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Egypt's parliament wants Israeli ambassador out
Associated Press
Published: 13.03.12, 09:43
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1. Holy S#!t !
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (03.13.12)
2. Ambassador out & nulling gas deals.
tiki ,   belgium   (03.13.12)
The Egyptian parliament seems to forget that they have these Gas fields, 'only because Israel gave them in exchange for ""Peace which, (in normal language, between normal people) means, you have diplomatic relations, including ambassadors. A pie can be cut from both sides. Egypt changing the rules, means Egypt giving back Sinai. Someone should explain this little detail to the honorable members of the Egyptian Parliament.
3. Shows that Egypts leaders suport terrorists.
JohnPhee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (03.13.12)
No Attempt a balancing, no attempt to walk a fine line. No just straightout supports for the terrorists. How soone before the Egyptians more a division or two of troops into the Sinai & there goes the peace treaty.
4. Give back Sinai
Robert ,   Cape Town, S.Africa   (03.13.12)
Dear Egypt, feel free to cancel the peace agreement o and by the way, we'l be taking the entire Sinai peninsula back. So long and thanks for all tha gas. Islam - now showing proof of how peace-loving and tolerant they can be. Nearly 30yrs of peace and they start with this bull5h1t, unbelievable
5. Its not like sinai is been a part of egypt for 7000 years!!!
John ,   Canada   (03.13.12)
Just saying..... It amazes me how some people will think that because u won something by force for a period of time then it is your to keep.
6. Peace Treaties with Arabs is like Toilet Paper
EgyptianJewRefugee ,   Ex. Cairo, Egypt   (03.13.12)
Peace Treaties with Arabs is like Toilet Paper. Once a Paradise Egypt has become a toilet.
7. Egypt towards disaster
Marco ,   milano.Italy   (03.13.12)
Egypt, like other "arab springs" countries is moving fast towards a future military confrontation with Israel. Islam and ignorance is the problem of the arabs.I hope and believe that Israel (a country that i love for his real commitment to peace and freedom) will prepare for the next struggle. i would really like that Europe would stop supporting arabs and turn to Israel once for all.
8. 'Israel as the nation’s "number one enemy"'
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (03.13.12)
This is paranoia pure and simple. I would love to see an explanation of how that committee came to make that outrageous claim. One can only pity the Egyptian people who had their revolution hijacked by these evil people. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
9. Only return of Sinai can create balance with Egypt.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (03.13.12)
10. Egyptian hostility to Israel
Glenn Becker ,   Sausalito CA USA   (03.14.12)
Only a truly independent Palestinian state, free of Israeli occupation, can persuade its Arab brethren that continued hostility toward post-Netanyahu Israel is no longer justified.
11. #7 Bravo Marco
Dave ,   Santa Fe, USA   (03.22.12)
Well said friend. The Israelis have to prepare for enemies from all sides. Egypt that has been a peace partner for 30 years is falling into the hands of Islamists. When Islamists are in control you know that war is not far away.
12. #8 Israel the number one enemy
Dave ,   Santa Fe, USA   (03.22.12)
Paranoia it is. But it a dangerous paranoia. Becasue the people who just declare Israel as Egypt's number one enemy are the lower house of Parliament. Not just some crazies on the street. Interestingly enough, I watched the news on BBC six days a week. Not a word about the Parliamentary decision.
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