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Obama: Iran's window for diplomacy 'shrinking'
Yizhak Benhorin
Published: 14.03.12, 20:11
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1. David Cameron is the stupidest Prime Minister Britain has
Rivkah   (03.14.12)
ever had! He is sending British tanks to Germany to be stored, like an idiot. The Fourth Reich is rising and Britain thinks Germany is its friend.
2. These ragheads are laughing at you both !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.14.12)
3. Score one for Obama
imafreeagent ,   Florida   (03.14.12)
Obama said "We'll do all we can to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons." The joke on Israel is, Iran isn't BUILDING any nuclear weapons!"
4. iran-obama
haroldburbank ,   canton, ct usa   (03.14.12)
the usa will not support another obama war, v iran or anyone, nor should it. obama risks re-election with this unconscionable threatening of the iranian people. God bless and protect them.
5. Chamberlaining Selfdeceived Imbecilles !!!.
Obama: Iran's window for diplomacy 'shrinking' US President, British prime minister show unity against Iranian nuclear program. 'We'll do everything to resolve this diplomatically, but we need somebody on other side of table,' says Obama Comment - There has never been any window for diplomacy open !!!. You are loosers bouth of you !!!. Arn.Sweden.
6. The word from Teheran is AhmaWHO?
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.14.12)
Suddenly hes become BAD NEWS. Parliament wants to impeach him, Khamenei cant stand the sight of him, ordinary Iranians cant abide him and the media think hes a laugh a minute...(except of course Peter Ahmadinejad Lavelle) and the usual diehards in the RG such as Vahidi But many more in the RG are saying.. Ahmadinejad 'belongs in the zoo' And the hope is by nominating Monkey Face as the fall guy...and blaming the whole of Irans foreign policy disaster on him...will give Khamenei a way back from what is the brink and enable him to break out of the corner that AhMADinejad has painted for Iran The only fear is there is very little time left...Khamenei has to act soon. and decisively. Better to impeach Ahmadinejad and send him behind followed by a brave and statesmanlike renouncing of Ahmadinejad and a new way forward in Irans relations with the rest of the world Can Khamenei do it
7. He meant to say B. Hussein reelection chances are closing
Marco ,   Spain   (03.15.12)
8. New ABC/NY Times Poll: Obama down to 41% approval.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.15.12)
Obama has never been honest. However, now with his approval ratings going down the sewer, we have even less reason to believe anything he says. For the sake of both America and Israel, especially America, this horrid man must be sent packing in upcoming U.S. elections.
9. #6 Things won't change without Ahmadinejad
Fluffi ,   Germany   (03.15.12)
What is happening in Iran at the moment has mainly to do with domestic policies. Ahmadinejad is a more secular nationalist and is trying to push back the influence of the theocratic establishment in Iran. He has become a threat to the ayatollahs and so Khamenei wants to get rid of him. It is most likely that Ali Laridschani will be installed as Ahmadinejad's successor in 2013. Laridschani is in many cases the opposite of Ahmadinejad, but most likely not in foreign affairs. All this is an internal power struggle of nationalists vs. religious and has not to much to do with the sanctions, the nuclear programme, Israel etc.
10. FYI t-b's; but he's right:
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.15.12)
India has stopped shipping rice to Iran. The Ukraine has stopped shipping wheat too, because they haven't been paid lately. The dwarf and the insane old mans days are numbered.
11. #3 imnotafreeagent
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.16.12)
The jokes on you. But for the rest of us that deal in facts, not fantasy, it’s not a joke.
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