Stay out of Gaza Strip
Ariela Ringel-Hoffman
Published: 13.03.12, 18:37
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1. You are right
Jackie ,   Florida   (03.13.12)
A ground attack is not the answer to this kind of terror attack. Let the IAF take charge and bomb the strip from north to south and east to west, until not a building nor aliving thing stands. There may be an option to warn the residents beforehand, but I do not see why. Where were the warnings from the Arabs before each rocket launching?
2. I agree
Pixelated Dwarf ,   USA   (03.13.12)
I do think that carpet bombing is the answer. If they believe that rockets are the answer then we should send them also. Just as there was no warning - with the exception of flight time - then there should be no warning for the strike.
3. ariella and gaza
alexi   (03.13.12)
israel would not go into gaza to stay there you dumkopf. it would be to destroy all the vital military asseetsand seal the tunnels and possibly retake the philadelphi route. Hnaiyeh and zohar and their significant associates would be eliminated, the whole hamas appartus. Tunnels would be gassed via hoses and sealed. If auschwitz was located in gaza, yes israel would move throught the swamp strategically and liberate it. That so many israelis are such raging haaretz pacifists and idealists thinking in peace with the arabs is a sorry reflection yet of the jewish people. i prefer a cold armistice and that is it.
4. sderot
michaelpielet ,   israel   (03.13.12)
Ariela, you are moving to sderot, right? Wait until the missiles start hitting gush dan, you will be the first one to beg the government to put an end to it permanently.
5. niave foolsih, stupid thinking. no basis in history or reali
ralph   (03.13.12)
6. Gaza Leadership Reducto
Gideon Reader   (03.13.12)
The elimination by means fatal to the first five to seven elements of leadership, civil(such as it is) political and militarily will set the direction and so called quality of threat to a manageable proportion. As an example, the 60-70 years old political chief who has experience, and contacts in managing the continued threat to Israel and controling the population; who has the acccepted cache of leader , and what passes for effectiveness becomes dilute when his mantle passes to a 30 something youth who sarts a great deal behind the starting line. Strike at the hed and the body will fail. I suggest all of the upper lever be neutralized to the 7th degree.
7. Knock Out Their Electric System
g. triver ,   ottawa, canada   (03.13.12)
The IDF has the option of bombing Gaza's electric grid. Let them get used to importing and lighting candles.....
8. True "they have nothing to lose", they want their land back
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.13.12)
9. Cofee Shops
Zivron   (03.13.12)
If the shelters were half decent and not shabby and results of fraudulent building it would be Easier.the Europeans can build a tunnel under sea from France to Uk but Israel cannot organise an internal city with a cycling wheel chair or walking track to safer open areas.Living in hazard is no picnic the Arab Grand Mufti Qassam People ought resettle in Ismailia and Port said and give Gaza to the United Nations.
10. Worthless Kvetch: offers NO Solutions. Just Great
Ezra ,   US   (03.13.12)
Why are all opinion pieces so full of childish kvetching without any substance or solutions. When people are being victimized by terrorists, opinions are worthless junk. As are some of the claims here that Gazans "haven't been visiting cafe's for a while now: BS! Videos surface all the time of Gazans enjoying their welfare exploits. They just built a giant mall with an eatery in there as nice as the ones in Israel. The shooks there are laden with goods and of all things: GOLD and JEWLERY...which people miraculously have money to buy (and yes:THEY BUY). I don't know what planet this man lives on but it's not ours. Childish and dangerous ranting always reveals a persons core. This one is rotten and mighty misinformed.
