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'Arafat was the Mandela of the Arab world'
Published: 15.03.12, 00:20
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1. Its not a mystery - he died form aids
John ,   NZ   (03.15.12)
2. We know the truth.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (03.15.12)
He was not poisoned...he died of AIDS from buggering his bodyguards. The marriage was a sham....It is well known that he was a confirmed homosexual and pederast...may he rot in Hell eternally!
Brant ,   Hilton Head USA   (03.15.12)
If Yasser Arafat was the "Arab and Palestinian Mandela"; then Machiavelli was the Mother Theresa of Italy and Hitler a Flower Child.
4. Arafat
Natan   (03.15.12)
What a bunch of garbage!!! He was not only a terrorist, he was a thief, a crook that ripped off his own people. The only one he was helping is him self. Helping himself to a sh...t load of money
5. mandela
Mark ,   south Africa   (03.15.12)
this is truly an insult to the legacy of president mandela. Our president would never have behaved in the ways of this revolting terrorist Arafat
6. she ran out of money already and must go back to the well!
ralph   (03.15.12)
7. contributed nothing to peace
real vision ,   usa   (03.15.12)
or to the palestinians having a better future. His acceptance of terrorism against israel caused the wall to be built and more repressive measures taken against the palestinians. His policy kept the palestinians living in their created cesspool
8. Now thats a joke.Mandela the South
Dyslecic ,   Israel.......   (03.15.12)
Africans call him the Madiba the wise one.Arafat stole millions of dollars from his people,plus he killed thousands of his own people,plus he killed thousands of Jews around the world.That sweet lady Suha has millions of dollars that belong too the Palestinian people.Too compare Arafat too Mandela is a insult too Mandela who is a great man.
9. You flatter yourself & your late husbund - the terrorist
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.15.12)
10. Be nice if the fat-rat gave the pals their money back!
She sits there in Europe or wherever the hell she is, upon billions of dollars her terrorist husband stole from the pals and the nations who donated the money: now she wants to enter politics!? Yeah, perfect fit: a well-fed billionaire widow of a terrorist loser doing so more damage to the world. Just fantastic. Insane world we live in: but the libtards everywhere will FULLY ACCEPT this wench. Disgrace to the human race: her AND the liberals! Disgusting!
11. Pretty farfetched, you can make an argument
ben   (03.15.12)
that Marwan Barghouti is the Mandela of the West Bank but not this guy. And I guess I should add in case Ynet posts this because they definatly sensor those who try to be objective about the Arab Israel conflic, Menachin Begin blew up the King David Hotel and won the Nobel peace prize, Yisak Shamir was a member of the Stern Gang, [Folke Bernnadete] and was voted the 29 most important Israelee of Israel. Ariel Sharone [ Butcher of Beruit] commander of Ben Gurions Death Squad unit 101. From the beggining [ massacre Hula Lebanon Oct 31 1948] The founding fathers of Israel have a lot more blood on their hands than Barghouti. and they are considered Heros
12. What an insult to Mandela!
Scott ,   USA   (03.15.12)
13. Who cares
Iris Harris   (03.15.12)
All of a sudden she is an important figure? she did steal the money from the people. She also claimed that Israel poisoned the water that the Palestinian people are drinking, this was the cause for the anger at Hillary Clinton, who said nothing about it and kissed her after this accusation. Arafat was not just a terrorist he was an Archy terrorist, a homosexual and a child abuser. I can't believe the Palestinian people who know all this about him would give him such great honor.
14. Mandella was a peaceful MAN, not a terrorist scumbag.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.15.12)
15. Respects the decision of the PA...
Dilznick ,   Toronto   (03.15.12)
..but then criticizes them for not reconciling with Hamas. So when it means covering up that her husband dies from AIDS, she has solidarity; but not when it involves injecting herself into politics.
16. tell me suha,
how do you think arafat, your "mandela" husband got his hands on 3 billion dollars? did he work for it being a dubious engineer from cairo? never herd of an engineer making 3 billion dollars in 20 years, have you? stop your bull. you husband was a terrorist, a thief of your people. he wasn't even palestinian because he was born to a naturalized pure egyptian family! he was a robber, an abuser of his own people. why do you think hamas was elected rather than fatah? because fatah and arafat robbed millions of dollars from the palestinian people so that he and YOU and your daughter can live in luxury. also, it is a known fact he died of aid. israeli intelligence has videos of your husband engaging in homosexuakl acts with both youth and several of his body guards. israel always kept it over arafat's head just in case he got our of line. no wonder the palestinian authority wanted to keep your husband's true cause of death private. it is because he died of aids. pure and simple and it would have ruined his, yours and the plo image...not that you didn't do a great job of ruining it all by yourselves. nour
17. The KGB had tapes of him in homosexual encounters w/his boys
EST ,   Miami USA   (03.15.12)
He died of AIDS...this woman's daughter is the daughter of Arafat's cousin with Arafat's wife....He had her impregnated by his cousin because he wanted a child with his blood...That is all a matter of historical record...but a record many don't want publicized.... Last, there is that tiny detail of the US$900 million dollars she had stashed in European banks when she her "husband" stole from the Palestinians...and the EU
18. Disagree With Others-She'll Be Ideal Palestinian Leader
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (03.15.12)
She diverted billions of dollars of European money destined for the poorest citizens of the West Bank into her own private account, she's obese, a liar, a thief, and, most importantly, she hates Israel. She's perfect!
