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Report: 2 Israeli warships cross Suez Canal
Roi Kais
Published: 13.03.12, 21:49
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1. Israeli battleships
josef Jesmore ,   tene, Israel   (03.13.12)
Israel has no battleships,the USA retired their battleships. You need professional naval reporting, Israel has destroyers,frigates,torpedo/missile boats . Ask the Israel Navy or look it up in goggle,Janes or CIA handbook. If we could afford a real battleship we would have big bombers. You need to be professional in your reporting because you are overboard .
2. BattleShips?
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (03.13.12)
There are no Battleships in any navy. A battleship is the USS Missouri.
3. Opening Line
Professor Z ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.12)
I sure hope this "firm massage" is working away some of Iran's built-up tension.
4. Firm massage?
OJ ,   Canada   (03.13.12)
Wow, what did I miss? How long was I asleep for? lol
5. Battleships?
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.13.12)
Why can't they just call them warships instead of calling them something they are not? They do the same thing with guns. They say high calibre when there is no such thing. There is small calibre and large caliber and high powered and low powered but they can't seem to get terminology correct when it is actually so simple. And I'm not talking just about Ynet. It seems to be almost universal. It makes Journalists look stupid and takes away their credibility.
6. 1
zionist forever   (03.13.12)
Israel has no frigates or destroyers only missile boats. It did have frigates & destroyers in the 60s & 70s but the navy decided to limit their warships to missile boats which are ideal for Israel's shallow waters. Its just a shame that the navy never gets a fair share of the military budget only the leftovers after the IAF & IDF get what they want and it is in real need of new ships as the newest ones the three SAAR 5 are 20 years old and the SAAR 4 which makes up the bulk of the fleet are 30+ years.
7. #1, #2, #5
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.14.12)
1. The word 'battleship' is nowhere to be seen in the article. It states 'warship', which this is. 2. The ship is a corvette (Sa'ar 5-class corvettes). They are of Israeli design, built in the US. The highest class missile boat is the Sa'ar 4.5-class missile boat. [I learned something looking it up. Thanks.]
8. Torpedo boat?
David N. ,   Haifa. ISRAEL   (03.14.12)
The Sa'ar 5 is indeed a corvette, but one that is virtually a frigate. Certainly it is armed well above most other country's frigates. And equipped for intel gathering. The article calls it a torpedo boat. Sloppy reportage. Yes, the navy needs more afloat. What's happening with the two new corvette purchases? The Meko-class is out?
JOYCE ,   JERUSALEM   (03.14.12)
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