MK Hasson to Arab MKs: You're the devil
Moran Azulay
Published: 14.03.12, 16:47
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1. What a royal mess.... and such a bunch of cowards
Sarah Esther ,   Jerusalem   (03.14.12)
only Moshiach can lead and save Israel
2. these arab mp's crossed the line and must be dealt with
ralph   (03.14.12)
3. MK Hasson is 100% correct.
Israeli 2   (03.14.12)
They are criminals and traitors and do it in the open thumbing their noses at us.
4. Arrest Treasonous Arab MK's
Reuven   (03.14.12)
And throw away the key. Start with zoabi and Tibi.
5. Tibi used to be Arafat's official advisor
zionist forever   (03.14.12)
Ahmed Tibi the leader of Balad and one of the biggest trouble makers in the Knesset was once Arafat's official advisor ( whilst he was a serving MK ) and he is the one who advised Arafat not to compromise on right of return. On vido Zouabi is seen ordering IDF medics ( who tole her to get lost ) on the grounds she was an MK not to evacuate the wounded on the Mavi Mara .. she wanted these people to become martyrs to use as political ammunition because the more dead the more trouble Israel will be in. Later she tried to make herself out to be hero of the hour as being first on the scene to treat and evacuate them. Bishra use knowledge he gained as a result of his position as an MK to give Hezbullah details of where to fire their rockets during Lebanon 2. They whole lot of them belong in Hamastan where they can be with their own kind and just like every other crooked palestinian politician they can stay at the new 5 star hotel at the cost of the international community and spend all their free time at the new mall and water park... much better than living in the zionist entity.
6. efefef
7. Removing Hamas doesn't mean reoccupying Gaza
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (03.14.12)
Hamas must be removed from the Gaza Strip. The PA could be allowed to retuen after signing an agreement with Israel, which must control the border with Egypt.
8. Agreed! Arab MK's are a HUGE PROBLEM
And should be removed from public political posts or any posts that determine Israels future. Israel is a Jewish State, not an arab state: the arabs have always had bad intentions and the vast, vast majority show no pure intentions on Israel's behalf. What a shame these arab mk's are. A disgrace to humanity! They are terrorist supporting, arrogant thugs! NOT supporters of peace. FIRE THEM ALL!!!!!
9. They are a symptom not the disease
Avramele   (03.14.12)
The Arab population of Israel is not served well by those they elect to the Knesset. Nor are the haredim nor are persons living in the periphery. But it is the voters and not an opposing majority of MK's that should kick them out. In the meantime Israel is strong enough to maintain the highest standards of freedom of speech and association. MK's like Zoabi and Tibi will be around until their voters see the hope of fairness and real political integration into Israel society. The ball is in the court of the Jewish majority to bring that day forward.
10. Arabs, whole streets. Israel, 1 HOUSE. Nonviolent transfer.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (03.14.12)
11. i don't think so...
les ,   canada   (03.14.12)
dear mr MK HASSON. you are insulting the devil by comparing those... worst then traitors to him. this can happen only in israel, to have sworn enemies of jews and israel being "law makers". UNBELIEVABLE...
12. All Arab MK's should have been kicked out a long time ago!!!
Insanity!!!!!!!!!!!! ,   Israel   (03.14.12)
In any other (healthy) (normal) democracy that would have happened without a second thought. Only sick Israel puts up with these cancerous traitors and trojan horses.
13. 12 - normal democracy?
Pinhas Bayit ,   Bet HaKerem   (03.14.12)
You pay lip service to the ideal of democracy. You haven't a clue about the civic responsibility being a real democrat entails. And the vast majority of both citizens and MKs have no idea about democratic accountability. If this is a sick democracy, and it is, it is thanks to people like you who do nothing but write drivel like this, and so called Members of Knesset like Hasson who brazenly declare their racism.
14. handling me
the devil ,   Jerusalem   (03.14.12)
Mk Hasson, like Rppublican candidate Santoro in USA have used my name dishonestly. I am absolutely independent and have not relations with any Mk. They are absolutely responsable of their badness, not me.
15. #13 you say that from the cosy confines of
hippocrates ,   earth   (03.14.12)
yoru armchair. branding people as racist is the work of a lazy mind, like throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks. would you say your demographic area is mixed? if not maybe what you said can apply to you. hypocrites are bountiful aren't they mr.13?
16. seditious/treasonous legislation req'd
zev bernick ,   TORONTO CANADA   (03.14.12)
time for Israel, to enact; stringent, harsh, effective Sedition/Treasonous legislation, to openly condemn.. ALL anti-Israel activities.. the continuation, by arb MKs' will continue, because, there are no penalties...
17. 15.
Baruch Norman ,   Bat Yam   (03.15.12)
Your exquisitely phrased attack on 13 feels a little too raucous. Answer his/her claims instead of verbally denying them.
18. 13
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (03.15.12)
You are the only decent human being in these otherwise disgusting talkbacks. What a bunch of hysterical paranoid chauvinists.
19.  Israel's democracy: btwn a rock and a hard place:
Roxanne Questi ,   haifa/san francisco   (03.15.12)
i don't want traitors to the State to have any influence in gov't decisions! But those Arabs - and, some would add, those ultra Orthodox - do represent voters. How can we ever have peace if haters hold power? -----> we need a NEW STYLE OF GOV'T. This coalition business is way too corruptable.
20. New left
Josh ,   USA   (03.15.12)
isnt there anyone in the left that see something wrong with this? Arabs abuse democracy! Kick them out. Hold vigils against jewish MKs to raise awareness. No jewish or arab MK should be able to side with the enemy and deny Israel's Jewish state character.
21. Elected representatives
Helen ,   London, UK   (03.15.12)
It's a shame that people who are elected to represent us show so little respect for one another. The same goes on in the UK (although the slurs are not racist). Imagine in what contempt they hold us, the voters.
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