Peres: Window for peace has been opened
Neri Brenner
Published: 13.03.12, 13:43
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1. Might have meant a little more ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.13.12)
.... had Peres shown up in the middle of the missile barrages, and spent time with these children in their shelter. It's time for that useless old fool to retire from politics. He can play on his brand-new Facebook page until Ha'Shem calls him home. He has not contributed anything of value to Israel or Israeli politics in a very long time. Retire him. Whether he wants to go or not. He's a doddering old fool who is completely out of touch with reality.
2. What an Arse!
3. He tells these kids they're not afraid of being shot at?!?!?
...and tells them that he's planning on doing nothing to stop it except via "peace". Then he tells these frightened children about Palestinian "suffering"?? They have to understand them???
4. Peres' comments
Lynn   (03.13.12)
Peres doesn't have, nor did he ever have, a clue about anything other than issuing peace platitudes, among other nonsensical statements he has made as a socialist. And to think this guy has been in the Israeli political apparatus for so long. Incredible how so limited a capability can get one so far.
5. YNET Why didn't you translate the chat with the kid?
Yair   (03.13.12)
The Hebrew version of this article had a chat with one of the kids dressed up as a warrior. The president asked him if he would prefer war or Peace and the kid immediately said Peace. This is the difference between Israeli kids and Palestinian. YNET, Please translate that part, it is the best part in the article and you missed it...
6. Remember what Begin said to Peres in the Knesset
A ,   Belgium   (03.13.12)
"Shimon, shev ba sheket!" And he did. Israel so needs a Begin or Shamir today!
7. Window of peace?
Susie ,   Nitzan, Israel   (03.13.12)
The man is in laland. Who exactly are we expected to make peace with Hamas or Islamic Jihad?
8. #6 No Begins or Shamirs today
Rachel ,   US   (03.13.12)
Just Netanyahus, Baraks and Livnis
9. The "astronaut" flies to another dimension...
trumpeldor   (03.13.12)
10. Another window of peace
Alf Red ,   Londonistan - Israel   (03.13.12)
Our friend Shimon could've built by now a very special House of Peace made entirely of such "Windows". But would it stand in the sands of Middle East?
11. I'd be harsher in judging Peres: he's no drooling fool, not
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.13.12)
yet anyhow. He is a bad-to-the-bone politician, that has not enough integrity and honesty to admit total failure of his peace-delusions. Just like religious fanatics cling to their convictions even more so in face of proof to the contrary, so are people's political creeds hard to overturn. He's just as human as rest of us, problem being in his ability to do us ALL harm by the nature of his world standing. He'll be around for a long time, me thinks. Good Polish genes:-))
12. Nice, profound and intelligent bla-bla...
FO ,   Belgium   (03.13.12)
“We must understand the people on the other side as well. " Didn't Peres add his old and "famous" sentence: "Kassamin, Schmassamim, what is all this hysteria about"?
13. Space Cadet Traitor
joe sombrero ,   usa   (03.13.12)
This guy is nothing more than a space cadet that works for the US and the Europeans in my opinion.
14. Window of peace blown open?
David ,   Shiloh   (03.13.12)
15. Shimon Peres Does What He Wants
Esser Agaroth ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.13.12)
The President of Israel is supposed to be a non-political/symbolic position. Yet, Peres is the most political. No one is raising any fuss about it, because Shimon Peres can apparently do what he wants.
16. Nothing says peace like rockets falling
jason white ,   afula, israel   (03.13.12)
on your head. We the people of Israel should have marched on the president' house and demanded that peres be sent to an old age home and kept there locked up. We need to rid our country of the presidency since we do not vote for them.
17. At a certain point OVERWHELMING victory ONLY moral option
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (03.13.12)
18. Do us a favour, Shimon..and lay off the Ayahuasca..
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (03.13.12)
..It's come to the point..(actually was always so) where we need serious resolve and state of the art weaponry to exact peace, not your MDMA conceived concepts
19. To no aggressive talkbackers.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (03.13.12)
Brothers and sisters, as a jurist, and a true friend of Israel, I think Shimon Peres deserves more respect. He is a patriot, a socialdemocrat, highly considered around the world. As a President, into a classic parliamentary system, he does not have any responsability for governement's policy. It depends on the Cabinet, leaded by the Prime Minister. Today, when your State is under a big threat, a full union is necessary. Remember 1948 and 1967. Remember Britain during II World's War. Salutes.
20. Ga Ga Pres promotes peace to Jewish children while
bernard ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (03.14.12)
muslim children taught to slaughter Jews.
21. Peres should be declared...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.14.12)
mentally unfit to be president of Israel. He should be committed to a mental hospital.
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