis and israeli arabs from learning together. it all starts with the youth. and learning about ancient wars, only makes for useless grudges.
9. Intergration will only make israel stronger
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (04.06.12)
Israseli government should encourage all forms of integration between Israeli-arabs and jews, not only in sports but also economy, culture, etc... this will only make israel stronger and more prosperous.
10. To: Al at No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.08.12)
Oh, please. Les Habitants have more Stanley Cups than anyone! Please don't burn Montreal down. It's probably the most beautiful city in North America and, besides, my son lives there. I'd kind of miss him ....
11. I used to like playing and watching hockey before
leo ,   usa   (04.14.12)
I moved to America. Now I do not watch it, I prefer watch boxing instead.
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