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Report: CIA, Mossad face 'tricky intel task' in Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 18.03.12, 08:54
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1. Enriched Uranium
Matt   (03.18.12)
The Iranian matter is the same as Iraq and Syria. These are the ever moving red lines, the UN resolutions are in relation to enriched Uranium the 81 and 2007 strikes are in relation enriched Uranium. We all agree they are enriching Uranium Well you have trouble because of William Buckley being taken hostage. There is a reason why people are meant to commit suicide, there is a reason why they make impossible for the hostage to commit suicide. What is that reason, why was he taken, other than degrading the US. To know one thing is to know 1000.
2. Issue is NUCLEAR CAPABILITY decisicon to build irrelavent
tf ,   herzliya il   (03.18.12)
If Iran gets nuclear capability they get the same benefits of having a bomb short of using it. The security risks for the region are the same. It will start a regional race with all the neighbouring states racing to develop nuclear capabilities. In fact they have already started. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan have all accelerated their nuclear programs. The risk for terrorist access to stockpiles of nuclear fissile material is the same as an Iranian decision weaponize that material. Iran can not be allowed a nuclear capability any more than they can be allowed a 'bomb'. It is a false distinction.
3. U.S. had serious Intel issue with Pakistan Nukes also [end]
BUTSeriously ,   Australia   (03.18.12)
4. baloney
clearerlight ,   alaskaland   (03.18.12)
We did not know about Pakistan or N Korea before they built their bombs. Why not just admit we do not know and then bomb the crap out of their nuclear sites? Just to be on the safe side
5. obumma can't believe iran is making nukes JUST because iran
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.18.12)
won't let anyone into any of the nuke facilities and just because they have threatened to wipe Israel off the map and destroy the Great Satan (America) and just because they have long range rockets. Well gooooollly gee, that is one fart smeller.
6. Iran - Top Top Secret @
7. Simple solution: let Iranians supply the "intel" or ...die!
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.18.12)
8. US knowledge as good as on 9/10.US knows zilch!
Alan ,   SA   (03.18.12)
9. Simpe solution?
Ram ,   London   (03.18.12)
The Iranians to be told "prove to the IAEA you are not pursuing a bomb or we act militarily". Give them a deadline of say 1 month?
10. FOUL
SDSD ,   SDS   (03.18.12)
11. When in doubt...blow it up anyway!!!
Jack Coles ,   USA   (03.18.12)
12. Oh Pleeeeeeeeeze!
Devorah   (03.18.12)
Stop with the excuses already! If it comes from the NYT, it's probably a great BIG lie.
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