19. Did Winnie Mandela steal $220 million and move to Paris?
Jordan Ispalestine ,   Los Angeles, CA   (03.15.12)
20. flow the money trail...egyptian born yasir arafat...
hippocrates ,   earth   (03.15.12)
homicidal maniac, delighting in the butcher of jewish children in schools...he was a billionaire while his made palestinian people got only part of the money...if suha became political everyone would follow the money trail...
21. Not true, Arafat was...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (03.15.12)
...far more popular among heads of state all over the world. They all showered him with money and sweet words. Mandela spent almost 30 years in jail, without Reagan, Thatcher, Mitterrand, Brezjnev and the others lifting a finger to help him. If Arafat had had to spend 30 SECONDS in jail, the whole world would've come running. Why that is?? Well, that's another story.....
22. ArabFart was an ugly crazy murderer!
Rabbi Chaim Shapiro ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.15.12)
YesSir looked like a bad monkey, hated everybody, involved in terror, rioting, murders, gun-smuggling. Whatta"hero"! His crowd is just like him!
23. suha arafat
nazy ,   los angeles   (03.15.12)
I guess she is running out of 5 billion Dollars her terrorist husband left for her, now she needs to enter politics and rub the Palestinians again.
24. Mrs Arafat, Winnie Mandela
Frankie Littlehammer ,   New Herstal, TX, USA   (03.15.12)
I think Nelson Mandela himself must be highly embarrassed or angry that people like Ms Zoabi in all her finery, stylish glasses and staying in first class hotels call themself victims of Apartheid. That's not Steve Biko. But Mrs Arafat could be compared to Winnie Mandela in her great need for money and association with dubious characters.
25. Arafat
EZ   (03.15.12)
The tragedy of Arafat is the tragedy of the Palestinian people: that he concentrated more on hurting Israel than on helping the Palestinians. Although the comparison with Mandela is wrong for many reasons, Mandela and the ANC were certainly willing to use violence to achieve their means. But when Mandela was handed the presidency of SA he was able to rule and the ANC was able to become the ruling party. That is probably because they always conceived of themselves as the rulers of their people and a government in exile. In contrast, Arafat spent all of his time in Jordan, in Lebanon and in Tunis, not as a government in exile but as a terrorist organization. Therefore, when it came time to rule Gaza and the WB, he and the PLO were unprepared and performed poorly. This was why Oslo failed and why Arafat had to resort to "intifadah" and "jihad". In this way, the Israeli right of the 1980s and 1990s was correct: the PLO was not about building a state but about destroying Israel. Whether Arafat was gay or was a homosexual or died of AIDS is irrelevant. He squandered the Palestinians' opportunity for a state. He was responsible for the murder of hundreds to thousands of Israeli civilians. He organized and invented numerous ways to harm and to psychologically intimidate civilian populations. This is his legacy.
26. EZ #25 SPOT ON
Israeli grandma   (03.15.12)
But why Suha decided to give this interview is the real question today. Perhaps this is part of her strategy to grab a rich and influential husband for Zawah? Named by the way after Mohamed Arafat's Egyptian mother. And also people should remember that Suha's relationship with truth in speech is very wobbly.
27. #11
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.15.12)
Go back to sleep with your "facts". Just two examples. King David Hotel: valid military target. Warnings were given but ignored. Sabra and Shatilla: perpetrated by Syrian Intelligence.
28. the PA pays her $1 million a year to stay away
zionist forever   (03.15.12)
She hasn't been to the palestinian controlled areas since her Nelson Mandella, or is that Osama Bin Laden died. She is hated on the streets and paid $1 million a year to stay away and not speak about what the French doctors had told her about how her loser husband died of AIDS because he was bisexual and liked to have fun with his handsome young body guards who were there to look after his body in anyway he desired. Up until his downfall Gaddafi was also helping look after her financial needs so she can live the high life whilst the average palestinian relies in UNRWA food handouts. I hope she does stand for politics, it will be a humiliation.
29. Arafat Palestinian Mandela
Shoshieb ,   Migdal Israel   (03.15.12)
I don't think so, he was more intent on destroying Israel and stealing/pilfering the money and aid that was sent to help the people - I don't think they received a penny. How the hell did she get her hands on Millions of dollars?? That was earmarked for the Palestinian people... she ought to be ashamed of herself. Sitting there like she was of royalty or something.
30. this article say
that she is idiot .i think she is .the man is with god and she must take care of her family the daughter and be away from politics
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