IDF: Terrorists using human shields
Yoav Zitun
Published: 12.03.12, 19:25
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1. Have we heard a word from Obama, from the UN, the EU
Allan ,   PT   (03.12.12)
condemning this act of terrorism from the Arabs? NOTHING! NOT ONE WORD! With allies like these, who needs enemies? Israeli leaders, Netanyahu and Barak, should stop being spineless cowards and do what they have to – flatten Gazan once and for all!
2. Good
Steve from Raleigh   (03.12.12)
each one is one less to have to kill tomorrow.
3. @1 actually yes. See link to recent Ynet article...
joe ,   st louis usa   (03.12.12),7340,L-4200978,00.html
4. Iron Dome costs millions to operate ..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (03.12.12)
Why don't you, Israel, just return fire with low cost rockets at Gaza? Hopefully the Gazans will go into panic mode and let them experience what Southern Israel experiences when they fire rockets randomly at populated Israeli towns.
5. Score
VR ,   RSA   (03.12.12)
25 to nil is not so bad. At this rate the Arabs can claim another victory and I will be happy. My hapiness counts.
6. The ONLY path to peace
Dan ,   Florida   (03.12.12)
There is only Peace through superior firepower, strength and the will to use both. There can be no doubt that if PM Netanyahu told Gazans that the next rocket fired in Israel from Gaza will require a FULL retaliatory strike that will devastate all of Gaza. It is now up to the residents of Gaza to control their Government or Israel will do it for them resulting in massive civilian casualties and to hell with "World Opinion" as Hamas cares nothing about it either.
7. Shoot to kill!
tiki ,   belgium   (03.12.12)
That's the ONLY aim of the rockets. Israel should return the favour.
8. Can't cope with Gaza, want to attack Iran?? LOL.
LOL   (03.12.12)
Can't cope with a handfull of lunatics with stovepipe fireworks, but want to conquer Iran? LOL
9. @ LOL, you are a moron!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.12.12)
Unlike your muslims heros, Israel doesn1't want to kill civilians and flatten gaza. You do understand that they have the capability to end Palestinians in about 3 minutes, right? Iran is a different story altogether, but trust me, Israel can handle that too!
10. Human Shields
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.12.12)
Israe knows all the addresses to hamass-terrorists in the strip. Then for EVERY TIME the terrorists are using human shields, one apartment of hamasss should be destroyed. And do not care who is inside....DO IT!!
11. No. 8 - LMAO
Faith ,   Israel   (03.12.12)
Oh we can cope with Gaza alright - if we were just like the terrorists that is. We could wipe the whole thing off the map, including all the innocent civilians. But we won't - it's a Jewish thing, you moron.
12. shame
key   (03.12.12)
shame over all islamic men and women, there is no GD forgiving these cowards shooting death over innocent people just because they think to be victims of apartheid: death and coward behaviour is the symbol of these crowds screaming dust from theyr mouth. Stop giving money to these criminals.
13. ... fire rockets from densely populated areas ...
split ,   US   (03.12.12)
Are there any not densely populated areas in Gaza Strip? ,... According to 2008 CIA Gaza density data there is 4,270 people/sq km (1,537,269 population, 360 sq km) but if you deduct the so called officially 300-meter "buffer zone" along the north and east borders of the Gaza Strip which in real life is 800 to 1000 meters of no-man's-land the density matches the one of Tel Aviv. I suspect you would prefer them to lunch their flying gutters from Buffer Zone but that won't happen.
14. No man's land
sk ,   USA   (03.12.12)
Give Gazans an ultimatum: any more hostilities, terrorism, terrorist planning, etc, and Israel will create a no-man's land by moving the long Israeli-Gaza border 1.5 miles closer to the sea and by the same distance inward at the north and south ends. This section of land will not benefit Israel or be "occupied" ... it will be barbed wired on both sides and mined in the middle. Palestinian funds will be withheld to fund the expense.
15. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.12.12)
Do you suppose we could arrange to fire one of those "flying gutters" at your house? Preferably at a time when you are home.
16. #13, not densely populated?
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.12.12)
How would you like to twist your own pro-pal PR: Your lovely BBC, as "we other" see as a very pro-pal channel, spreading lies abouth Israel, has written a piece, I qouta: "Gaza Strip:, one of the most densely populated tracts of land in the world, is home to about 1.3m Palestinians, about 33% of whom live in United Nations-funded refugee camps."
