Payoff scandal clouds Israel's airport security
Eli Senyor
Published: 14.03.12, 18:48
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1. The system worked well
Jerome ,   NZ   (03.14.12)
Until a shinker, a snitch spoiled it for the rest. Everyone can stop you from leaving the country, especially your ex wife. The policeman and customs officer should walk free and the snitch should have his tongue cut :)
2. rak be-yisrael
oferdesade ,   israel   (03.14.12)
anywhere else someone tells you to wait for him at the airport toilet - it's definitely not to get your passport stamped. much cheaper, too...
3. Security, Israeli style
Bob ,   TA   (03.14.12)
Indeed, Israeli (Jewish?) criminals are lucky. In the meantime dozens of innocent Arab passengers are harassed at the same airport every day.
robin   (03.14.12)
5. @3, what are you talking about?
mike ,   Sydney/Ra'anana   (03.15.12)
I am an ashkenazi, kippah wearing Jew and I get harrased at the airport too. In fact, when I was lining up for an el-al flight in New York, quite a few innocent arabs got through the questioning far quicker than I did.
6. Unpleasant experience at the airport, but I am generous.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.15.12)
Some five years ago I traveled to Israel without my Israeli passport. I explained at the entry that I forgot my Israeli passport and got my American passport stamped easily. But while exiting a few weeks later, I got a very unpleasant treatment at the airport from a young clerk from the Misrad Hapnim. She explained to me that I can be charged for an offense to the State, but she will be generous and let me go this time. As we generously say in response: rak b'Israel.
7. Michael , Israelis , as you are ,
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.16.12)
need their Israeli passport to leave the country . You may be lucky that you were allowed to leave . So don't complain !
8. #7, Yes, let's be generous to the idiots.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.16.12)
My lesson has been well taken and since then I am never forgetting my Israeli passport. To tell you a secret though, I don't travel to Israel much any more, maybe because of the passport?
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