11. Gaza
Amos Picker ,   Fremont, CA. USA.   (03.13.12)
No, incursion and conquest is not an answer as it will at the end burden the Israelis with a million dependants on welfare and support. Best if Israel simply cut off ALL contacts, supplies, transport, and in fact opens them to fend on their own through their port and beaches, and it will in fact destroy Hamas. yes, they may get supplies Israelis do not like them to have, but the bottom line is that they do get what they need, and now with Egypt leaning to the " anti Israel" camp, they will get more. So why not let them be on their own,. COMPLETELY, and that will in fact stifle their existence, as they are now fully dependant on Israel supplies, power, fuel etc. Than when they continue to send rockets, Israel should with no reservation, react with vengeance, and hit on the infra structure, bringing more stress to their life. It will at that stage set their choices and balances to survive as people or suffer as a poor mob.
12. Capitulation
David S. Simpson ,   San Diego, CA   (03.13.12)
Your naivety is matched only by your benightedness. Hamas and their associated gang of murderers will not rest until they have achieved their goal of destroying Israel. No level of negotiations, appeasement, or deal brokering will change that truism. Russia was faced with what seemed to be unsolvable problems in Chechnya and their indigenous Muslim population. Russia understood the only thing they (Muslims) appreciate is the brutal exercise of power. Russia exercised that power and now Chechnya has been tamed, people realizing that the cost of their anarchy and indiscriminate murder is too high a price to pay. The same goes for the Arabs in Gaza. It is time Israel asserts herself and sends a message that Arab terrorists/murderers will not be tolerated on any scale. Power is perception augmented by action. Arabs understand that and will respond accordingly, ironically ushering in a new era of cooperation. Capitulation, as you suggest, leads to a vicious and unending cycle of violence, a death of a thousand cuts if you will. And that is not an option.
13. I would argue that you are right IF comparing
Israeli 2   (03.13.12)
the inhabitants of this "Gaza Swamp" to mosquitos, snakes and other creeping creatures. They can never evolutionize to the rank of "humanity". However, we as humans CAN and should know how to take care of a menacing swamp. We fill the swamp until the swamp is no more.
14. The writer: Your typical cowardly, defeatist!
Taz Man ,   USA   (03.13.12)
The writer is like the ten spies in the Book of Joshua who went to recon the promised land and came back crying how hard it would be to conquer the inhabitants. However, two other spies came back and gave a favorable report because they believed in the provision of the Lord, who instructed Joshua to pass-over and conquer (for God was with them) the promised land. That's Israel's problem: they have, yet, to conquer, in totality, the land promised to the Forefathers' of Israel. Until the Israelis' turn-back, in whole, to God and take-hold of the promises of the Lord, they will continue to fight Ishmael and Esau. The Muslims', along with their false god (idol), must be driven from the land that rightly belongs to the Jews. God is upset! And, until the thorn is taken out, the status-quo will remain. The godless, Israeli leadership needs to repent and turn to the Lord; and, act like King David. They need to put faith in God's Word; He will give them the victory over the Muslim hordes. Have they forgotten all the trials and tribulations since 1948? Oh, ye...of little faith! Despite, Israel's lack of trust, God is still faithful to His Word; Israel will be victorious! Great wars are coming; Israel (a remnant) will return to the Lord. God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem! A Christian Zionist
15. #1 Jackie, the would be mass-murderer
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (03.14.12)
Israel does not have the decency to let the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip live a normal life since the Zionist state pulled back from the Strip in 2005. It simply locked the Palestinians up and punished them for electing Hamas. It provoked the Palestinians without end, year in year out, to the point of massacring them. Ask yourself, Israelis, if you are prepared to live in the ghetto-like conditions the Palestinians of Gaza are forced to live. Remember also that many Palestinians once owned and worked the land of what was southern Palestine, incl. the land around Sderot. If you behave like an arrogant, cruel and sometimes sadistic oppressor, then don't be surprised if your victim sometimes tries to kick you back! If you want to be left alone, the minimum thing you need to do is show some respect and let the people in the Gaza strip live in dignity and some (economic) freedom, the same freedom you demand for yourself.
