Turks outraged by Israel's travel advisory
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.03.12, 10:12
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1. There have been Isalamist terrror bombings of Jews in Turkey
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.15.12)
in the past. The incitement by the Islamist government will not help make it less likely.
2. Turkey Might Want to Curb the Rhetoric
Dallas ,   Canada   (03.15.12)
Whether political or not, Erdogan seems to use every opportunity he can to create distance between Turkey and Israel. Given the atmosphere, it really is hard to imagine the Turkish administration putting much effort into protecting Israelis. Any Turkish readers willing to express your views on this, and how the Turkish administration is representing you to the world?
3. Thumbs UP for Faina Eisenberg!
Idan Raicheloglu ,   TURKEY   (03.15.12)
4. Soooo.... The Turks want our Money
Israelit ,   Israel   (03.15.12)
But object to our government giving warnings of threats to our lives. Well, Mr. Erdogan, the hostility that you and you buddies show us - I wouldn't come to visit Turkey if you paid my way and rolled out a red carpet.
No action without a REACTION .Comprende Turkish people ?
6. I just DONT get it
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.15.12)
Isnt Erdogan rather creating MORE uncertainty and doubt by this outburst? And its NOT only about our safety and security. Its about the atmosphere created that says you are not welcome here. How many times did I hear during the Fartilla Saga from ordinary Turks AND INDDED FROM POLITICIANS expressed in the media..Keep Away Israelis and Jews arent and WERE NEVER welcome.. Whilst Erdogan remained STONY SILENT - as IF THIS WAS GOVERNMENT POLICY! Yet Erodgan has NEVER come out HIMSELF publicly either to guarantee our safety or reassure us that indeed we are welcome. And that is why we will stay away Yet given that I have travelled to Turkey every year for almost 20 years - I cant be accused of being Anti Turkish..and have many many lifelong Turkish friends Travelling to Turkey though in future IS another matter and I wont be pursuaded to go back
7. I wonder why they are so concerned
Yossi ,   Tel Aviv   (03.15.12)
about this tourist alert. A while ago the Turk gov'mnt proudly announced that tourists from Israel were not important to them. Is Erdogans tongue causing damage to Turkey?
8. Don't go to Turkey
Boycott Turkey, do not fly Turkish Air, boycott all Turkish imports and tell you friends and family to do the same.
9. Who would want to visit Turkey when you can eat one?
Scott ,   USA   (03.15.12)
Seriously, folks, it's not the world's best destination right now. Visit Cyprus.
10. Change of holiday destination
Harvey ,   London   (03.15.12)
My daughter and two of her friends had planned to go to Turkey last year . Then when Ergodan began to have his senior moment ( lost his senses ) they switched to Cyprus -Greek side naturally . In other words it's not just Israelies who are taking a time out on Turkey but others who feel saddened by Ergodans rejection of the Ataturk legacy . Hopefully his headlong rush to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood will be a one off with no long term effect . Turkey is a modern Westernised society Prior to Ergodan it had excellent relations with Israel . Ergodan is taking it down a cul de sac . Great pity .
11. Sorry, Erdogan. Two-way street: no honey, no money.
12. I stopped traveling to Turkey a long time ago!
As soon as Erduan was elected, I realized that Turkeyhas chosen a path of extremism and Jihad, so I decided not to fund their new policy. So Erduan should not be enraged: he lost many JEWISH Israeli tourists anyway!
13. Turkey: We are "outraged" by Erdogan' hatred of Jews!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.15.12)
Erdogan compared Israel's defensive actions against Gazan missile attacks to the Holocaust and I cannot understand why our government has said nothing about this. I also cannot understand why we are still importing Turkish produce and manufactured goods. Further, why is Turkish Airlines allowed to use Israeli airspace when Turkish airspace is CLOSED to our airlines? Once again, the Netanyahu Government is failing the people of this country by maintaining silence about Erdogan's hate campaign against Israel and JEWS! Those Turks who are "outraged by Israel's travel advisory" should remember the calls by ordinary Turks of "Jews Out!" after the Marmara incident and the insults against Israeli soccer players recently! The Turkish people overwhelmingly elected and support Ergogan. You make your bed, you lie in it!