17. Hamas exploits fact Barak values Arab life more than Israeli
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (03.12.12)
International law clearly allows Israel to use force without limitation to destroy firing positions of an enemy, especially those targeting civilians deliberately as the Arabs are doing, regardless of the enemy civilian casualties it causes - why it is a war crime to fire from civilian areas, but not to shoot back. But Barak chooses to give Gaza a free pass on this war crime, and instead put at risk at Israeli lives rather than bring down massive artillery fire and heavy airstrikes on the general area of the firing positions in Jabalya and other neighborhoods the rockets are fired from, to pin them down. The way to end rocket fire for good is to permanently sever Rafah from the rest of Gaza with a fortified death strip DMZ too wide for them to tunnel under [two-three miles wide], and then force Gaza to trade rocket surrenders for goods at the crossings - no more of Hillary's pasta and other luxuries for free, only the barest basics. No more flotillas willbe coming!! For all else, Gaza must trade rocket surrenders to the IDF for the luxury goods that now sell at their shopping malls. Giving in to Hillary on this was a major blunder that must be reversed by tightening the blockade and telling her to go to hell. The lying Obama will do nothing about Iran no matter what israel promises him on Gaza. So buy safety at home by decimating Gaza's ability to fight. A couple thousand Gaza dead defending Israeli towns from rockets, against the back-drop of Syria? No body is going to care. If Obama doesn't like it, he can bankroll the purchase of 20,000 more Tamir missiles from Israeli factories, and pay the total cost of repairing within 72 hours any damage Gaza rockets cause Israel - no matter how much that costs to do.
18. But Islam is the religion of peace!?!
Anonymous Oleh   (03.12.12)
19. Pathetic Response
Brett ,   Florida   (03.12.12)
Line 'em up, lock on target and fire. Get some guts Mr. N. Cut the electricity and blow the place back to the stone age. That, is what they are sure you won't do. Very soon that is what you have to do in the west bank too. Everybody is an innocent civilian there too, but be careful of that knife in their belt. Do it, and do it now. 160 missles is enough already! This pathetic response only encourages your enemies. Grow a pair and defend Israel.
20. #8
Brian ,   London   (03.12.12)
Yes Gaza has been a challenge for Israel because the Palestinian sympathy card and their inhumane policy of putting innocent civilians in place as human shields has put Israel in a very difficult situation with the international community. Israel has had to keep them happy too - the impossible situation of managing Western morals that value human life on the one hand, and the total opposite on the other hand. Palestinians don't care - they'll sacrifice as many lives as needed to ensure their outcome (the destruction of Israel). You can rest-assured, that if it does get to attacking Iran, there will be no messing around. Without doubt, the tradgedy will be the loss of innocent human life and all you can say is LOL... - you should be ashamed of yourself! Do something useful in the world for a change!
21. split #13
Peter A ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (03.12.12)
I think most resonable people prefer if those Gazans choose not to shoot any rockets at all. It's not like there is anyone forcing them to do it.
22. #8
Harrybaby ,   Canada   (03.12.12)
Conquer Iran? That stuff u r smoking is having the opposite effect. Israel could turn Gaza into a parking lot in the blink of an eyelid. Its more fun to take them out one or two at a time. LOL
23. #8 - Hamas would respectfully disagree with you
William ,   Israel   (03.12.12)
they are proud of the Grad and Fajr rockets and SA-7 anti-aircraft rockets they smuggled in to Gaza and fired at civilians inside Israel. Your attempt to erase this fact has failed.
24. @ number 13
pini   (03.12.12)
U don't know gaza. There are many areas that are not densly populated they could fire from, such as farms. Also they could NOT FIRE ROCKETS! Perhaps if they don't fire rockets, don't send terror squads into israel to commit murder and renounce destroying israel, than Israel won't target their assasins.
25. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.12.12)
Have you forgotten that Israel is a nuclear power? Wouldn't take long at all to neutralize Hamas, Hezbollah and turn Iran into a large glowing cinder. Is that what you would prefer?
26. of course,
observer ,   Egypt   (03.12.12)
because they can't afford the minimum shelters that can protect their own people against F16 air raids.
27. Nothing New
Douglas Fireman ,   Chicago, USA   (03.12.12)
Palestinian Leaderships' using of civilians as human shields is nothing new. While leadership is relatively safe in their underground bunkers or conveniently out of town, Civilians don't even have bomb shelters. I personally don't like to see dead civilians period. But leadership apparently does not care. If they did, they would build either underground bunkers or some form of bomb shelters for their citizens. I guess, Palestinian leadership considers their propaganda machines more important than they do human lives.
28. Same Deplorable Tactics . . .
emanon ,   USA   (03.12.12)
. . . from the same deplorable group. This hardly qualifies as news, but this needs to be publicized so the world know what Israel is facing. Because of the terrorists using human shields, and the terrorists total disregard for human life (especially Jewish lives), no matter what Israel does, it will take a beating. My advice: put up with the beating from the world press if some Terrorstinian women and children get hurt / killed and pound the hummus out of them! Better that than more injured or dead Jewish civilians.
29. SO what is new? they always use human sheilds
meghan ,   israel   (03.12.12)
they want as many as possible killed by IAF strikes, and these people are pretty helpless to do anything, those that are glad to help out, then bring on the body bags! Gazans, you got what you voted for a terror government that allows other terror gangs to do what they want and thats putting your lives on the line!
30. #13 - yes, lots of open spaces in gaza
William ,   Israel   (03.12.12)
farmland, grazing land, beaches, areas near the border fence, etc. Gaza is only the 7th most populated area on the Earth, and the other 6 are very peaceful and prosperous. Notice they aren't run by Arab terrorists. Personally, I believe in a 1-2 km buffer zone, in the direction of Rafah where an open door will be waiting for them.
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