IDF: Rocket fire unprecedented
Yoav Zitun
Published: 12.03.12, 17:09
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1. Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.12.12)
It doesn't matter who is firing those rockets, they're still being fired from Gaza, aimed at Israel's heartlands
2. Use biological warfare to clean up the Gaza strip for ever.
naro ,   nyc   (03.12.12)
3. does israel even deserve a state
marcel   (03.12.12)
hamas and jihad fire unprecedented rockets at israel who defends with iron dome a a few air strikes and complains that terror hiding behind human shields. i told you what to bloody well do. Hit 6 governemnt buildings, 30 gas stations, 10 marketplaces, all the fishing piers, set the whole godforsaken place on fire. If yoiu don't want to do it, then zohar is right. Get out of the state and go back to poland. You don't defend the state so get the hellout.
4. Rockets
michaelpielet ,   israel   (03.12.12)
How did the arabs obtain all those rockets. Who withdraw from the Philadelphia corridor, Mofaz. Who withdrew from Gaza, Sharon, approved by the left, likud and Bibi. Bad decisions, bad consequences. Unfortunately the residents of the south have to eat it.
5. quid pro quo
Barry ,   Tokyo   (03.12.12)
It´s time the Israelis produce millions of cheap "dumb" missiles and rain them over Gaza. What will the MSM say? They cannot blame Israel from doing exactly the same thing her enemies are doing, only perhaps that Israel does it better.
6. And the IDF won't incrementally up it's response?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (03.12.12)
7. Iranian army attacking Israel
Brod ,   USA   (03.12.12)
Forget this so-called Hamas. It is the Iranian army operating in Gaza that is attacking Israel. Israel should hit them hard before it is too late. This may well be Iran's way of preempting Israel. While Israel is focusing its eyes on Gaza, Iran will order its army in Lebanon called Hezbollah to shower Israel with rockets. And the third stage will be Iran launching its long-range giant rockets on Israel. If Israel does not act fast now, it would be far worse when the dark forces unleash their mega rockets on Israel in an orchestrated manner.
8. Well, let's destroy their "image of victory"
eliminate more of them, and faster! Start hitting their homes and families.
9. iranian diversion
thejoker ,   sydney australia   (03.12.12)
iran gets the zombies in gaza to attack because its scared of israel attacking it. i say you should just nuke em all, clean the land up and make israel bigger
10. Bibi is weak!
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (03.12.12)
I said it all along that BIBI is weak. If rockets where fired at Florida from Cuba, Obama would order the US Marines to take Havana. I don't care what kind of spin you put on this, but if BIBI can't protect his people ( Israeli's) from little pip squeek terrorist with bottle rockets, how in the hell is he going to take on Iran. Now I see why he went to Washington crawling on his knees like a little biatch.
11. Carpet bomb the tunnels
chla dar bo ,   Montreal Canada   (03.12.12)
Obviously the rockets are coming in via the tunnels. Carpet bomb their tunnels !
Roy ,   Canada   (03.12.12)
I want to see Putin style management of these Sand camels!
13. # 31
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.12.12)
Thanks general marcel for your advice. There has been over 138 rockets fired from Gaza on southern Israel since Friday. 138 rockets in NOT a few. None of us are leaving, not now & not tomorrow. We are here to stay.
14. IDF is great at analyse ,less than mediocre in reacting
ab   (03.12.12)
What consolation is it for those forced to run to shelters and not o send children to school that it's "unprecedented" !?
15. IDF Follow these simple instructions:
froike ,   NY NY   (03.12.12)
The best defense is offense: 1) Drop Leaflets over Gaza and let the "innocents" leave their homes for 48 hours. 2) Turn Gaza into parking lot. 3) Repeat as necessary.
16. Anyone know if any anti-Zionist lecturers at Ben Gurion U?
Sami ,   Haifa   (03.12.12)
Anyone know if any anti-Zionist lecturers at Ben Gurion "University" were killed or hurt?
