IDF general: Gaza truce fragile
Ilana Curiel
Published: 14.03.12, 14:14
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1. Ceasefire with terrorists will only last...
Ivan ,   South Africa   (03.14.12)
as long as it takes them to rearm, this has been proven time and time again..
2. And is it likely that hamaas would give them rockets unless
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.14.12)
they approved of these "insubordinates" launching them on Jews ? ? ? ? ?
3. So...
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.14.12)
Why ceasefire then?
4. Glass half full.
sk ,   USA   (03.14.12)
This wasn't too bad: Zuhir al-Qaisi and some 20 other terrorists sent to "paradise" and thus is a win-win situation (albeit a temporary one) for both the paradise-seekers and for Israel.
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (03.14.12)
Maybe its time to re think the military phylosophy. For the Pals, humain thinking is weakness, that is why they think that they won on truces.
6. Don't be suckers, its PLO's "previously unknown group" trick
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (03.14.12)
The idea that Hamas strong men are not in total control of the firing of rockets from tiny Gaza is idiotic. They regularly hunt down and execute all "collaborators" with Israel. The rocket fire all comes from an area smaller than New York's Central Park. And from small, densely populated areas in Jabalya where Hamas is in total control. Hamas uses this "renegade element" Russo has fallen for in the same way Arafat used "Previously Unknown Groups" to commit atrocities, so he would stay "clean" - Munich, Black September, Black June. It was all Arafat, all the time, nobody else, we now know. Hamas is playing the same game, to commit terrorism while they claim no responsibility - and no blame from gullible Westerners governments, and apparently some Israeli generals, too. Hamas must be held responsible for everything that is fired from Gaza - with their leaders and their targets the return address for attacks on Israel. "Renegade Groups" even if they exist must be Gaza's problem, not Israel's. Pakistan's regime sold nuclear technology to Iran, and then blamed "a renegade scientist". One who had access to Pak Air Force planes to deliver the technology Iran bought! Renegade, Riiiiight. So will Israel allow Iran to someday claim that one of its "research" nuclear weapons was stolen by "A Previously Unknown Renegade Group", and any use on Israel is not Iran's fault, no retaliation from Israel is legitimate? Gaza GRADs fired into Israel are the same as Iranian GRADs fired into Israel - that is where they come from. Israel should point out to the US that it blamed the Taliban in Afganistan for the 911 attacks on the Twin Towers - not San Diego where they were launched from or the wealthy Saudis who bankrolled it. The correct return address for ALL rocket attacks on Israel, "renegade" or not, is the Gaza Hamas leadership and Tehran. Not phony "renegades" - who have no GRAD factory. Iran supplied the GRAD fired at Netivot, in violation of UN sanctions.
7. fragile or farce ?
A Very Heavy Stone ,   Florida   (03.14.12)
But the cease-fire is fragile' Interesting how time has a way of wearing us all down. Even now,a tired, old and senile Israel which once understood the imperative of giving no quarter to the enemy and soundly defeating him have lost their way and now settle for a farce cease fires.
8. Commanders like Russo are making
Israeli 2   (03.14.12)
Israel weak and vulnerable. any other name too.
9. "Insubordinate elements?"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.14.12)
That would be Hamas' problem, not Israel's. If they cannot keep their house in order, they had better learn how to do so, quickly. The State of Israel has stated, unequivocally, on any number of occasions that it holds Hamas responsible for all acts of aggression against Israel. That means that there is no difference which "insubordinate element" violates the cease-fire; the blame in all instances accrues to Hamas.
10. Why did Israel sign on to this truce? Victory is the answer.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.14.12)
The real question isn't, how long will the truce last? The real question is: why did Israel sign in to this truce in the first place? Israel doesn't need another ridiculous deal with terrorists. Israel needs and deserves resounding victory. That was the only answer for the WW II Allies and it is the only answer for Israel.
11. Like a broken record.
Gabe ,   Canada   (03.15.12)
Military Intelligence should not sound like an oxymoron.
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