14. As we say in south africa - agggg shame.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (03.15.12)
15. to the turks that have a problem...
valentina ,   israel   (03.15.12)
We have a strong intelligence agency which has good reason to believe that travellers will be in danger, and rightfully so especially after the attacks in India and Thailand. Erdogan's attacks on us do not push us to make petty claims and hold things against you out of spite, the way that turks and arabs tend to do with us like children. You protested against us, told us you hate us, and wished death upon us, and now you're 'outraged' at us because someone said your country may not be safe for us? pathetic! Israelis still travel to Turkey out of love for the country and in good faith, but really, you haven't given us reason to feel safe there, so don't complain.
16. And now they are insulted?!
Daniel ,   (03.15.12)
Geeez. Best to stay as far away from these people as possible
17. Brain Cancer
Steve from Raleigh   (03.15.12)
It's that or his head is up his butt.
18. Convention in Istanbul in April,keep it.
19. screw turkey
real vision ,   usa   (03.15.12)
right now everything turkey is doing politically is against israel. no israelis should visit nor spend a dime on turkish crap
20. shameful
Mike ,   St Albans, UK   (03.15.12)
'many Israelis disregarded the warning and traveled to Turkey without trepidation' - these people have no national pride nor self pride. Better a cheap holiday than boycotting a country whose leaders evidently hate you.
21. erdogan's big mouth
marcel   (03.15.12)
this cheap liar and demagogue who is an islamist erdogan, yes his moslems like him, is taking turkey into the sewer and israel is not going there with him. his zer o policy is rather zer o country. Greece, cyprus, france and germany and now israelis do not like him or his rotten hamas government which lies its teeth off. You scream death to israel and then you want its tourists, please come back. its like gazans who rocket israel but send their kids to israeli hospitals for care. \ No the whole erdogan government is a moslem club. nothing else they do is worthwhile. And that is why they can trade only with moslem countries. turkey willget nothing, zero while erdogan is in power.
22. Erdogan is to blame..
Stephen ,   UK   (03.15.12)
Maybe next time he thinks about opening his mouth and saying something stupid, he'll just keep his mouth firmly shut.
23. Erdogan, you sould be happy
This is what you were looking all along. Now your brothers from Gaza can enjoy the Turkish resorts. Keep up your good job. By the way why does your ambassador in Damasco keep sitting? Oh I see he likes fire work.
24. To: Steve at No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.12)
Not a half bad comment, in light of the fact that Erdogan has terminal colon cancer ....
25. israelis
Ari ,   Tel Aviv   (03.15.12)
What is sad is Israelis will still go in mass numbers to Turkey and even more scary SInai this number. They just don't care about supporting these countries or there own lives. Just want a cheap vacation.
26. Turkey? What's that!
Reuven ,   Herzliya Israel   (03.15.12)
I don't need a travel warning to keep me away from Turkey. I only need Erdogan.
27. Jews who travel to turkey
jeff ,   Beverly Hills, CA   (03.15.12)
should be told to stay there, its that attitude of jews thinking they can please the enemy that allowed WWII to happen cut off all ties with turkey until they replace erdogan with a non radical
28. To #2
jeff ,   Beverly Hills, CA   (03.15.12)
you are asking for a turk to express his views? turkey has many in jail for expressing their views, no one stupid enough from there would tell you anything but pro erdogan junk
29. why go abroad at all?
intedi nensak ,   Stockholm Sweden   (03.15.12)
there aren't really any places left in the world that could be considered friendly of Israel. mostly its unfair but some of it is self inflicted due to arrogance. in any case I fail to understand why on earth Israelis need to travel abroad for beach holidays, you're already in the Mediterranean with plenty of beaches. is it because its slightly cheaper? have some pride and work for another month so you can afford some holiday resort in Israel. dont give your money to someone who hates you.
30.  to n 8 ok for boycotting turkey
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris france   (03.15.12)
enough to listen to this guy ; forget him; forget turkey
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