17. EYE for EYE...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.12.12)
Not turning the other cheek.That s not the Tora way. Sadly,there is a lack of Tora knowledge into to day s leadership. Begin was the best leader Israel had,he was orthodox and a man of vision.
18. # 16
joske ,   sweden   (03.12.12)
Sami in Haifa: Are you dumb or are you an Arab. maybe both?
19. new tactics
daniela ,   panama   (03.12.12)
I think maybe Israel should think about something new... it should send one missile against Paris, Washington, Berlin and London. When they will try to retaliate, Israel should point out, that when this happen to us, the whole world expect us to remain quiet and let it go.. I think this will be the only way the world will be able to feel what we go thru every day in the south of Israel
20. unprecedented? are you kidding
observer ,   Egypt   (03.12.12)
Israel can predict Iran rockets, but not Gaza ones. START PACKING
21. All GRADS are moved by vehicle, declare Gaza a No-Drive Zone
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (03.12.12)
Israel has a legitimate right under international law to prevent Gaza from moving heavy GRAD rockets into firing position. Declare all of Gaza a No-Drive-Zone, and use air strikes, helicopter missiles and artillery to destroy any car, truck or tractor that appears in Israeli gunsites. Destroy all gasoline and diesel supplies. Crater all the roads with bombs, wipe out all bridges. Destroy all earthmoving vehicles. No repairs or replacements unless they surrender all the rockets. Nothing in the Geneva Convention says they are allowed to have cars and trucks in the first place, and firing rockets at Israeli civilians is a war crime. Need to shut off Hillary's guarantee of unlimited luxury goods for Gaza unless all the rockets are surrendered first. No cease fire unless US imposes massive sanctions on Egypt for allowing the rocket smuggling enterprise across DEMILITARIZED Sinai, and Egypt agrees to foreign troops at Rafah to prevent smuggling
22. Bibi please dont attack Iran. You are a wimp
Dan Kelso   (03.12.12)
If Bibi did attack Israel, mark my words, Iran, Hamas and Hizbollah will launch thousands of missles at Israel and Bibi and Barak will order empty farms in Gaza and Iran to be bombed. What a freakin joke these Israeli leaders are. Sadly, Kadima and Labor are worse. Shamir was the only PM Israel had that had Guts.
23. # 16
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.12.12)
No one has been killed tg.
24. # 20
Birdi ,   Israel = Jewish land   (03.12.12)
Shut up you moron. We aint going nowhere.
25. # 22
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.12.12)
''If Bibi did attack Israel'' When you grow up & have a few more brain cells you can post here, until then, go play with your toy soldiers.
26. Turkish stunt - to #3
Yosef Y ,   USA   (03.12.12)
Marcel, more and more Jews, including myself, begin to feel the same way. Justified anger with this cowardly government, that demoralizes the best army in the world, may NOT deserve to have a state.
27. #5 produce millions of cheap "dumb" missiles and rain them
"Smart" Jew ,   AMERICA THE BEAUTIUL   (03.12.12)
NO THEY SHOULD produce millions of cheap "SMART" missiles and GUIDE them over Gaza. And drop'em as soon as the SOB JIHADISTS attack UNARMED JEWISH PEOPLE!! YOU ARE WRONG! THEY SHOULD BE "SMART" BOMBS...but your numbers are correct, as is your concept! (Jews by nature are unable to produce "DUMB" bombs (they are not arabs), but "SMART" for Jews is very easy!)
28. #20 Israel can predit Iran's rockets
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.12.12)
they're so much further away, Gaza are a lot closer, only a few KM's distance
29. israel deserves a state.
Adam ,   New York   (03.12.12)
The reason Israel cant to ANY of that is because once it does it comes under fire from the world. The second Israel kills a human shield, the whole world cries foul. But when 200 rockets are fired into civilian areas, and if it were not for the various precautions israel takes this would result in casualties, its considered freedom fighting
Dey is slaves to da foreign masters while the brothers in the ghetto (Sderot ) get hammered by Babylon man.Dis Netanyahu is afraid of his own shadow but he does give a beautiful one fine orator bro.
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