16. It's not all or nothing
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (03.13.12)
A bit of rational thought is needed. What is the problem?Surely it's that the Gaza terrorists have access to armaments including missiles.These armaments and the means to locally manufacture them come into Gaza via the border with Egypt. It's the Gaza/Egypt border that the IDF should occupy,not the whole of the Gaza Strip. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
17. נאיבי
Gallula ,   Paris   (03.13.12)
So what I would recommend is to move to sderot. Israel has to annihilate these roaches once and for all !
18. War after war NOT ethical: BIG ISRAEL via minimal total pain
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (03.13.12)
19. #1 You are right
yosef yankelev, Phd ,   USA   (03.13.12)
Right on, Jackie ! The variety of sub-quadrupeds terrorist groups must be treated with carpet bombing 21 century style. Personally I feel, that "purity of arms" "pinpoint killing" "restraint" etc. are glorified excuses for impotent cowardice by the government of the Jewish state - its own worst enemy.
20. #1 you are half right
Rob ,   Orangevale, U.S.A.   (03.14.12)
Punch in deep with the IAF. Warn the population 4 hours in advance. Create and allow a civilian escape corridor passing thru IDF checkpoints.Turn around and pound the hell out of Gaza infrastructure and command centers, known depots, armament factories and Hamas HQ. Blast the tunnel networks with your smaller bunker-busters, that way a few will do max damage. Tit for tat aint gonna get it. There is a trap laid for a ground incursion. It is simple to see. As a former Marine, I can smell it from here. Detain or kill those that fight. The innocents, (yes, no matter what you say, there ARE innocents) must be protected as best as humanly, morally possible. Hamas are pissing the Iranians off. Use this divide to mash the other terrorists operating against you. Stop allowing the enemy to dictate terms. Frankly, I might have 106d the 'victory celebration', depending on the collateral damage. Drones should have followed those home of interest to Shin Bet or Mossad. As much as I'd like for us to, we aint gonna do it for you. Good shootin' Shalom Israel. Rob
21. #1 and #10 CORRECT!!! Egypt can Take Innocents
Netanya ,   Netanya   (03.14.12)
Great comments and realizations, for no.1, I believe it is the only solution, if the writer doesn't want a ground defense I also think that everyone in Gaza is a problem, let Egypt take any they find peaceful and then we should destroy the Gaza strip, as you suggest.
22. Remember how we clean swamps?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.14.12)
We drain them into the desert. That is what needs to be done now.
23. #8 Steve "they have nothing to lose"
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (03.14.12)
you're wrong, Steve. We just haven't yet found their hot button. Maybe reclaiming & re-Hebraicizing one square meter of Har HaBeit (which they stole from the Hebrew people, of course) for each rocket that falls on us, will change their calculations. By the way, Steve, I understand your own house there in Lake County, sits of American Indian land..... when will you be giving it back?
24. Maybe it would be sufficient to
Oleg ,   US   (03.14.12)
kiss their behind? But, I think, even this won't help. They hate Israel, hate Jews, hate West, hate everything. They even hate themselves, don't you see this? They would live a very good life, if they stop attacking Israel once and for all, but they hate. And what should be added, they've got money for theur hateress! Having this in mind the perspective to have peace is equal to zero. Knowing this, there is only one conclusion - enemis should be eliminated, otherwise they will eliminate you
25. Retake Gaza forever. Forget incursions.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.15.12)
The way to end Israel's Gaza problems is to erase the root cause, which was our lunatic flight from Gaza. Retake Gaza forever. Rebuild Gush Katif bigger and better than ever. Forget incursions.
26. Ben Alofs # 15
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.15.12)
let the people in the Gaza strip live in dignity and some (economic) freedom, the same freedom you demand for yourself. They have no honor, or diginity and are a bunch of parasites. They are a bunch of welfare queens. Israel owes them nothing. The land was developed by the Jews. The ghetto conditions you speak of are because of their own leaders not Israel. As much welfare per person they recieve they should probably have a better standard of living than you do but unfortunately for them it goes to the likes of Sufa Arafat so she can live a good life. How is that the fault of Israel ?
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